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Presenting By, Manu Augustine EC-S7 NO:34

The Internet employs many different types of communication networks such as, ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ LAN [LOCAL AREA NETWORK] MAN [METROPOLITIAN AREA NETWORK] WAN [WIDE AREA NETWORK] PAN [PERSONAL AREA NETWORK]

Due to the increasing popularity of location-enabled mobile devices, a new type of communication network is emerging the near-me area network (NAN).

³ NAN is a logical communication network built on the top of existing physical network

infrastructures that focuses on communication among wireless devices in close proximity. ´

the devices are in the same network segment and share the same broadcast domain  The devices in a NAN can belong to different proprietary network infrastructures . In LANs.

TYPES OF NAN Closed NAN  Formed between devices in the same mobile carrier network.  Carrier need to maintain the database of locations.  Number of NAN application can be developed. .  Advantages are limited. Global NAN  Formed among any wireless device.  The location is updated to a central server in the internet.  GPS is not necessary.  The device need to have both GPS locator and internet connectivity.  Location is identified using triangulating process.

. Although other methods can achieve the tasks just listed.THE EMERGENCE OF NAN A mother lost her son and she sends out his picture to the other people in the NAN network so that they can help him. NAN applications are by far the most efficient.

NAN FORMATION System Architecture : The network formed of those devices with both a GPS receiver and internet connection .

html).com).com/WhosHere.html)  Fire Eagle : The central server.  Loopt : (www.loopt.  WhozThat : Facilitating mobile social networks.  Handshake: (http://myRete. .EXISTING PROTOTYPES AND APPLICATION  WhosHere : (

WHOSHERE helps users meet people nearby with similar interests. .

email or IP addresses .Features ‡ WhosHere shows the user the closest people who match your interests ‡ users can text message each other within WhosHere itself ‡ this NAN service eliminates the need to give out phone numbers.

LOOPT Loopt lets users to see where and how far their friends are on a detailed map .

users can see where and how far away their friends are ‡ users see their friends on a detailed map. get alerts when friends are nearby .Features ‡ Loopt will regularly update its own location to the server. ‡ consulting the server.

Yahoo s Fire Eagle: the Central SERVER Fire eagle is an online central server that stores the current location of the users .

com ‡ Stores location info of users ‡ App s that use location info and social network websites can access this information .Features ‡ Devoloped by yahoo.

How Fire Eagle Works? .

WHOZTHAT WhozThat facilitate mobile social networking .

FEATURES ‡ integrates online social networks like facebook and myspace with mobile devices ‡ provide information about the friends and people around the user ‡ mobile devices must possess both local wireless capability (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and a wide area wireless connection to the Internet. .

.Context aware music juke box functioning on WhozThat ‡ jukebox running WhozThat can receive the social network IDs ‡ the jukebox can build song playlists that reflect those users preferences.

Context aware music juke box functioning on WhozThat .

. Implementation issues. Identifying a position.CHALLENGES FOR FUTURE NAN APPLICATION Representing a place. Privacy consideration. NAN Enabled devices.

especially in urban areas . ‡ more appropriate to use more abstract concepts to express locations ‡ Need to represent place name vocabularies and must integrate it with the Web architecture ‡ Not all name s of places are stored.Representing a place ‡ latitude/longitude pair can define a precise point on earth.

Identifying a position ‡ GPS accuracy is affected by the environmental conditions ‡ noise or interference near the receiver can create an error ‡ Presence of physical objects can block sight from satelite .

NAN Enabled devices ‡ mobile devices that are both location.and Internet-enabled must be common ‡ Availabilty and cost of devices must be affordable .

Implementation issues ‡ software platform must provide the corresponding APIs to build NAN application ‡ application-programming interfaces for different platforms need to comminicate with no error .


 focuses on two way communication among people within certain proximity. .ADVANTAGES  Make Social life eaiser  communication among wireless devices in different network infrastructures.  NAN applications are more advantageous over current location based services.

DEMERITS ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Availability and cost of NAN capable devices Accuracy of gps may vary according to signal GPS is not well implemented in urban areas Privacy considerations .

CONCLUSION Considering the fact that the rapid development of mobile broadband technologies. which will positively boost NAN applications popularity. mobile devices that are both location. Many exciting opportunities exist for the future design of NAN applications. Further devolopment in the feild of NAN can be of great use for the human life .and Internet-enabled will likely become widely prevalent in the near to mid term. which could become new modes of location-enabled mobile devices.

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