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New Product Launch

“FLORUPS” Happy Trees make Happy Earth...

Group 10 • • • • • • Deepti Achpalya – 0918111 Krithika Varshini – 0918119 Namrata R – 0918124 Nidhi Pandya .0918130 Nita Bhatacharjee – 0918129 Shyamala K – 0918151 .

premiere. corporates.Market Segmentation • Catering to all classes(socioeconomic. school/college going students. . • People of both genders. middle class). • All age groups. especially working people.

.TARGET CUSTOMER DEFINITION *All Industry Outlets *Corporates *Hotels *Wedding Parties *School/College Canteens * Religious Institutions *Hospitals where usage of disposables is quite common in huge quantities.

ANALYSIS OF COMPETITORS Our Competitors are: .

online branding Industry recognition Trusted clients MAGNUS Weakness High Pricing No local branding Lack of Local community presence Spread-out Low Risk BusinessPoor Marketing Model Strategies Focused Customer Base Low Pricing Industry Experience .Strengths ANALYSIS OF OUR COMPETITORS ITC Weakness NO online Branding No Eco-friendly Initiative No Market Reach Strengths Eco-friendly branding Investment in technology.

Strengths Swot Analysis -Low cost of investment & Raw Materials -Awareness on Go-Green.Most industries. companies. all classes -Does not involve skilled Labour Weakness -Average span is about 2 weeks -Lack of awareness among local people -Over a period of time its subjected to cracks -Seasonal demand(winter) -Chances of fungal spoilage -Storage cost is minimal Threats -Competition from paper & leaf products -Low shelf life -Resistance towards product Opportunities . -Export opportunity -Growing environment consciousness .Increased Government restrictions . -100% bio-degradable -Affordable. hotels and weddings and parties are our major clients.

• Raw material supply and buying back the finished product is on permanent basis without time limit and without interruption. . • Finished product/ plates will be purchased at fixed price.COMPETITIVE STRATEGY SPECIALITY • Buy Back Policy. • Assured sales coupled with assured raw material supply.

developing customer base and work toward building customer loyalty and referrals that will significantly reduce customer acquisition cost. the colors available and even custom design the package for bulk bookings. . • Sound knowledge across specialized domain. • Through advertising in newspapers.COMPETITIVE STRATEGY • Will seek to create customer awareness regarding the product offerings. • A unique website for the product which will give all the details the price.

•Products. logo.PRODUCT & PACKAGING •Will contain the company’s name. . * Transported in a case made out of thick base(made of leaves) which can be reused unlike plastic which is disposed(use ‘n’ throw). banana leaves) * No fancy packaging.Leaf Cups and Leaf Plates(made of betel leaves. address. palm leaves. tips and facts to promote eco-friendly nature/attitude among people.

POSITIONING & BRANDING * Eco Friendliness * Nature Lovers * Safety * Affordable and Accessible * For all classes .

PRICING STRATEGY • • • • Cost plus pricing local consumer Export pricing Promotional pricing . .initial selling discounts and other promotional offers.

MARKET OUTLOOK Quantity of Price per cups piece 110 ml 150 ml 200 ml 00.45 Medium Large 1.35 Small 00.40 00.20 1.00 1.45 Variety of plates Price per piece .

000 cups/plates for the first 4 months.* Our Target sale: 20.00. IBM and other companies who campaign and support eco-friendly environment through their CSR Activities. • Sales forecast for the year July 2010-July 2011 Is 60lacs per annum. . TATAs. Scope. SALES FORECAST & REVIEW PLANS * We aspire to capture 20% of the market (3-5 crores/annum consumption) * Begin the venture by approaching chain industries like Reliance.

PROMOTIONAL PLANS • The company representatives including the employees shall wear a particular uniform that will promote our Vision and Goal to strive for a 100% eco-friendly environment. • Promotional offer. 1p will go into reforestation. • For every dozen disposable cup purchased. . • No harmful chemicals are used-promoting a greener environment.distribute Palm Leaf Fans.

• Offering good quality leaf cups to offices and workplaces free of charge.PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY • We initiate “Cups Media” to incorporate this innovative marketing tactics to promote other brands. • Prepare a catalogue and distribute it to our prospective catalogue.Best Imagery on Cups. . products and services on our products. • Arrange summer camps for students.