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No Pug, Flashes, Banner, Web Address, Puff, Halo Outline, Offer

Selling Line Secondary Headline

Master Head


Main Feature

Cover lines

Feature Headline Cover Lines Left Third Barcode

Color Scheme

No Pug, Flashes, Web Address, Puff, Halo Outline, Offer Banner Selling Line Feature Headline Master Head

Secondary Headline

Model Credit Cover lines Main Feature Date/Price

Cover lines

Barcode Color Scheme Left Third

No Pug, Flashes, Banner, Web Address, Puff, Halo Outline, Offer Master Head Selling Line Date/Price Cover lines Model Credit

Color Scheme Main Feature

Feature Headline Barcode Left Third

Secondary Headline

 Master Head- The name of the title of a magazine or news paper.  Selling Line Main Feature- A medium close up of a well known celebrity to attract the reader to buy the magazine.  Model Credit Feature Head Line- The largest text about the main story designed to attract the reader.  Secondary Head Line Cover Line- Leads us into a story that will develop in side the magazine.  Offer- A great way to sell magazine because the audience will think they can get something cheap or get a great deal out of it.

 Barcode- Is not very attractive but is necessary as part of the cover, is usually disguised in an unusual way.  Date/Price- Up to date, different parts of the country have different TV schedules.  Left Third- This area is visible when the magazines' are part of a stack on the bookstore shelf.  Color Scheme  Pug/Flashes- Worked a sticker and is designed to look as if it was actually stuck on the magazine after it was made, any lettering should not stick out of the pug.  Banner- A thin rectangular background designed to look like a tape stuck over or wrapped around the magazine  Halo Outline- Making this feature stand out from the rest.

This is Taylor she is 22 years old and lives in London she has just started her new job at a local fashion company. She has been interested in fashion since a very young age, Taylor is very bright and was a very good student, while at her secondary school she studied textiles and fashion for just over 7 years and got good GCSE results in both. She has also studied fashion for a while for a while at London college of fashion. Taylor loves to socialize at the weekend with her friends and go out to parties and clubs where she can enjoy herself. In her pare time caring after her horse who she has had since a very young age and although she listens to music she doesn’t take a very big interest in it and doesn’t care about going to the latest concerts and shows…My target audience for my magazines would be mainly up market girls/women that are into the latest fashion trends and can afford to by the magazine at a weekly price of £2.00. I have chosen Taylor as my target audience for my magazine because this is the type of reader who I want to read my magazine. I also feel as though this is the main stereotype to read the magazine a young women who is interested in fashion.

Gender? Male ☐


Age? 0-10yrs☐11-20yrs☐ 31+yrs☐


What type of magazine do you buy? Fashion☐ sport☐ home☐ kids☐ music☐ games☐ How much would you spend on a magazine? Less£1☐ £2-£3☐ £4-£5☐ £6+☐ Which one of my titles do you prefer? 1☐ 2☐ 3☐ 4☐ 5☐

How often do you by a magazine? Once a week ☐ Twice a week☐ Once a month ☐ Twice a month☐ More than twice a week ☐ Which font do you prefer? 1☐ 2☐ 3☐ 4☐ 5☐ Which one of my designs do you prefer? 1☐ 2☐

1. Blossom 2. Daisy 3.Zuzu 4.Sunshine 5.Runway

Fonts 1. Cooper Std Black 2. Snel Roundhand Black 3. Blomster
4. Daisy Mae

5. Little