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101 Guide
I’m Always Listening Bro..!!

Common Question Said Who? Answer Key Takeaways

• Our business build upon • No Matter who you are, to be success

customer thought and both in sales or operations your
Why needs relation with customer define who you
Listening? • Customer gives us new are
idea and drive our value • Customer are king

• You need to carefully set • Don’t go wild just only to know your
What Do I you goal and correct customer, be well prepare and
Need To measures thoughtful
Listen? • Be open to new idea and • Measure your success with metrics
input from customer and be flexible

• Yes indeed, suitable metrics • You need to find a way to

Do I Need and solid execution are golden calculate or even monetize
Metrics? rules your success in customer
• Don’t overdone your metrics relationship building

Source: McKinsey Analysis

Don’t Overcooked Your Strategy
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Common Pitfalls What To Do?

Most of the times the lack of ability to

When business are listening to their Rethink about
I’m listening but I monetize your gain through customer
customer but there no change both your strategy and
don’t see any listening is lack on the metrics that you
on the frontline and corporate and metrics
changes! have. Breakdown and remap it
executive level metrics

When everybody tries to listen to Listening to customer it’s now always

Create all in one
Employees aren’t customer but they came up with sales and marketing task, you should
synchronized! different ideas and thought to solve create a transparent and accessible
listening model
customer wants and need… model to all of your employees

My business is complicated la..

Sh*t I don’t know
Everyone does the different thing. No Worries we’ve Check out the next slide, there’s
where to start
Should I create my own metrics to got you covered something helpful
start or what?

Source: McKinsey Analysis

How To Not Overcook Your Strategy

The ideal customer-experience-measurement system puts journeys at employees closing the loop with
the center and connects them to other critical elements. Cont. customers on direct feedback, using that
Improvement insight to change the way the process is
mind-set designed or executed.

Getting the most out of any

Show me the
metric requires linking that
measurement to financial value

improving customer experience requires

Close the closing the loop with customers to fix
loop individual concerns and to celebrate
frontline successes

incorporating employee feedback

Listen to the on perceived customer experience
front line and problem areas
Design Thinking vs Business Thinking

Research Your
Design Thinking vs Business Thinking Empathize Users' Needs

State Your Users'

Define Needs and Problems

Challenge Assumptions
Ideate and Create Ideas

Start to Create Solutions

identify the best possible solution for
Prototype each of the problems identified during
the first three stages.

Try Your Solutions Out

complete product using the best
Test solutions identified in the Prototype
You vs Customer

You Customer
• Secure Payment
• Interactive UI
• 24/7 Customer service
• Emphasizing customer
• Full customer experience
• Regular award and reward

• Secure Payment
• Easy to understand UI
• 24/7 customer service
• Embedded manual book
• Build in walkthrough in
• Details oriented UI
Thank You
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