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Parent Teacher Conversations October 17, 2011

What Have I Been Up to?

Lots of writing! Choosing to practice name writing and writing stories during center time, internalizing the 3 steps writers take in writing a story and demonstrating the first steps of sentence writing.

Experimenting with size, texture and shape while making various collages with art materials during choice time. Using classroom materials and tolls respectfully and carefully.

Exploring the visual arts. Utilizing my advanced attention span to get creative with my selfexpression, putting serious time and thought into my painting.

Experimenting with creative movement, working on yoga poses and exercising my body!

GOLD OBJECTIVES 20. Uses Number concepts and operations 21. Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes 22. Compares and Measures 23. Demonstrates Knowledge of Patterns GLOW: Rote counting to 10, Counting with 10 to understanding Answering the question how many? Numeral identification 0-5 Matching and Sorting Color identification

GROW: Consistent Numeral Identification 6-10 Constructing sets Consistently identifying and describing shapes Counting with understanding to 20 Next Steps at School: Incorporating numerals into transitions and routines Highlighting focus numerals in the centers he is choosing to work at Providing a shape-rich environment, discovery based, touch Sustaining Learning at Home (suggestions) : Constantly encouraging constructing sets (setting table, snack portions) Finding 6s, 8s 9s and 10s out in the real world (signs, house #s) Going on shape hunts

GOLD OBJECTIVES 15. Phonological Awareness 18. Reading Comprehension 16. Alphabet Knowledge 19. Emergent Writing Skills 17. Knowledge of Print GLOW: Capital Letter Identification Identifying where to start reading Concepts of print Love for writing Writes name accurately Writes to convey meaning Beginning sentence creation

GROW: Lowercase letter identification Move from fist grip to three-point grip Continue development of letter sound connections

Next Steps at School: Daily engaging and exciting fine motor work Incorporating lowercase letters into centers Pulling Wade for advanced group in Writers Workshop Sustaining Learning at home (suggestions): Call attention to lower-case letters all around the real-world Write together, think-a-loud your story writing Zipping, buttoning, beading, dough work, cooking, carrying, squeezing

Social Emotional & Behavioral

Extremely independent in navigating the daily routines Makes fantastic personal academic choices at center time, using his time productively and creatively and finding success Is so eager to learn and excited to participate in everything we do Especially active in our whole group songs and dances Is a great friend to his classmates Balances peer interaction with independent time Consistently uses kind hands and a safe body Consistently meets behavior expectations Consistently following whole group directions Is a model student during transitions Responds positively to adult redirection

Making positive transitions to after-care enrichment Using a strong voice to share during whole-group