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Unit 1 (6 hrs.) - Introduction to Digital Marketing: The new digital world - trends that are driving
shifts from traditional marketing practices to digital marketing practices, the modern digital
consumer and new consumer’s digital journey. Marketing strategies for the digital world -
latest practices.

Unit 2 (9 hrs.) - Social Media Marketing -Introduction to Blogging, Create a blog post for your
project. Include headline, imagery, links and post, Content Planning and writing. Introduction
to Face book, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest; their channel
advertising and campaigns

Unit 3 (9 hrs.) - Acquiring & Engaging Users through Digital Channels: Understanding the
relationship between content and branding and its impact on sales, search engine
marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, and social-media marketing. Marketing
gamification, Online campaign management; using marketing analytic tools to segment,
target and position; overview of search engine optimization (SEO).

Unit 4 (6 hrs.) - Designing Organization for Digital Success: Digital transformation, digital
leadership principles, online P.R. and reputation management. ROI of digital strategies, how
digital marketing is adding value to business, and evaluating cost effectiveness of digital

Unit 5 (6 hrs.) - Digital Innovation and Trends: The contemporary digital revolution, digital
transformation framework; security and privatization issues with digital marketing
Understanding trends in digital marketing – Indian and global context, online communities
and co-creation,
Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India to
ensure the Government services are made available to citizens
electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet
connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of

‘A Form of direct marketing which links

consumers with sellers electronically
using interactive technologies like emails,
websites, online forums(discussion site)
and newsgroups, interactive television,
mobile communications, etc’.
1- India first came into interaction with the online E-Commerce
via the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism

2-Online shopping gained popularity with discount model of

Flip kart.
3- The term 'E-commerce' means doing online business with the
help of computer, fax, e-mail and telephone. It has been
come out from the term ‘E-mail’. In 1972, the term 'E-
commerce’ used by IBM for the first time.
4- In 1973 with the development of computers, the first
successful transaction was carried out between the
European Union and the USA. In 1995, the
introduction of internet in India marked the launch
of e-Commerce in the country.
5-Internet and Mobile Association of India states that Indian
online retail market is anticipated to grow at the rate of
52 % and will reach USD 36.7 billion in 2020.
Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that

target social networks and applications to spread brand
awareness or promote particular products.
Social media marketing campaigns usually center around:
• Establishing a social media presence on major
• Creating shareable content and advertorials
• Cultivating customer feedback throughout the
campaign through surveys and contests
Social media marketing is perceived as a more targeted
type of advertising and is therefore believed to be very
effective in creating brand awareness.
EX-Social Media Marketing Campaign: How KFC India Boosted its Social Media
KFC is among the famous global restaurant chain brands.
It's the number one restaurant brand on social media in
India. KFC is increasing their online presence on social
media platforms for their brand awareness.
Objective - The primary objective of this social media
marketing campaign was to increase the sale of their
product in India and to appeal and to target young
audience by involving apps like Radio KFC RK Hunt,
Designing their own bucket campaign, Currycature, and
Wow Menu option. They wanted to develop their brand
Execution - 3000 people around 30 Indian cities have
participated in this competition. “Radio KFC RJ Hunt” was a
social media campaign to promote KFC brand’s in-house
radio channel. For the execution, the fans recorded their
voices over the internet with the Facebook app and were
provided with the analog radio experience.
“Design your own bucket” campaign was their another execution
where the participants came up with their colorful and creative KFC
buckets. They received 5500 entries in total. They also introduced
bucket entries with Sachin's picture on the KFC bucket on the day
when he retired.
“Currycature” was another creative marketing campaign of KFC which gave a
unique experience to their fans where participants have to choose a character
with an ethnic Indian touch and then to upload the pictures. Around 17
thousand currycatures were made by their fans.
Their next move was the “Wow Menu Option on an INR
500 note.” This app allowed the users to scan their 500
currency notes which would suggest them their various
food menus to be purchased within that particular
budge. The app became No. 1 on iTunes app store on
F&D category.
• As per the results of the social media campaign, KFC
was featured by Social Baker as among the top 5
socially devoted brands.
• The overall positive sentiment of their Facebook page
grew from 6.2% to 93.8%.
• Their engagement rate increased the sector average
• KFC was placed among the five fastest growing social
media brands in India.
1-iProspect India
4-Mirum India
5-Quasar Media
10-Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
11- SapientRazorfish
12- GroupM India (MEC, Mindshare,
Mediacom, Maxus)
13- Reprise Media India
14- Interactive Avenues
15- To The New Digital
16- Foxy Moron
17- Langoor
18- AdGlobal360
19- Xebec Digital
20- Social Panga
21- Techshu
22- Windchimes
24- Webisdom
25- iQuanti
26- Digicliff
27- GoZoop
28- Tonic Media
29- Ideate Labs
30- Webenza
• Digital communications services
• Digital films
• Interactive kiosks
• Relationship Marketing
• Web solutions
• Social Media
• Digital Advertising
• Media Buying and Planning
• Social Media
• Mobile & E-commerce Solutions
1-iProspect India
• Subsidiary unit of Japanese company Dentsu.
100% Transparent

As time goes on in the digital marketing space,

transparency is a critical factor in building trust.
When a company replies to a question “that’s
proprietary” or “we don’t typically share that”,
you know they are hiding something and
probably not the best company to do business
Business Integration

When looking for a trustworthy partner, you

need a firm that will truly integrate
themselves into your business and become an
extension of your marketing team. They need
to care about your business as much as they
care about their business… or more
Holistic Strategy

Trustworthy digital marketing companies

deploy a twist in marketing strategies to
create a holistic approach to your campaign.
A trustworthy agency does it all, in-house and
does it extremely well.
Stay Up To Date With Industry
Digital marketing agencies that stay abreast
the chances in their industry are those you
want to associate yourself with.
No Physical Location
Organizations worked with too many
freelancers and guys executing on digital
marketing strategies after they get home from
their 8-5 and the quality of their output is sub-
par. I trust individuals and companies who
have office space, far more than those who
work out of their living room.
Selective With Whom They’ll Work

Trustworthy agencies will be super selective with

whom they work with. They won’t sell and service
anything that moves and it feels almost like if you are a
client, you are a part of an exclusive club. This is
important because an agency that does this most likely
has their priorities straight and will be able to provide
you with extreme value for the money you spend with

A trustworthy company is honest with you. If

something is going to be cheaper in-house,
say content writing for a very niche vertical,
they will tell you that instead of charge you
through the nose for it.
Mapped Out Plan

Agencies who can be trusted have mapped

out plans that are customized to the unique
needs of each business. This doesn’t mean
they can’t pivot and go another direction if
necessary, but they know where they need to
go to get the results you desire.
1) Have Clear Campaign Goals

Once you have clear goals, you can then decide

the best way to go about your digital marketing
For example, if one of your goals
is to generate new leads and build a better
relationship with your customers, then content
marketing may be the best route to take. But if
you wouldn’t have defined your goals ahead of
time, you may have not realized that content
marketing would be a good fit for your strategy.
Have a customer-centric mindset
• Always focus on thinking like your customers.
Every time you build an ad or a piece of content
think about what you would want to see if you
were a customer. Sometimes shifting to a
customer-centric mindset is as simple as asking
different questions. Instead of asking how to
increase sales, ask how you can delight and
“wow” the customer. This will help you shift your
thinking and your strategy to become more
• Another way to help you become more customer-
centric is by getting your customers involved.
Have good social media practices
While this may seem like a simple practice, a
lot of brands fail at social media. The number
one thing to remember is that social media is
meant to be used for more than just
broadcasting your message. Social media
should be used to engage and build
relationships with your customers and people
within your industry.
Remember that mobile is the main
• Making everything mobile friendly is the
absolutely basics of your digital marketing
• There is a lot more you can do to incorporate
mobile into your digital marketing strategy. If
you’re a retail store, you can use beacons
and mobile wallet to build a better relationship
with your customers and dramatically increase
your conversion rate.
• If you’re an online business, you can place ads
within apps and different social media sites so
that you can better reach mobile customers.
With the rise of buy buttons, mobile is going to continue to be a major factor in
e-commerce. Not building your digital marketing strategy around mobile could
be a huge mistake.
Personalize as much as possible

• There are many levels of personalization and I

believe it’s best to do it whenever possible.
This may be as simple as personalizing emails
or be as in-depth as personalized offers and
• Remember, the more you are able to curate
to each individual customer, the higher your
conversion rate is likely to be.
Target the right audiences

Your digital marketing strategy won’t do any

good if you don’t place your content in front
of the right audiences. Once you learn who
your customers are(by having a customer-
centric mindset), you need to figure out where
they hangout. Are they on Twitter, Linkedin, or
YouTube? This is extremely important. If your
customers aren’t on Instagram than that is not
a channel you should focus your resources on.
Measure everything

Good analytics will help you figure out what’s

working and what isn’t. This way you can revisit
your strategy and fix the areas that are lacking.
Many marketers make the mistake of only
measuring the main goals such as sales. But then
once they meet their goal, they can’t figure out
exactly what lead them to meeting that goal. So
one of the most important digital marketing best
practices is to measure everything thing you can.

Customers are demanding more from companies, and it is

important that campaigns engage and connect with customers. In
order to ensure optimal efficacy and impact of campaigns,
companies should develop a dedicated team for identifying
emerging opportunities.

Developing and implementing strategic goals and objectives will

also benefit companies in the digital environment. In an increasingly
complex marketing world, marketers must understand the
strengths, and weaknesses of each emerging marketing channel.
Companies that can develop successful digital marketing campaigns
that have lasting impact will be in a better position for success in
the new digital world.
It refers to any type of promotion, advertising
or campaign that has been in use by
companies for years, and that has a proven
success rate. Methods of traditional marketing
can include print advertisements, such as
newsletters, billboards, flyers(pamphlet) and
newspaper print ads. Other forms of
traditional marketing include television spots
or commercials, as well as radio spots
advertising a business, product or service.
• Newspaper
• Flyers
• Radio
• Television
• Billboard advertising along roads and
• Magazine ads
• It takes a lot of time, money, energy and gives
a slow result.

• Hold attention only short period of time.

• Tends to be expensive, especially all the

campaigns are not successful.

Conducting marketing process of products or

services through digital technologies, mobile
phones, and display advertising is a part of digital
marketing. The process of the marketing implies
particularly on the internet or on any of the
trending social media platforms.
• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• Pay Per Click (PPC)
• Mobile marketing
• Email marketing
• Cost Effective
• Impactful Content
• Access to the mobile users
• Better ROI (Return on Investment)
• Higher Conversion
• Web Analytics
• Social Media support
• Customer’s trust
• Compete with your rivals
• Two-way conversation
• Open system
• Transparent
• One-on-one marketing
• Brand and User-generated Content
• Authentic content
• FREE platform
• Metric: Engagement
• Actors: Users/ Influencers
• Community decision-making
• Bottom-up strategy
• Active involvement
• Deep Analytics
• Paid, Earned
• One-way conversation
• Closed system
• Opaque
• Mass marketing
• Professional content
• Polished content
• Paid platform
• Metric: Reach/ frequency
• Actors/ Celebrities
• Economic decision-making
• Top-down strategy
• Passive involvement
• Poor analytics
• Paid
Because Digital Marketing Means
Equal Opportunity Online
The accessibility of the internet allows it to be a tool
for small, medium and large business alike.
Gone are the days where business owners accept
online marketing campaigns are only for large
corporations that would have sufficient resources to
maintain them. While before these practices were
available to large corporations, small companies now
have the resources to perform.
The ability to attract and share to their targeted
audience is provided with new digital marketing
techniques. Now that all business can adequately
market online, the key is the time your business spends
on this. The success of digital marketing depends on
the time and effort your business invests.
Digital Marketing is More Cost-
Effective than Traditional Marketing
• With the shift from more expensive and
ineffective marketing channels such as television
ads and telemarketing to digital marketing, there
are endless possibilities.
• Email marketing, SEO, blogs and social media
are now the ruling techniques of marketing, but
the outlets continue to expand.
• Traditional marketing tools have over stressed
marketing budgets, and fortunately, small
businesses can now benefit from this new, less
costly method of marketing.
Facilitating Interaction with Targeted
Audiences with Digital Marketing
• The ability for your business’ audience to reach you at
any time is why digital marketing is taking over traditional
marketing channels.
• With digital marketing, you can engage with your
customers in the way they expect, such as social media
outlets or email marketing. As well, your customers can
engage with your business. Questions and comments can
be posted instantly, giving your business valuable
• Knowing your target audience will ensure you’re
properly handling engagements, but interacting with
customers will help you learn who your audience is.
• From this, vital information will steer you towards
making the right set of next moves to provide your
customers with an even better experience.
Digital Marketing Caters to the
Mobile Customer
• With the dramatic rise in mobile users, it is
understandable marketing needed to keep up.
• Digital marketing allows your business the
accessibility of reaching your audience from
anywhere. The world is expanding with apps and
web pages designed for the mobile user, and the
ease of use means anyone can find your business
with them.
• A digital marketing strategy ensures you are
making the best use of this booming new
trend. Internet access has evolved from simply
using a laptop for browsing, into the main
influence behind purchasing decisions.
Because Digital Marketing Earns Trust
• We live in the age of customer testimonials, and
digital marketing leverages on these social proofs.
• The endorsements and critiques from actual
customers allow your business to learn how to
improve. All the while, these reviews will also
show potential customers what is great about
• The trend of focusing on social media signals
results in a more personalized interaction
between your business and targeted audience.
When the signals are more reliable, the higher
the trust from your audience will be.
1-Content marketing -Content marketing is the strategic marketing
approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and
consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined
audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer

2-Video advertising- It encompasses online display advertisements

that have video within them, but it is generally accepted that it
refers to advertising that occurs before, during and/or after a
video stream on the internet.

3-Marketing automation- It refers to software platforms and

technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to
more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social
media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

4-Data-driven marketing – It refers to the marketing insights and

decisions that arise from the analysis of data about or from
5-Mobile marketing – It is the interactive multichannel promotion of products or
services for mobile phones and devices, smart phones and networks. Mobile
marketing channels are diverse and include technology, trade shows or billboards.

6-Social media for customer service and conversion-Instagram , Facebook , Twitter,

Snapchat, YouTube — they’re all excellent platforms for engaging with your target
audience. If the people you serve have profiles on these platforms, you should,

7-SEO in a mobile-first world- SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing

visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the
technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and
increase awareness in search engines.

8-Influencer marketing-Influencer marketing (also influence marketing) is a form of

marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target
market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential
customers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.
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