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“FLORUPS” Happy Trees make Happy Earth...

0918130 Nita Bhatacharjee – 0918129 Shyamala K – 0918151 .Group 10 • • • • • • Deepti Achpalya – 0918111 Krithika Varshini – 0918119 Namrata R – 0918124 Nidhi Pandya .

especially working people. premiere. corporates.Market Segmentation • Catering to all classes(socioeconomic. • All age groups. middle class). • People of both genders. . school/college going students.

.TARGET CUSTOMER DEFINITION *All Industry Outlets *Corporates *Hotels *Wedding Parties *School/College Canteens * Religious Institutions *Hospitals where usage of disposables is quite common in huge quantities.

ANALYSIS OF COMPETITORS Our Competitors are: .

online branding Industry recognition Trusted clients MAGNUS Weakness High Pricing No local branding Lack of Local community presence Spread-out Low Risk BusinessPoor Marketing Model Strategies Focused Customer Base Low Pricing Industry Experience .Strengths ANALYSIS OF OUR COMPETITORS ITC Weakness NO online Branding No Eco-friendly Initiative No Market Reach Strengths Eco-friendly branding Investment in technology.

Most industries.Increased Government restrictions .Strengths Swot Analysis -Low cost of investment & Raw Materials -Awareness on Go-Green. -Export opportunity -Growing environment consciousness . companies. all classes -Does not involve skilled Labour Weakness -Average span is about 2 weeks -Lack of awareness among local people -Over a period of time its subjected to cracks -Seasonal demand(winter) -Chances of fungal spoilage -Storage cost is minimal Threats -Competition from paper & leaf products -Low shelf life -Resistance towards product Opportunities . -100% bio-degradable -Affordable. hotels and weddings and parties are our major clients.

• Finished product/ plates will be purchased at fixed price. • Raw material supply and buying back the finished product is on permanent basis without time limit and without interruption. • Assured sales coupled with assured raw material supply.COMPETITIVE STRATEGY SPECIALITY • Buy Back Policy. .

• A unique website for the product which will give all the details the price. • Through advertising in newspapers.COMPETITIVE STRATEGY • Will seek to create customer awareness regarding the product offerings. • Sound knowledge across specialized domain. the colors available and even custom design the package for bulk bookings. . developing customer base and work toward building customer loyalty and referrals that will significantly reduce customer acquisition cost.

.PRODUCT & PACKAGING •Will contain the company’s name. address. tips and facts to promote eco-friendly nature/attitude among people. logo. •Products. * Transported in a case made out of thick base(made of leaves) which can be reused unlike plastic which is disposed(use ‘n’ throw). banana leaves) * No fancy packaging.Leaf Cups and Leaf Plates(made of betel leaves. palm leaves.

POSITIONING & BRANDING * Eco Friendliness * Nature Lovers * Safety * Affordable and Accessible * For all classes .

.initial selling discounts and other promotional offers.PRICING STRATEGY • • • • Cost plus pricing local consumer Export pricing Promotional pricing .

00 1.40 00.20 1.45 Medium Large 1.45 Variety of plates Price per piece .MARKET OUTLOOK Quantity of Price per cups piece 110 ml 150 ml 200 ml 00.35 Small 00.

SALES FORECAST & REVIEW PLANS * We aspire to capture 20% of the market (3-5 crores/annum consumption) * Begin the venture by approaching chain industries like Reliance. Scope. IBM and other companies who campaign and support eco-friendly environment through their CSR Activities.00. TATAs.000 cups/plates for the first 4 months. .* Our Target sale: 20. • Sales forecast for the year July 2010-July 2011 Is 60lacs per annum.

.distribute Palm Leaf Fans. • No harmful chemicals are used-promoting a greener environment. • For every dozen disposable cup purchased.PROMOTIONAL PLANS • The company representatives including the employees shall wear a particular uniform that will promote our Vision and Goal to strive for a 100% eco-friendly environment. • Promotional offer. 1p will go into reforestation.

PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY • We initiate “Cups Media” to incorporate this innovative marketing tactics to promote other brands.Best Imagery on Cups. • Offering good quality leaf cups to offices and workplaces free of charge. • Arrange summer camps for students. products and services on our products. . • Prepare a catalogue and distribute it to our prospective catalogue.