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Kabir Khan lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his widowed mom in Delhi, India, and is the Captain

of the Indian men's hockey team. He fails to score at the last tournament resulting in Pakistan winning the World Cup amidst allegations that he was more inclined toward his opponents due to his religion. Kabir and his mom move away and virtually disappear for seven years. Thereafter Kabir surfaces to be a Coach for the women's hockey team, consisting of 16 players from all over India, some of who do not communicate well. Kabir's disciplinarian style ends up offending the players, lead by the militant Bindia Naik, who decide not to participate unless he resigns amidst allegations that he is having an affair with soon to-be married Vidya Sharma, who he appoints as the new Captain.

Things change after a brawl with eve-teasers at the local McDonald's, the girls accept Kabir, however, the Chair of the Indian Women Hockey Association, Tripathi, decides to pull out of the World Cup but decides to give them a shot after Kabir challenges the men's team. The women lose by a goal but their performance compels the Association to revise their decision and dispatch them to Melbourne, Australia. In the very first match against six-time winning team of Australia, the Indian team lose 70 to, but manage to struggle back to the semi-finals after defeating Great Britain, Argentina, and Korea. On the eve of the final match Kabir will meet secretly with two rival players, Preety Sabharwal (who is engaged to be married to Cricket Team Captain, Abhimanyu Singh), and Komal Chautala, and during this meeting he will tell them that two of his hockey players will be playing for the Australians. Watch what impact this has on both Preety and Komal. rAjOo (

PRESENTED BY : Yash raj films STAR CAST :

Shahrukh khan Vidya Malvade Sagarika Ghatge Chitrashi Rawat Shilpa Shukla Tanya Abrol Anaitha Nair Shubhi Mehta Seema Azmi Nisha Nair Arya Menon Sandia Furtado Masochon V. Zimik Kimi Laldawla Raynia

DIRECTED BY : Shimit Amin PRODUCED BY : Aditya Chopra Yash Chopra WRITTEN BY : MUSIC BY : Jaideep Sahni Salim-Sulaiman Sudeep Chatterjee Amitabh Shukla


RELEASE DATE : 10 August 2007

RUNNING TIME : 153 Minutes COUNTRY : LANGUAGE : BUDGET : India Hindi English 24 Crore


103.65 Crore

16 Girls , Different states, Different background, Different skills,

But One Dream WINNING

T Together E Every One A Achieves M - More

With A Team You Can Achieve .. Every Thing ..

1. It is very important to possess right attitude 2. A positive body language can make a huge difference

1. Knowing team member individual strength & weakness 2. Strategize your more & know what do you want to achieve 3. Planning for future.

1.The leader should be fair & impartial while dealing with the team member. 2. The leader should not hesitate to take hard decision on selecting & retaining the member of team..

Make a right decision , at a right time is help In achieve the goal of an Organization.

Strength Weakness

Same goal lack of same thinking

Opportunity Win the women hockey world cup Threat Australia Team in Final

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Billie Award IIFA Award Star Screen Award UNFPA- Laadli Media Award V.Shantaram Award Zee Cine Award National Film Award

Work together


Win together

Winners never quit .. Quitters never win.

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