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Presentation by Sonali, Misha, Ramneet, Navjeet

This project is an attempt to develop the system for generating Financial Information of each departments and the whole institute. This system is to be implemented at the Reception Desk, which is part of Directors Office. Thus course information, their schedule also to be generated. This information are used by Administrative Officer, Director of the Institute and at the time of Audit. The system shows the revenue generated, for a particular course or by department wise or per year by the institute in graphical form. Every system has its objectives which should be clearly identified.

Scope of the Project

Every user have his own problems and he need some help from outside which can be provided by the system .Scope of the system tells what the system have to do which means expected user needs should be achieved. The scope of the projects should be properly mentioned so that user have clear picture of the system. This project generates the Financial Information of a particular Course or Department wise or for whole institute. This project will also provide facility to maintain and generate the table of available courses, their fees, number of students in particular course, revenue generated. This system will compare the results of every years generated revenue which will help the management for taking appropriate decision. The results can be shown both in tabular form or chart and will be easily printed. This system provides schedules of all the Courses available in the institute. This system will also give information of every module with their starting and ending date, total course duration, course fee. User will have easy access to the information. This system will provide data security features to control the unauthorized access and backup and restoration facility.

Need of the System

Manual Operation: As we find that the existing systems operation is totally manual and there is no way to keep records automatically. There are all records kept on files. Manual system requires more time and resources. Work is not properly streamlined. To transfer any data, help of other person is needed. For any kind of information, many files have to be searched. Thus there is need of new system. Due to technology change and volume of transaction, implementation of new system is justified. Redundancy: Redundancy means duplicity of data. As we find in existing system, all data is maintained on paper and this data is placed at various places so there is duplicity. Due to duplicity there is always possibility of errors. This data is needed by different users. All users of the data have to maintain separate files of the same data. Due to these problems, the implementation of new system is justified. Inconsistency: The consistency means no stable state of data. In manual system a lot of paper work is to be done. This leads to inconsistent data. Due to same data should be kept at various place, sometimes updation create great problem. Therefore there is need of the new system to be implemented.

Need of the System(Cont.)

No Prompt Information/Speed: As in manual system all Reporting wok like Financial Status, Course Detail and their Schedules are generated on papers. There fore any information required by various departments are generated manually. Thus there is no way to get prompt information. Due to these reason the implementation of new system is justified. Security: In manual system there is no security because all work is paper based. Security is the important part of any organization. As we found the present system is paper based system so there is no security of the data. Any kind of Information can be can be seen by anybody. For providing security there is manual means which are again not very secure. Therefore, there is always a need of secure system. Due to these reasons, there should be system which can be accessed by only authorized person. Thus implementation of new system is justified. Wastage of manpower and resources: In manual system all work is based on paper and files so there is need of a lot of stationary items. As in present system there is already a computer system installed but there is no automatic mean to do work. All data is fed into computer manually and reports is typed and then printed and stored on paper. This is wastage of manpower, computer system and other material as stationary. Thus to reduce these wastage and precious time there is immediate need of new system. Thus the implementation of new system is justified there.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Hardware Requiremets: 1. Intel Pentium CPU 2. 128 mb ram 3. Hard disk drive 4. Graphic Monitor 5. Printer Software Requirements: 1. Windows xp or later 2. Ms-office 2003 or later 3. Visual Basic 6.0 or later

Data Flow Diagrams