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The Most Experienced Guy In Cannabis Has a Warning for You
Investor and business owner Steve DeAngelo says there's plenty of opportunity in cannabis -- but there are also a lot of entrepreneurs about to lose their money.
Entrepreneur8 min. leídos
LucidMood's Great Trick: Selling Cannabis to People Who Don't Like Feeling High
Startup LucidMood sells low-potency vaping products. But before winning over consumers, it had to win over a very skeptical group: budtenders.
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Why These Garment Industry Vets Left Their Business to Become Early-Education Franchisees
For more freedom and proximity to family, Raj and Veenu Prakash bought a Lightbridge Academy franchise -- and have since become an integral part of their New Jersey Community.
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Make That Bold Move Now -- and Avoid Looking Back With Regret
Entrepreneurs live to push boundaries, but fear can cause us to second-guess our gut. Don't. Act now.
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Domino's Sued This Pizza-Maker -- and He's Thrilled
Scott Gittrich used to work at Domino's. Now, as the founder of Toppers Pizza franchise, he uses his marketing to tell customers everything the big players are doing wrong -- and why his brand is better.
Entrepreneur6 min. leídos
Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Had a Falling Out With His Brand. Now He Wants Back In.
Entrepreneurs pour their hearts and souls into their businesses. Is there ever a good -- or easy -- time to walk away?
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3 Things Franchises Should Know About Hiring a PR Firm
Getting the word out about your business -- to both consumers and potential franchisees -- is crucial. But working with a PR agency is an intimate experience. Here are three stories about finding the right chemistry.  Related: Is Hiring a PR Firm Wor
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This Stylish Duffle Bag Took 18 Months to Perfect
More than 35 manufacturers refused to produce Baboon's debut product. But the company's founders kept searching for the ideal partner.
Entrepreneur9 min. leídos
Travel Agencies Aren't Dying. They're Thriving -- Thanks in Part to Military Veterans.
For as long as he could remember, Nick Moyneur had fantasized about launching a company. But by 2014, at the age of 31, he saw no clear way to do it. Moyneur had just concluded six years in the Navy, and he felt disoriented without the regimented mil
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Should Entrepreneurs Lie? It's a Tricky Question.
In the hustle of the startup world, entrepreneurs often drop little white lies -- and don't even consider them to be lies. Where's the ethical line?
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This Entrepreneur Gets Inspiration From His Childhood Inventions
Leo Group managing partner Mossab Otman Basir was raised to push forward an any idea he had. Now his childhood creations remind him to always explore, innovate and iterate.
Entrepreneur3 min. leídosTech
After Realizing He'd Hired All the Wrong People, This Food Startup Founder Hit Reset
JUST co-founder Josh Tetrick wanted to build a disruptive company, so he hired disruptive employees. Then he got disrupted himself.
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Snowboard Giant Burton's Headquarters Are Big on Dogs, Gardening and Snow Days
When there's fresh powder on the ground, the snowboard-brand's team ditches the office and hits the slopes.
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6 Entrepreneurs Share Secrets for Boosting Office Morale
Not every day (or week or month) will be a good one. Here's how six leaders boost their team's optimism and drive.
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'Why I Had to Fire My Co-founder, CEO and Close Friend'
Rumpl CEO Wylie Robinson looks back on one of the toughest conversations of his life -- and what you can learn from it.
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With Net Promoter Surveys, Grow Your Company Without Spending Big on Marketing
Q: What’s the best way to ignite stalled revenue, especially if you have a limited marketing budget?  -- Mike, Colorado Mike, I think a little dating advice might be what you need. Many years ago, after my wedding, one of my single friends jokingly a
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Elon Musk Is Bold and Daring. But Should You Be Like Him?
Tesla is a well-publicized mess -- behind on production, abandoned by its executives and embroiled in an SEC investigation. Musk, too, often appears to be a mess -- increasingly erratic on Twitter, lurching from one PR crisis to the next. But in 2018
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Ban.do Founder Jen Gotch Opened Up About Her Mental Health and Inspired a Valuable Change at Her Brand
'We've got more to offer than just cute cups,' she says about being focused on products that promote personal betterment.
Entrepreneur3 min. leídos
Why 'Crazy Rich Asians' Author Kevin Kwan Turned Down Netflix
As studios bid for the production rights to his books, he was more focused on making a statement than a profit.
Entrepreneur2 min. leídos
This Entrepreneur Built an All-Female Driving School -- in Egypt
Nayrouz Talaat's Direxiona driving school is often ridiculed and dismissed by conservative local men. But she doesn't have time to listen. Business is booming.
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How Franchises Can Find the Right Technology Partners and CRMs
One size doesn't fit all. Here's how franchise systems can find the perfect fit -- and prepare their franchises for changes to come.
Entrepreneur3 min. leídos
I Became a Better Marketer When I Started Thinking Like an Entrepreneur
A few months ago, my wife and I were brainstorming ways to market our novel. We spent three years writing it together -- it’s called Mr. Nice Guy, and it comes out October 16. And as any author knows, publicizing and marketing a book is tough. It’s a
Entrepreneur9 min. leídosEntrepreneurship
Old Company. Troubled Industry. Inside the Effort to Reboot Century 21, the Real Estate Giant.
Technology has threatened the real estate agent, but people still hate the home-buying process. Can Century 21 fix it?
Entrepreneur6 min. leídosFood & Wine
How Christina Tosi Took Milk Bar From a Single Bakery to a Sugary Empire in 10 Years
The chef and entrepreneur won't settle for anything less than perfection -- which is why she spent two years developing a single cake recipe.
Entrepreneur2 min. leídos
How This Cowboy Hat Reminds the CEO of Zenefits That Hard Work Is Always Worth It
When he's not at the office, Jay Fulcher is working at his family's horse ranch. Both take a grueling amount of time and commitment.
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Why This CEO Fired Himself and Asked His Friend to Take Over
Matt Bodnar was always good at solving problems. But when he became CEO, he saw his company struggle under his leadership. So he made a drastic change.
Entrepreneur5 min. leídosEntrepreneurship
Savvy Startups Like Casper and Brandless Are Investing in Brand Image First -- and You Should, Too
Product used to be king, but in today's fast-moving, copycat-filled world of business, a strong identity can be the key to success.
Entrepreneur2 min. leídos
Why This Comforter Startup Had to Make Its Product Less Perfect
When Buffy set out to build a cozy, cooling, eco-friendly comforter, they encountered an unexpected problem in manufacturing -- and had to solve it by making the item less perfect.
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Evernote's Silicon Valley Headquarters Offer Company-Wide Collaboration (and Lego-Building Classes)
The open space and cross-departmental gatherings creates an office culture where colleagues are constantly learning from each other.
Entrepreneur2 min. leídosEntrepreneurship
Want Brutally Honest Feedback From Employees? Here's How These 6 Entrepreneurs Get It.
It's tough being the boss, and no one is perfect. Here's how your team can help you be better.
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