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Real Burger World is a FAST FOOD CHAIN that mainly concentrated on healthier food chain
and high quality food that is 98% fat free products, and parallelly the trend has started to
emerge in 1990’s towards organic food and gained popularity. The RBW has worked towards
its VISION of FRANCHISEE SALES and incurred huge investments that was beyond their
financial ability with a mutual understanding between two friends namely NAZ
CHOUDHURY(the entrepreneur) and MARK VIEGAS. Mark also gave up his job to work on
his friends vision of building a healthy fast food chain, at a later point of time they were
running out of funds where they could find an Angel investor to help Naz and Mark towards
their dream project. They worked hard in developing brand equity which would help in
franchisee sales, strong customer loyalty. They were not able to reach the customer segment
properly in their first store and by observing the drawbacks in the locational, functional and
operational aspects. They’ve hired a person related to the profession as there are none
experienced people like Mark who has experience in other job sectors but not in fast food
sector to continuous monitoring and planning strategically to survive in the market. Later on
the second store was setup with experts advices on rectifying the errors in first store, even
then the sales were not up to the mark.
Issues of First Store
Fitting out the store prior to signing official lease
Building apartment upstairs which led to lot of distrubances
Hiring manager who has no experience related to the food chain
Delay in serving and preparation time
Drawback of store design
Couldn’t position its product well and deviated from the concept of real food
Discount burgers & free burgers are offered depending on the occasion
Mark was good at advertising and marketing though he isn’t experienced in this segment.
1) Yes, Real Burger World (RBW) has focused more on branding of their fast food store rather than
concentrating on its process and operations because in the initial stages of introducing/floating a
business one needs to work more on every individual aspect that is connected to the business right from
the raw materials, machines, money, manpower, advertisements till the end product that is to deliver
value to the customer. Unfortunately, RBW was lagging behind in working on its processing and
operations that led to the failure of its store eventually.

2) By highlighting the intent of various promotional activities, the redesigning of store, and other
marketing aspects they could attract customers by offering discount burger days and free burger days.
They were able to create a BRAND for themselves and start franchising first in the entire UK and then
later in EUROPE. They also concentrated up on franchise sales, strong customer loyalty, common key
points of variations.

3) According to me they should better give up or minimize their interest on Real Burger concept of
natural foods as it wasn’t generating enough revenue to earn profits and instead target on maximizing
the sales on Shakes that are more preferred by the customers who visited the store, hire staff who are
experienced in food & beverages segment and also take customer feedback to improve the efficiency of
the store’s performance and reach their vision