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The Tata logo

The Tata logo was designed by the Wolff Olins consultancy. The logo is meant to signify fluidity; it may also be seen as a fountain of knowledge; maybe a tree of trust under which people can take refuge.

The Tata Group is a multinational conglomerate

company headquartered in Mumbai, India. In terms of market capitalization and revenues, Tata Group is the largest private corporate group in India and has been recognized as one of the most respected companies in the world. The Tata Group has operations in more than 85 countries across six continents and export products and services to 80 nations.

The Tata Group comprises 114 companies and subsidiaries in seven business sectors, 27 of which are publicly listed. 65.8% of the ownership of Tata Group is held in charitable trusts. The founder, Jamsedji Tata

The chairman of the Tata group is Ratan Tata , who took over from J. R. D. Tata in 1991 and is one of the major international business figures in the age of globality.







Deep rooted history

FOUNDATION 1868-1931


EXPANSION 1990 onwards

The beginnings of the Tata Group can be traced back to 1868,

when Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata established a trading company dealing in cotton in Mumbai, British India. This was followed by the installation of Empress Mills in Nagpur in 1877. Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai was opened for business . Sir Dorab Tata, the eldest son of Jamsetji became the chairman of the group after his fathers death in 1904. Under him, the group ventured into steel production (1905) and hydroelectric power generation(1910).

After the death of Dorab Tata in 1934, Nowroji Saklatwala headed the group till 1938. He was succeeded by Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata. The group expanded significantly under him with the establishment of Tata Chemicals (1939), Tata Motors, Tata Industries (both 1945), Voltas (1954), Tata Tea (1962), Tata Consultancy Services (1968), Titan Industries (1984).


Tata Group
Tata Motors Tata Steel Tata Power
Tata Tea Tata Communications Tata Technologies Limited

Deals In:
Automobiles , engines. Wires and rods, construction bars Electricity generation. Electricity Distribution. Tea Products. Telecommunication Network. Aerospace Manufacturing.

Titan Industries Tata Consultancy Services

Watches ,Eyewear, Jewellery. IT Consulting ,IT services.

The Indian Hotels Company Tata AIG Life Insurance

Hotel Industry. Insurance Sector.

Consumer Products Tata Ceramics Infiniti Retail Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Tata Tea Limited is the world's second largest manufacturer of packaged tea and tea products. It also owns the Tetley brand of tea sold primarily in Europe.

Titan Industries manufacturers of Titan watches Trent (Westside) Tata Sky

Infiniti retail
A multi brand electronics store under brand name croma,headquartered in mumbai. A wholly owned subsidiary of tatasons,the holding company of tata group. Croma chain of stores are present in different cities of India and have more than 6000 productsand180 brands in eight categories: home entertainment, small appliances,whitegoods,computers,commu nication,music,imaging and software.

Westside - A unit of Trent Ltd (A Tata Enterprise) Starting with one store at Bangalore in April'98, Westside is already a part of the city's landscape in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai. Westside is arguably the fastest growing retail chain in India. Westside stores have the following departments - Menswear, Women's wear, Lingerie, Kidswear, Household Accessories, Cosmetics, Perfumes and other accessories

Tata products and services for consumers

The Tata group has established itself as a leading provider of agricultural implements, products and services.

Agricultural tools
Agrochemicals Resource centres Appliances
The Tata group offers customers a range of home appliances to suit every budget Air-conditioners, water coolers, water dispensers. Water purifiers


The Tata group has a significant presence in both the commercial vehicles and passenger car segments. Automotive components Commercial vehicles Passenger cars Beverages The Tata group has a global market for its beverages, with Tata Tea and Tata Coffee present in the US, Europe and Africa. In addition, the group is establishing a retail vending presence in India in tea and coffee. Coffee Water

Charter flights The Tata group has, through TajAir, extended its luxury hospitality services to include charter flights. Crockery Fine bone china crockery, including hollowware and flatware products, is manufactured by Tata Ceramics at its factory in Cochin. DTH television The direct-to-home television service offered by the Tata group comes through Tata Sky, the group's joint venture with Britain's Sky Broadcasting Group. Satellite television

Its TATA every where !!!

TATA in your life!!! What makes you lick your fingertips, but of course TATA SALT. What makes your costumes neat and clean?

What gives a foundation to your dreams? TATA FINANCE. What makes you feel fresh? TATA HAMAM.

What helps you to prosper? TATA YELLOW PAGES. What/Who increases your valuable treasure?



What beeps next to your heart? TATA CELLULAR. What makes the world within your reach? TATA TELE.

What makes you more relaxed other than your wife/spouse? TAJ RESORTS.

What keeps you on the move?

TATA ENGINEERING & LOCOMOTIVE. What protects you from disease? TATA PHARMA. What makes you punctual? TITAN. Who gives you a roof over your head? TATA HOUSING.

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