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Over the past Century , The World

has been a number of devastation effects of unchecked population growth and continued industrial expansion.
One of most sobering effects has

been the widespread deforestation.

5/31/12 Forests not only provide beauty

Over the past Century , The World has been a

number of devastation effects of unchecked population growth and continued industrial expansion. widespread deforestation.

One of most sobering effects has been the Forests not only provide beauty and variety to our

World but also served as a crucial elements of our forests have been ravaged , we face a number of disastrous , effects not least of which is the threat of global warming.

A recent estimate is that about

10000000/1 core km area are deforesting each year.

Asia have lost their 40% of their forests. Africa little more than half World 50% forest has been deforested.


Cutting down trees has grave impact on our

environment. First the trees help in bringing rain. They are an integral part of the rain cycle as they give out water in the form of watervapour during transpiration. Trees also have a process called guttation wherein excess water is exuded through the ends of the veins.


Trees cool the

environment and bring down the temperature on warm days. Trees give us shade and many other plants known as sciophytes flourish in their shade.


Reason of Deforestation
Originally, deforestation was simply

converting a part of a forest into agricultural patch of land. There are many historical records of deforestation where even the earliest civilizations of man already contributed to the loss of trees in the forests.


Reason of Deforestation
Nowadays, deforestation is a result of

human's want for more industrial or residential land area. As the need for more houses arise and as the evergrowing industries increase, more and more trees are uprooted, taken down or simply burned, just to accommodate the need for more land. And this is highly devastating, not just to humans but also for other species and the environment.


deforestation on water by drawing Trees encourage the water cycle water up through system their roots and releasing it into the atmosphere.
When large area of trees are cut down , That

water often stays in the soil and flows away, which can create much drier local conditions.


Side effects of deforestation On of deforestation get The Atmospheric effects Atmosphere

the most attention , and for good reason , forests especially the massive tropical rain forests , have been called the earths lungs. atmosphere and release the oxygen .
Trees took carbon dioxide form the


Side effects of deforestation On Atmosphere

When massive deforestation occurs , the result is an imbalance. atmosphere , while less oxygen is produced.

More carbon dioxide hangs around in the So the massive deforestation decrease oxygen

from the atmosphere and increase the carbon dioxide .


Side effects of deforestation On Soil When trees are removed from an area, it

greatly increases the risk of soil erosion , which can create increased rates of run off, which can pollute river systems and make large fertile. growth and death cysle of the fauna, which creates large regions of dead soil.

The destruction of trees stops the normal


Side effects of deforestation On Ecological

Deforestation has dramatically reduced the biodiversity of our planet. rain forests, and it has been estimated that we lose up wards of 137 animal and plant species bue to rain forest deforestation every single day.

80% of the Worlds species are found in the

Which adds up to 50,000 /50 thousend lost

species each year.

The result is that we are seeing a mass

extinction the likes of dinosaurs some 65 5/31/12 million years ago.

How to stop cutting forest?

Providing education to the citizens We should tell the citizens about the actual

side effects of cutting down tress.

To find alternative means other than the use

of tree for usual activities. For example : cooking and furniture etc.

Instead we are to use plastic and iron material

for furniture purpose and also the use of Gas for cooking.

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