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Why You Should Stop Obsessing Over "Disruption"
Entrepreneurs create solutions — but with the world bogged down in problems, it’s hard to know where to begin. Global investor Alexandre Lazarow has some advice: Take inspiration from companies built in the most difficult environments. Lazarow is the
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Why We Put 137 People on Our Cover
2020 has been a tough year for everyone. To find new success on the other side of this crisis, we must work together.
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What To Expect From Recovery, According To A Hong Kong Entrepreneur
Cheryl Leung's Hong Kong-based fashion brand is months ahead U.S. businesses in terms of recovery. Here's what she says you should expect.
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3 Ways to Build a Sustainable Business Post-COVID, According to Jon Taffer
When there’s a problem, entrepreneurs fix it. But it’s not enough to just solve today’s problems anymore. That’s reactive and short-sighted. We have a massive opportunity to thrive after this pandemic, but it’ll only happen if we spend today solving
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Will COVID-19 Permanently Change Business Rules and Regulations?
The rules that govern business have shifted in the past few months, creating lots of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. But will the changes really stick?
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How 5 Entrepreneurs Pivoted To Thrive During the Pandemic
Old idea: Carefully curated products New idea: More options at lower cost When the pandemic forced Christina Stembel to change her business, she was horrified. Then she was relieved. And now she has a stronger business as a result. Stembel is the fou
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7 Franchisees Share Lessons from the Pandemic
Taking care of the team Jennifer Perkins owns two Main Squeeze Juice Co. locations just outside New Orleans with her brother, Andrew Blackwell. When his wife gave birth to twins mid-March, Andrew joined his family in quarantine — and Jennifer found h
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Spanx Founder Sara Blakely's Guide to Surviving Anything
The billionaire founder has been through 20 years of personal and professional ups and downs. And she's still thriving.
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6 Franchisors Found New Ways To Build During the Covid-19 Crisis
Creating support through community “Our business could not be better designed to not withstand a pandemic,” says Rob Price, the CEO of School of Rock. The music-education franchise teaches 40,000 students at 267 locations around the globe; its perfor
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7 Ways to Build a Stronger Business During a Crisis
Lesson: Stand out when others aren’t. In 2018, Nikki Howard worked in recruitment at the FDA and Jaqi Wright (right) was an analyst at the Department of Justice. But in December, the sisters were both furloughed in what turned out to be the longest g
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An Old Lunch Pail Reminds This Founder to Embrace the Tough Times
I grew up in the 1970s in a small town in central Pennsylvania and spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house, a railroad-style home just down the street from my parents. My grandfather, Charles, would come home from a long day’s work, covered in
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3 Ways To Manage A Team And Talent From Afar
Remote work hasn't just changed our day-to-day. It's changed the way we grow. Here's how to build a strong team at a distance.
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What Our Socially Distanced Workspaces Might Look Like
In 1931, in the midst of the polio epidemic, the Swiss architect Le Corbusier finished his famous Villa Savoye, on the outskirts of Paris. When you walk into the building, the first thing you see is a stand-alone ceramic sink. Todd Heiser has been th
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5 Ways to Create Boundaries While Working From Home
The staff at sexual health startup Dame share their secrets for staying sane and productive.
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Why Leaders Need to Overcommunicate During a Crisis
To lead through challenging times, Thoughtspot CEO Sudheesh Nair is making sure his team has more information than they need.
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Your Company Should Give Back (Even If You're Short on Cash)
Rhone was hurting. The company sells men’s activewear, and when the pandemic began, it had to shut down four stores and manage many wholesale losses. Its cofounders took large pay cuts, and employees’ salaries were reduced 10 percent. Then, despite R
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A VC's Advice for Raising Capital Post-Covid
Pitching investors was difficult before — and now? “Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride,” warns a report from the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). It predicts that for the next several quarters, VC firms will struggle to
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Why Virtual Conferences May Be Here to Stay
Digital networking and conferences offer plenty of benefits that may appeal to entrepreneurs long after quarantine.
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Launching a Business During the Pandemic? Learn From These 4 Founders.
Ariela Safira had big plans for April 7. That was when she’d open the doors to Real, her women-­focused mental health studio in Manhattan. But by the big day, lockdowns had begun. Still, Safira saw an opportunity ahead of her. “We were two days into
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5 Lessons from Businesses That Boomed During the Pandemic
Some entrepreneurs saw a sales surge during the pandemic. Here's how they moved fast to keep up.
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3 Tools to Help You Build a Strong Website and Brand
It's easier than ever to build your own digital presence. We tested and reviewed some of the latest offerings.
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This Artwork Inspired Veronica Chou to Make a More Responsible Fashion Brand
I am the daughter of a very successful Chinese businessman, and growing up I was taught that if you work hard, success will follow. So in 2008, at 24 years old, I founded a clothing company called Iconix China. It grew to include 12 brands with more
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How To Make The Most Of Your Ambition
Why do we keep going? It sounds like a dumb question. Entrepreneurs are programmed for movement — to grow more, to achieve more, to be more. But it’s worth stepping back to ask: Why? I got to thinking about this recently, after a conversation I had w
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Don't Obsess Over the Obstacles, Says the Founder of Schmidt's Naturals
Jaime Schmidt built and sold Schmidt's Naturals for millions. Her advice: Don't focus too much on the challenges ahead. Just get going.
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Six Ways to Get That Big Meeting
“I sent a fruit basket full of bee-pollinated items and a bunch of our Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray to the Whole Foods Canada office, along with a long note about why I started a company that practices sustainable beekeeping to create clean, n
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These 5G Laptops Will Change the Way You Work
They're starting to debut, and promising something entrepreneurs need: nonstop connectivity.
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8 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine
“The Five-Minute Journal. Each page provides a quotation to start your day followed by sections for you to write out three items of gratitude and three goals for the day. It’s a very grounding exercise to start the day, and a catalyst for perspective
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What It's Like Inside Zola
Diamonds may be forever, but so are the stressful memories that come with planning a couple’s big day. Zola promises to fix that. The New York–based company, which has raised $140 million since its 2013 launch, offers a host of wedding tools in one p
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Should You Call Out Your Copycat on Social Media?
First there was Chillhouse. Then there was Chillology. And then things were not chill. It started with Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, founder and CEO of Chillhouse, which is a Manhattan-based “new-age spa.” The company has attracted more than 100,000 Instagra
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Why This Founder Asked Her Biggest Competitor for Help
Angela Gennari didn’t expect to win. She’s honest about that. She’s the founder of Titan Global Enterprises, an Atlanta-­based company that staffs and runs security for events, and it’s a small player in a giant industry. So when the University of Ge
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