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Search Engine Strategies 2008
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What I am (and am not) about to tell you?
 SEO: The Goal  Web 2.0 & Semantic Web  SEO + Semantic Web = SEO 2.0  Yahoo! Semantic Web Strategy in Search

✗ Optimize your AJAX/Flash/UGC pages ✗ Cover details all Microformats ✗ Comparing eRDF, RDF, and RDFa ✗ Create your first SearchMonkey



SEO: The Basics Picture by Flickr user lynac Picture by Flickr user mari781008 • SEO – Drive Traffic – Lots of Traffic – How? • Be found • Drive Click Thru -3- YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .

0 (definition by tag cloud) Tag Cloud by Markus Angermeier -4YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .Web 2.

<em> -5- YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .Semantic Web (definition by example) <b> vs.

Contextual Data • Paris Hilton • Hilton (in) Paris <div id="hcard-Paris-Hilton" class="vcard"> <span class="fn">Paris Hilton</span> </div> <div id="" class=“hcard"> <div class="org">Hilton</div> <div class="adr”> <span class="locality">Paris</span> </div> </div> -6- YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .Content vs.

com/ rel=“nofollow”>myblog</a> -7- YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .Semantic Web – Before you know it! rel=“nofollow” <a href=http://myblog.

com/tag/online/" rel="tag">online</a> … -8YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .com/tag/sem/" rel="tag">sem</a> <a href="http://upcoming.com/tag/seo/" rel="tag">seo</a> <a href="http://upcoming.yahoo.yahoo.Live Semantic Web Example: SES 2008 on Upcoming hCard hReview <div class="hreview"> <span class="reviewer vcard">Reviewer: <span class="fn url”> <a href=http://upcoming.yahoo.com/user/159507/>Ambles</a> </span> <abbr class="dtreviewed" title="20080623T2300-0400”>June 13. 2008</abbr></span> <div class="description”>Looking forward!</div> </div> rel-tag <a href="http://upcoming.yahoo.

0 • Supported HTML Annotations: microformats. XFN 1.1 • Leverage semantic web to enable blended search -9YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL . hEvent. hReview. eRDF. hAtom. & RDFa • Supported Microformats: hCard.0 + Yahoo! = • SearchMonkey + POSH = SEO 2.Yahoo’s SearchMonkey • Web 2.

10 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .SearchMonkey Live Example .

SearchMonkey Example .11 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .

search.yahoo.A Few SearchMonkey Examples http://gallery.com/ .12 YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .

13 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .Semantics Web & SEO? What does it mean to me? How does Semantics Web affect my Search Engine Strategy? .

friends and significant others.usweb.Imagine … • You perform a search for a person’s name and see their family tree. business acquaintances.14 YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL . • You search for a specific date and receive a list of categorized events occurring on that date that people have posted on their website. • You search for a product and receive a list of reviews related to that product which people all over the net have posted on their website. Source: http://blog.com/archives/how-microformats-affect-search-engine-optimization-seo/ . and documents that people have decided to relate to the word “Ford mustang” through tagging on their website. photos. along with the ability to download their vCard (possibly to your handheld) • You search for a keyword such as “Ford mustang” and receive a list of sites.

Semantic Web Search & Conclusion • “Context is King!” • Keywords.15 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL . & links are SEO 1.0 • Semantic Web is NOW! Adopt it NOW! • Semantic Web + Search Engine • Think outside the browser • Define your own heatmap . URL.0 • Structured pages are SEO 2.

yahoo.w3.com • Semweb/SW: http://www.org/2001/sw/ • SearchMonkey: http://developer.org/ .16 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .com/searchmonkey/ • Microformats: http://microformats.Appendix: Resources • Contact: ambles@yahoo-inc.

17 YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL (permalink) .Facts • Yahoo SearchMonkey supports microformats. eRDF. and RDFa • Microsoft Outlook supports hCalendar • Google Maps supports hCard • Alexa (AWSP) supports hCard Search .

0 Principles and Best Practices” .Web 2. Source: O’Reilly Radar “Web 2. openness. and technology trends that collectively form the basis for the next generation of the Internet – a more mature. and network effects.18 YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL . distinctive medium characterized by user participation.0 is a set of economic.0 Definition • Web 2. social.

19 YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .Web 2.0 (definition by tag cloud) Tag Cloud by Markus Angermeier .

Mircoformats (µf) • A schema to provide contextualization • New buzzword after XML .20 - YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL .