By Mr Crowe

Russia 1914 - 1917

Alexandra and Alexei


Russia in 1914

huge country  Ruled by the Romanovs  Emperor in 1914 was Nicholas II  His German wife was Alexandra  His son Alexei suffered from haemophilia

The Russian People
 Many

Russian people were peasant farmers – they were poor and illiterate  Most of the land was owned by the nobility  There was a growing URBAN population which worked in the factories – they lived in poor conditions  So for most Russians life was hard

The Ruling class
The Tsar was an AUTOCRAT – he held power  He ruled with the support of • The nobility • The secret police – OKHRANA • The army

The Duma
 This

was a type of Parliament set up in 1905 after a revolution  Nicholas II paid little attention to it

Into World War 1
In 1914 Russia entered the war  It had a massive army BUT faced problems! • It was badly equipped • It was badly led by poor generals • Supplies and communications were slow in Russia

Nicholas II takes charge of the army

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