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m AIDA Model

m Customers may be at different levels of

AIDA model
ill oard as teasers
ill oards as a comparative
m Onderstand the difference between
media exposure and Ad exposure
m Audience size

m Helps understand media consumption


m Cost effective
m iallup( Named after w:ieorge iallup)
m Media bank
m Mind share
m Aurora
m Media Logic
m iallup stands out as a marketing and
survey research agency that has a
comprehensive national presence.

m iallup has network of over 3 

in different cities of Pakistan:
How iALLOP Works?

m ¦ 
    Metros 2100


Large 1150


Small cities 1550

Rural 700
How iALLOP Works





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Satellite viewer ship detail

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) ,
m the television industry got the lion·s share
of 55 percent of the total advertising

m while print media followed with 26

m ¦he most advertised product on news
channels is

m ¦elecom (33%)
m followed, by banks (6%)
m and real estate (5%)
m top product categories advertised on
entertainment channels is

m ¦elecom (26%)
m followed with a wide margin, by
shampoos (7%) and
m milk and dairy products (6%)
m ¦he number one share of advertisements
on music channels was of the product
category ¦elecom (35%).

m ¦he second largest share of

advertisements on music channels is of
carbonated soft drinks (20%)

m and then shampoos (6%).

m 6th in world in terms of no. of publications

m 10% households in the country purchased or

subscribed to newspapers.

m More exposures to ¦he study also showed that

among readers
[ 2% readers of Ordu newspapers,
[ 10 % Sindhi newspapers and
[ 6% of English news papers
m Exposure is more then subscription because of
community reading, street corners, barber shops
newspaper exposure.
m Dang ² 46%
m Nawa-e-Waqt ² 23%
m Express ² 20%
m Khabrain ² 15%
m Awaz ² 10%
m Dawn ² 7%
m With the advent of FM channels radio
listener ship has increased tremendously
m 44% listen to the radio for news;
m 27% listen for music;
m 13% listen for formal and non-formal
m the most popular time of day to listen to
the radio is at night from :00pm until
m Hits

m Page Views

m Stickiness

m Click throughs
m ¦he number of people who pass by a
given outdoor site during a particular
time frame
m ¦he most advertised company was
Onilever (11%) followed by Mobilink (6%)
and P&i (5%).

m ¦he top 10 companies accounted for

5% of total Ad Spend include Onilever,
Ptcl, Warid, Ofone, Pepsi, Coca Cola ,
Ofone, P&i, ank Alfalah, ¦elenor, Zong
ank Alhabib
m ¦he number of people from target
audience exposed to the medium

m Reach includes duplication effect as well


 "  "

Week 1 1000 0 1000 1000

Week 2 2000 (300) 1700 2700

Week 3 1500 (900) 600 3300

Week 4 1200 (1000) 200 3500

m ¦he number of times the advertisement

m iross exposure= Reach * Frequency

iross Rating Points
m Inverse relationship

m Reach is important in launching new


m Frequency is important in competitive

m Every person has his own personal media

m It is not good to concentrate efforts in

one medium

m Cost per thousand audience for

Evaluation Of Mass Media
m Newspapers/Supplements
m Magazines
m ¦elevision
m Local Cable
m Radio
m Cinema
m Out of Home
m ¦he Internet
m Mobile

m Advantages:
X iood convenient localized medium
X Available in major languages of country
X Capture the local flavor, ad with local touch
X Ose of colors, enhancing readability
X iood when lot of info needs to be conveyed
X Particularly useful for categories
like white goods, computers, automobiles etc.

m Disadvantages:

X Cost ineffective

X Smaller audience until placed in a library


m Advantages:
X iood when lot of info needs to be conveyed
X Specialized magazines
X Advertising specific product categories to
specific target market
X Printed on better paper,
color reproduction of ad is good
X Long shelf life and greater
audience number
m Disadvantages:

X Lack immediacy
X Onsuitable to announce sales promotion
X Needs planning well in advance

m Advantages:
X Audio visual impact
X Quickly builds reach
X ¦arget specific audience,
specific channels for specific target
m Disadvantages:

X Very expensive
X Short lived messages
X Renders ads less effective since audience
tend to zap when ads appear
Local Cable

m Advantages:

X Osed by local advertisers frequently

X Cost effective
X Advertising frequency booster due to low cost
m Disadvantages:
X Currently unorganized, uncertainty about the
schedule of ad
X Advertiser to set own monitoring to check ads
X Ad appear largely as scroll, so picture and
voice quality is often very poor

m Advantages:
X Oseful for specific local audiences
X Support medium
X Cheap compared to print or television
m Disadvantages:
X Messages are fleeting, just audio impact
X ¦arget audience is busy doing something
while listening radio
X Divided attention

m Advantages:

X Local medium
X iood for local advertiser
X irowing interest in cinema (not in Pakistan)
X Cost effective and can be used as support
medium by larger national advertisers
m Disadvantages:

X Low reach
X Ad in beginning or intermission when
audience attention is low
Out of Home

m Advantages:
X Interesting outdoor hoardings and
signage due to technology support
X Effective to cover mobile population

m Disadvantages:
X Currently unorganized
X Negligible research with regard to its reach
¦he Internet

m Advantages:
X Fast growing media
X Oser base growing day by day due to easier
and cheaper broadband access
X Faster growth rate of internet advertising than
traditional media
m Disadvantage:
X ¦ill now effective just in urban areas, rural area
can·t be targeted

X Lower prices made the medium

available to common man
X ireat number of subscribers
X entering every month
X Advertising message in text form
X Video images in near future
X Mobile penetration is far greater than
internet, so mobile offers better reach through
Media udgets

m Five main types

X All One Can Afford Method
X Onit of Sales Method
X A/S Ratio Method
X Objective and ¦ask Method
X Competitive Parity Method
All One Can Afford Method

m Affordability
m Depend on advertising budget
m Problems
X ¦he budget is inadequate. Agencies ask to
raise the amount or spend the money
X Objectives set are unreasonable. Clients
expect exceptional results from money spent
Onit of Sales Method

m Companies consider advertising cost as

part of CiS
m Allocate certain amount of money per
unit of sales as advertising expense
m Flexibility to reduce the advertising
m If actual sales not according to
budgeted, it may be detrimental to
brands growth
A/S Ratio Method

m Advertising udget : Sales Revenue

m Expressed as percentage, percentage of sales
m Percentage differs for different product
m Also percentage differs according to stage in
m During launch High %age
m Product Peak Low %age

m Secondary data or industry trends to fix %age

Objective and ¦ask Method

m Zero budgeting method

m Identify what the advertising to achieve
m Media mix optimally selected which can
achieve this objective cost effectively
m Amount of money required to do this
become the advertising budget
Competitive Parity Method

m Onderstanding the competition and

linking of advertising spends on that basis

m Whatcompetition is spending on
advertising and what results are being