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Brand Seminar on The Village (Restaurant)

Brand Audit: A comprehensive examination of Brand To discover sources of brand equity

Brand Inventory:

The purpose of brand inventory is to provide a current, comprehensive profile of how all the products and services sold by a company are marketed and branded
Brand Exploratory:

The brand exploratory is research directed to understand what consumers think and feel about the brand and its corresponding product category in order to identify sources of brand equity

About Village
Village, the soul of India is the first unique theme restaurant

which revives the long forgotten traditions and culinary secrets of the Indian culture and heritage.
Village, the soul of India is the flagship restaurant venture by Kambala Hospitality Pvt. has tied-up with Village, The Soul of India to allow its clients to "Gift an experience Village pampers your visit with a NO TIME LIMIT POLICY

4 P Analysis
Product Place Price Promotion

The verandah hosts rural artisans like the kumbhar, the toy maker and Rajasthani handicrafts to view and buy as memorabilia.

A old wise man welcomes you to the Village by offering a share of his hookah, to discuss the worldly matters under the wisdom of the panchayat tree.
The menu is on rotation and changes on a daily basis taking care to showcase the specialties of each region with special care and attention.

under one roof you get to sample 70 tempting delicacies ranging from appetizers to desserts. Price- Lunch-250 Dinner-450 The menu is on rotation and changes on a daily basis taking care to showcase the specialties of each region with special care and attention

Kandivali Thane Vashi World Trade Center-Mumbai Ahmedabad Rajkot Surat Indore Pune Bangalore

Name: The Village They have their website They are also celebrating all Festivals FB Page


Brand Exploratory

Customer Based Brand Equity Pyramid

Relationships Resonance

Judg ments Performance







Free Association
Innovative (100%)

Admirable (25%)

Must Experience thing (100%)

The Village

Value for money (50%)

Trustworthy (75%)

Likable (25%)

Brand Image

Convenient - (75%) High Quality - (25%) Ambience - (100%)

Convenient - (75%) High Quality - (25%) Favorability Ambience - (100%) Convenient - (75%) High Quality - (25%) Uniqueness Ambience - (100%)

Brand Feelings
Respondent 1 Excitement, Self respect

Respondent 2

Warmth Fun Self-respect

Respondent 3

Excitement Social approval

Respondent 4

Excitement Confidence Self- respect

Brand Judgment

From SFU study, Ambience stands out in all strength, uniqueness and favorability aspects.

Brand Substitutability: 75% Active Engagement: 75%

Brand Loyalty: 25%

Brand Equity
Brand loyalty (25%) Active engagement (75%) Substitutability (25%)

Quality- Price(50%),Serving style(100%) Credibility: Innovative(75%), Likability (75%) Considerations- Ambience Concept (100%)

Self respect (100%) Excitement (100%) Fun (25%) Social approval (25%)

Judgmen Feelings ts
Innovative (100%) Must experience thing (100%) Trustworthy (75%) Likable (50%) Value for money (75%) Admirable (25%)




25% un-aided recall ( Village Restaurant )

Current knowledge structure:

Low on recall set


Wide images for experienced are innovative, selfrespect, fun, excitement

Dinner, Experience



Restaurant Hang out place

Theme based restaurant

Serving Style Food

Fun Experience memories




POP and POD:

Points of Parity
Points of Differences
Price Quality and Quantity
Theme Concept Experience with food



To get a place in top of mind recall

Build rich and positive SFUs for Village restaurant from only a Experience taking place to a hang-out place with family or friends.
Build a strong loyalty among our customers in order to retain customers.

Print ad campaign serving the following thing

Build awareness Build rich and positive SFUs hang-out place with your family or friends. Entertainment zone (For children) On Performance (Experience & food quality) Unique experience

Creates new strong node for everyone. Increasing Loyalty

Increased WOM and recommendations

Develop the existing entertainment zone and promote it Open more place to cover whole city.

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