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Readiness for the

Networked World
• Most of the population is
interested in using the
People internet and knows others
and who do
• At least 10% of the population
organiza- accesses the Internet with
tions some regularity
online • Males between the ages of 10
and 35 no longer represent
the overwhelming majority of
Internet and users
•The number of
registered local domains
People is at least 20 per 1000
and population
tions •Advertising in traditional
online media for online
companies or resources
is fairly common
Locally relevant
• Many websites provide dymanic information on
local topics and are updated at least several
times per week

• Local content is generated by citizens at all

levels of society, including websites and online
bulletin-board systems, Use net groups,
newsletters, and/or listservs.
Locally relevant
• A significant amount of information is
available through websites in local
languages or a dominant Web language
spoken locally.
• Many affordable opportunities exist for
Web-related training
• Many members of the
community use information
and communication
technologies for household
ICTs in commerce (online shopping,
everyday banking, investing) and for a
variety of social and
life commercial interactions with
other people (including
bartering, consumer-to-
consumer trade, online
• Many members of the
community use information
and communication
technologies (wireless
ICTs in phones, digital assistants,
pagers, personal computers)
everyday to assist in their personal
life • Citizens without access
through home, school or
work use a variety of public
and private Internet access
• Organizations achieve major
efficiency gains through
widespread deployment of
ICTs ICT systems in their Internal
in the • Computers in offices are fully
Work- networked. Different office
locations are connected to
place each other through external
networks. These networks
may extend nationality or
•Most employees have internet
ICTs access from their own
in the
Work- •Most employees have their
own email accounts for
place internal and external