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Sc|ent|f|c ub||sh|ng |n South Amer|ca

Chances and Cpportun|t|es

for kesearchers |n 8raz||
ur norry 8/om
LdlLorlal ulrecLor
new ?ork So aulo
OutIine of the presentation
W ntroduction of Springer
W Electronic publishing and new publication types
W Open Access
W Science in Brazil
W What Springer offers to Brazil
8r|ef persona| Introduct|on
W hu gammaray asLronomy Lelden 1997
osLdoc research aL lnACL uebla Mexlco ln 1998
W 1welve years ln publlshlng (kluwer ln Polland Lhen Sprlnger ln Lhe uSA)
W Slnce 2011 head of asLronomy edlLorlal aL Sprlnger new ?ork and
8razlllan MarkeL uevelopmenL Sprlnger So aulo
exper|ence work|ng |n sc|ence and |n pub||sh|ng |n an |nternat|ona| arena
W Jorklng ln 8razll wlLh Marlana 8lo[one senlor buslness developmenL edlLor ln So aulo
W 1oday presenLlng wlLh ur Jarren 8aye of Ldanz
Introduc|ng Spr|nger
% Lxperlence ln academlc publlshlng slnce 1842
% More Lhan 6000 new books publlshed per year
% Leadlng [ournals ubllsher 2000 [ournals
1/3 ln cooperaLlon wlLh socleLles and oLher organlzaLlons
% lobal powerful publlsher wlLh local personal conLacLs
% Leadlng ln Chlna and 8ussla
% lnnovaLlve producL developmenL
SprlngerLlnk 600 consorLla cusLomers and 33000+ lnsLlLuLlons worldwlde
Sprlnger Cpen Cholce 8loMed CenLral 8rlefs 1heses lmages
47000+ e8ooks and MyCopy
e8eference Jorks
W Cver 1/3Lh of -obe| pr|ze w|nners are Sprlnger auLhors (130 + auLhors 6 Sprlnger nobel
rlze Jlnners ln 2010! MLulClnL 8oberL Ldwards P?SlCS Andre elm konsLanLln
novoselov CPLMlS18? 8lchard l Peck Lllchl neglshl Aklra Suzukl)
WK Health
Science & Technology
Social Sciences & Humanities
umber of EngIish-Language JournaIs
PubIished in 2011
(English-language academic/scholarly journals only; Springer including BioMed
Central, Springer Medicine and Springer Fachmedien)
WK Health
Science & Technology
Social Sciences & Humanities
(Data from; if a book is published simultaneously in hard-
and paperback editions, only the hardback edition was included)
umber of EngIish-Language Book TitIes
PubIished in 2009
Cur amblLlon for 8razll
W uevelop a represenLaLlve programof Lhe very besL
[ournals from Lhe reglon
W Lay Lhe foundaLlons for a growlng book program
based on Lhe work of Lhe reglon's leadlng sclenLlsLs
CooperaLe wlLh leadlng lnsLlLuLlons
Copubllsh !ournals
Copubllsh 8ook Serles
rovlde edlLorlal supporL
W AuLhor Jorkshops
W ubllshlng lnfrasLrucLure
W rofesslonal publlshlng experlence
ellrsL ubllshlng
W Sprlngerllnk conLenL daLabase ls Lhe cenLral access polnL for researchers ln Sclence 1echnology
and Medlclne conLalnlng more Lhan 49 mllllon [ournal arLlcles and book chapLers
W All new Sprlnger books are flrsL publlshed as e8ooks and ln many counLrles we offer a
30 88L blackwhlLe 8 verslon called MyCopy for lnsLlLuLlons who buy access Lo Lhe e8ooks
W 8ook Archlve
W More Lhan 70 000 LlLles avallable for dlglLlsaLlon
W e8ooks are compaLlble wlLh Lhe wellknown e8eaders lad
klndle nook
Spr|ngerL|nk serves 600 consort|a and more than 3S000 |nst|tut|ons wor|dw|de
e8ook $trategy Moving Forward
Sprlnger e8ook SLraLegy
CuallLy you are ln good company
lobal reach lobal lnfluence
Speed geL your ldeas ouL Lhere qulckly
llndablllLy apply search englne opLlmlzaLlon feaLures
lormaLs sLaLeofLhearL onllne ebook plaLform 1C prlnL Lechnology
MyCopy Moblle uevlces
ldeal ln geographlcallychallenged locaLlons (Lhe Amazon!)
8eady for nexL generaLlon lnLegraLlon ln conLenL daLabases wlLh llnklng
|ntegrated p|atform for eIourna|s e8ooks
Spr|ngerL|nk Iourna| Lxamp|e
lnLroducLlon of new roducL 1ypes Spr|nger8r|efs
W PoL Loplcs and comprehenslve LuLorlals
W 30123 pages long
W Crganlzed ln focused serles
W rovldlng a formaL for publlshlng ldeas somewhere beLween a research
arLlcle and a book
ro[ect Concept 8est of the 8est"
W 1opranked lnsLlLuLes from around Lhe world lnvlLed Lo nomlnaLe Lhelr besL hu
Lheses for a Sprlnger 1hesls rlze*
* 1000 88L award plos pobllcotloo of tbe eotlte tbesls lo tbe setles
lloL pro[ecL ln Chem|stry and hys|cs and
relaLed flelds such as AsLrophyslcs MaLerlals
nanosclence Chemlcal Lnglneerlng Complex
SysLems 8loLechnology and 8lophyslcs
Cr|ter|a for -om|nat|on
W 1he work reporLed ln Lhe Lhesls musL represenL a slgnlflcanL sclenLlflc
W lL musL be wrlLLen ln good Lngllsh
W Lach Lhesls should lnclude a foreword by Lhe supervlsor ouLllnlng Lhe
slgnlflcance of lLs conLenL
W 1he Lhesls should have a clearly deflned sLrucLure wlLh an
lnLroducLlon accesslble Lo sclenLlsLs noL experL ln Lhe fleld
W lf Lhe Lhesls lncludes prevlously publlshed maLerlal permlsslon Lo
reproduce Lhls musL be galned from Lhe respecLlve copyrlghL holder
W 1he Lhesls musL have been examlned and passed durlng Lhe 12
monLhs prlor Lo nomlnaLlon
1o quallfy for nomlnaLlon Lhe Lhesls musL fulflll o// of Lhe followlng crlLerla
First Reactions
am a strong
supporter of
the idea
am very glad
that quality is at
the heart of your
very much
welcome this
mages with good descriptive captions are separateIy stored in a
searchabIe database for easy discovery of graphicaI information.
Cpen access
JhaL ls Cpen Access?
1he arLlcle ls unlversally and publlcly accesslble vla Lhe lnLerneL ln an easlly
readable formaL and deposlLed lmmedlaLely upon publlcaLlon wlLhouL embargo
CopyrlghL remalns wlLh Lhe auLhor
CreaLlve Commons
@be ootbot ot copytlqbt owoet lttevocobly qtoots to ooy tbltJ potty lo oJvooce
ooJ lo petpetolty tbe tlqbt to ose teptoJoce ot Jlssemloote tbe teseotcb ottlcle lo
lts eotltety ot lo pott
1he publlcaLlon fees are covered by Lhe auLhor or by research funds
no subscrlpLlon fees are pald by Lhe llbrarles
FuIIy open access journaIs
FuIIy open access journaIs
Cpen access to research output |s becom|ng mandatory
Open access mandates
W ef|n|t|ons
lree Access auLhors unlverslLles socleLles are noL paylng for publlc access (SclLLC)
W lncludes Lemporary publlc access of subscrlpLlon maLerlals for promoLlon reasons
Cpen Access auLhors unlverslLles socleLles pay for publlc access
W reen Cpen Access auLhor verslons ln publlc reposlLorles (for example arxlv)
W old Cpen Access flnal verslons are publlcly accesslble on publlshers Jeb slLe
W Spr|nger (Green by defau|t)
ArLlcles ln subscrlpLlon [ournals Cpen Cholce (old)
W ArLlcle fee 3000 88L auLhor ls glven cholce afLer accepLance of arLlcle
ArLlcles ln full open access [ournals SprlngerCpen or 8loMed CenLral (Llfe Sclences)
W ArLlcle fee beLween 1100 1300 88L pald ln many dlfferenL ways
W Slgnlng up lnsLlLuLlonal (unlverslLy socleLy) members who pay for Lhe auLhors
Cpen Access opt|ons w|th Spr|nger
W new sulLe of open access [ournals whlch wlll cover all dlsclpllnes
8loMed CenLral for Lhe blomedlcal Loplcs
W A|| arLlcles are fully and lmmedlaLely open access (copyrlghL auLhors CreaLlve
Commons ALLrlbuLlon llcense)
W no subscrlpLlons
arLlcle processlng fees lnsLead
ald by Lhe auLhor (vla research granL llbrary lnsLlLuLlonal CA fund )
ald by a member lnsLlLuLlon
Jalvers (economlc hardshlp lnvlLaLlon walvers for LlCs)
Jhat |s ?
Sclence ln 8razll
n BraziI, the numbers go up fast
W #&D spending 8% growth annually since 2005
W Fast growing scientific production (17% per year vs. 3% globally)
W Close to 200 universities
W # of students > Germany & UK combined (about 4 million)
W Strong government policy and investments to grow the country's scientific impact
W 55% of the research output of Latin-America comes from Brazil
W The 7
economy in the world with:
GDP ~2 trillion USD
~1.5% of this is spent on
Science & Technology (= ~30 billion USD).
Source: %homson Reuters Web of Knowledge
Lmerglng knowledge Lconomles
Sc|ence Cutput of C|tab|e ocuments from the keg|on
2007 2010 C|tat|ons
per document
|n 2007
8razll 29 933 +37 40 962 496
Mexlco 10 446 +20 12 493 309
ArgenLlna 7 221 +20 8 646 622
Chlle 4 603 +28 3 876 641
Colombla 2 130 +69 3 633 317
Cuba 1 463 +9 1 388 300
venezuela 1 703 10 1 341 380
uSA 332 777 +23 433 461 1024
Chlna 202 722 +31 306 329 331
uk 110 341 +7 118 401 923
ermany 104 007 +11 113 113 947
Polland 34 930 +9 37 991 1123
$ize of the market and Focus FieIds
W Brazil top 5 fields of the 41 000 citable articles published in 2010
27% = Medicine, Tropical Medicine, & Public Health
20% = Agricultural & Biological Sciences
10% = Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology
6% = Physics and Astronomy
6% = Chemistry
$pringer Author
2008: 2268
2009: 2731
2010: 3545
BMC submitting
2008: 162
2009: 219
2010: 302
W SclenLlflc LlecLronlc Llbrary Cnllne has more Lhan 830 free access [ournals from all of LaLln Amerlca
Spaln orLugal and SouLh Afrlca (233 from 8razll)
W 32 ln Lngllsh language mosL oLhers are hybrld (1 LS Ln) and gradually swlLchlng Lo Lngllsh only
8eposlLory no acLlve [ournal developmenL
no lncome for owners (socleLles)
LlmlLed lnLernaLlonal vlslblllLy and underclLed
SocleLles are now asklng publlshers for addlLlonal servlces
W Sprlnger offers Lo work wlLh SclLLC and lnLroduce ACs
W JlLh Cpen Access we can have arLlcles on SprlngerLlnk and SclLLC
W 8equesLed parLnershlp Lo sLarL new CA [ournals
Sprlnger and 8razll
Our office in $o PauIo, the heart of a metropoIitan area
with 20 miIIion peopIe
Avenida Paulista
Spr|nger d|str|butes Iourna|s from 8raz|| |ncreas|ng co||aborat|on
Since the early
Since 2009
Since 2010
As of 2012
Since 2011
Iactors for Success
lnLernaLlonal ulverslLy auLhors edlLors edlLorlal advlsory board members
oslLlonlng does Lhe [ournal offer a unlque perspecLlve or focus
Local sLrengLhs whlch experLlse ls local buL Lrlggers a global lnLeresL?
lf a reglonal [ournal how does lL compare wlLh oLher [ournals from Lhe same area?
Jlll lL enrlch coverage ln a sub[ecL or provlde a reglonal perspecLlve?
eer revlew sysLem and lnLernaLlonal edlLorlal convenLlons
roper Lngllsh language suggesLlng servlces such as Ldanz ls provldlng
ClLaLlon uaLa Analysls
1lmellness of publlcaLlon
MarkeL Share and rowLh
llnanclal susLalnablllLy
locus areas Lo develop [ournals
L|brary Adv|sory 8oard Act|v|t|es |n 8raz||
ulscuss and share our sLraLegles and fuLure acLlvlLles wlLh Lhe dlrecLors of maln 8razlllan
unlverslLy academlc and sclenLlflc lnsLlLuLlonal llbrarles by lncreaslng Lhe dlalog among our
lnsLlLuLlons Lo become more and more parLners
W vlslon of edlLorlal acLlvlLles ln 8razll
wlLh Lhe new offlce
W lncrease Lhe knowledge of Lhe
exlsLence (and posslble
parLnershlps) of sclenLlflc [ournals
owned by unlverslLles
W supporL Lhe unlverslLy efforLs on
Lralnlng auLhors on how Lo wrlLe
sclenLlflc arLlcles and manuscrlpLs
W 1) Author fills out book proposal form
Topic and Title
Level: research, graduate or undergraduate
Uniqueness: new results, better explanation, competing books outdated
W 2) Springer subject expert evaluates proposal, may ask changes
W 3) #eview by fellow scientists
W 4) Discussing publishing agreement: date of delivery, financial rewards
W 5) Manuscript delivery
W 6) Book production
W 7) Announced to the market, promotion
W 8) Publication
W 9) Distribution and Sales
W 10) New edition
Get |n touch w|th us!
Pow Lo ubllsh a 8ook wlLh Sprlnger?
1hank you
ournal Basics
Jhy do we publlsh?
1he 8eal 8eason
More 8apld
Lxchange of
All SclenLlsLs are AuLhors
1he racLlcal 8eason
Jhy do we publlsh?
Jhere do we ubllsh?
,easur|ng ua||ty
Impact Iactor Ca|cu|at|on
2011 lmpacL lacLor
ClLes ln 2011 Lo lLems publlshed ln 2010 + 2009
1oLal 2010 + 2009 ArLlcles
Jhere do we ubllsh?
lSl lmpacL lacLors calculaLed from Lhe monlLorlng of 8000 [ournals
SCCuS lmpacL lacLors calculaLed from Lhe monlLorlng of 16000 [ournals
Jhere do we ubllsh?
lmpacL lacLors Measure
Lhe opularlLy of a Sclence/Loplc
Lhe amounL sclenLlsLs ln Lhose dlsclpllnes wrlLe
8lomedlcal [ournals usually have much hlgher lmpacL lacLors Lhan Lnglneerlng
1he sc|ence |n both |s good but the nature of the sc|ence d|ctates a d|fferent rate of