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Search Engine Strategies 2008
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What I am (and am not) about to tell you?
 SEO: The Goal  Web 2.0 & Semantic Web  SEO + Semantic Web = SEO 2.0  Yahoo! Semantic Web Strategy in Search

✗ Optimize your AJAX/Flash/UGC pages ✗ Cover details all Microformats ✗ Comparing eRDF, RDF, and RDFa ✗ Create your first SearchMonkey



SEO: The Basics Picture by Flickr user lynac Picture by Flickr user mari781008 • SEO – Drive Traffic – Lots of Traffic – How? • Be found • Drive Click Thru -3- YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .

0 (definition by tag cloud) Tag Cloud by Markus Angermeier -4YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .Web 2.

Semantic Web (definition by example) <b> vs. <em> -5- YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .

Contextual Data • Paris Hilton • Hilton (in) Paris <div id="hcard-Paris-Hilton" class="vcard"> <span class="fn">Paris Hilton</span> </div> <div id="" class=“hcard"> <div class="org">Hilton</div> <div class="adr”> <span class="locality">Paris</span> </div> </div> -6- YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .Content vs.

Semantic Web – Before you know it! rel=“nofollow” <a href= rel=“nofollow”>myblog</a> -7- YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .

com/tag/online/" rel="tag">online</a> … -8YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL" rel="tag">seo</a> <a href="http://upcoming. 2008</abbr></span> <div class="description”>Looking forward!</div> </div> rel-tag <a href="http://upcoming.Live Semantic Web Example: SES 2008 on Upcoming hCard hReview <div class="hreview"> <span class="reviewer vcard">Reviewer: <span class="fn url”> <a href=>Ambles</a> </span> <abbr class="dtreviewed" title="20080623T2300-0400”>June" rel="tag">sem</a> <a href="http://upcoming.

hReview. hEvent. XFN 1. hAtom.0 + Yahoo! = • SearchMonkey + POSH = SEO 2.1 • Leverage semantic web to enable blended search -9YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .0 • Supported HTML Annotations: microformats. & RDFa • Supported Microformats: hCard.Yahoo’s SearchMonkey • Web 2. eRDF.

10 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .SearchMonkey Live Example .

SearchMonkey Example .11 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .

A Few SearchMonkey Examples YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .com/ .

13 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .Semantics Web & SEO? What does it mean to me? How does Semantics Web affect my Search Engine Strategy? .

photos.usweb. Source: http://blog. • You search for a specific date and receive a list of categorized events occurring on that date that people have posted on their website. • You search for a product and receive a list of reviews related to that product which people all over the net have posted on their website. along with the ability to download their vCard (possibly to your handheld) • You search for a keyword such as “Ford mustang” and receive a list of sites.14 YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL . business . and documents that people have decided to relate to the word “Ford mustang” through tagging on their website.Imagine … • You perform a search for a person’s name and see their family tree. friends and significant others.

0 • Semantic Web is NOW! Adopt it NOW! • Semantic Web + Search Engine • Think outside the browser • Define your own heatmap .0 • Structured pages are SEO 2. URL.Semantic Web Search & Conclusion • “Context is King!” • Keywords.15 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL . & links are SEO 1.

com • Semweb/SW: • SearchMonkey: • Microformats: Resources • Contact: .16 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .

Facts • Yahoo SearchMonkey supports microformats. eRDF. and RDFa • Microsoft Outlook supports hCalendar • Google Maps supports hCard • Alexa (AWSP) supports hCard Search .17 YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL (permalink) .

Web 2.0 Principles and Best Practices” .0 is a set of economic. social.0 Definition • Web 2. and technology trends that collectively form the basis for the next generation of the Internet – a more mature.18 YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL . openness. and network effects. Source: O’Reilly Radar “Web 2. distinctive medium characterized by user participation.

0 (definition by tag cloud) Tag Cloud by Markus Angermeier .Web 2.19 YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .

Mircoformats (µf) • A schema to provide contextualization • New buzzword after XML .20 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .