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Syed Montzer Mehdi

The Course Outline

 Entrepreneurial Perspective
- Nature & Importance of Entrepreneurs
- Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Mind
- The Individual Entrepreneur
 Creating & Starting The New Ventures
- Creativity & Business Idea
- Legal Issues
- The Business Plan
- The Marketing , Financial and Organizational Plan
 Field Work : Reason of Success & Failure of small entrepreneurs
 Financing The New Venture
- Sources Of Capital
- Informal Risk Capital & Venture Capital
 Managing Growing & Ending The New Venture
- Preparing For Launch
- Managing Early Growth Of new Venture
- Expansion Strategies & Issues
- Going Public
- Ending The Venture
Case Study-Ewing Marion Kauffman
 Poor Family : Not very shinny childhood : Physically
 Mothers eye of encouragement : Building Confidence.
 Role Model : R.A Long
 “Mr.K” emerged as a good sales person.
 His “Quest For More” : Grew from USD-21 to USD-54
Entrepreneurial & / month salary
Intrapreneurial  Career Switch : Mr. K becomes a Pharma Sales
Mind Person.
 Dejection in job : Mr. K starts his own venture.
 Fund Raising ? 5-years long term private loans .
 Concept of Employees as Associates/Partners.
 Promotion of intrapreneur concept.
 Merger of Merion with Merril Dow : Sales 3b
 Merger of Merion Merril Dow with Hoesct to form
King Pharma in 1995 : In 2010 Phizer acquired @
3.6b USD.
Entrepreneurial Process -Aspects

Identify & Evaluate Develop The Resource Manage The

The The opportunity Business Plan Required Enterprise

Entrepreneuri Creation & Length Of Describe The Existing Resorce of

Management Style
al Process opportunity Business Entrepreneur

Key Variables For

Risks & Returns Describe Industry Gap Analysis

Opportunity vs Personnel Bridging The resource Identification of

Marketing Plan
skills & goals gap Problems/Potential

Implementation Of
Competitive Situation Financial Plan
control systems

Production Plan


Operational Plan
 Changes in the social climate : Need
of Self Independence /
 Go-getter Employees ( The
Entrepreneurs) leave if they find it
difficult to gown in an organization.
 Promoting the culture of “Business
Why Interest In persons instead of employees” :
Intrapreneurshi Example
p is growing ?
 Zerox’s “XTV” ?
 Dennis Stemmle : QuardMark
Copier ( a success story)
 Corporate VS Intrapreneurship