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Assessment 4: Animal Research Paper

Description of Assessment: After students learn about what animals live in trees and what animals do not during
the Week 2 Lesson, students will be asked to choose an animal that lives in the trees to research about
independently. The students will then draw a picture of their animal on a final draft paper with a paragraph
including the information they researched. They will verbally present this to the class.

Rationale for Assessment: The assessment gives students the opportunity to independently research, collect data,
and write about an animal that spends most of their time in trees.

How the data will be used?: The data will be used as a grade for the student. This grade will be based on the quality
of the final draft and presentation to the class.

Connection to Unit: During Week 3, students will learn about animals that live in trees and animals that do not live
in trees. This assessment will present them with the opportunity to learn about animals that spend time in the
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Research Worksheet There are more than 3 There are two missing The student included There is a complete,
missing facts. facts. almost all facts on the clear, and correct

R research sheet. worksheet of the

student’s research
animal facts.

U Complete Sentences in
Final Draft Paragraph
There is no sentence
There are some
thoughts, but they’re
There are mostly
sentences, but it’s not
The sentences are
complete and the

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complete or has a
mistake in conventions.
student uses proper

R Final Draft with

Paragraph and Picture
The final draft has
more than 2 writing
The final draft is
mostly complete, but
The final draft is
complete with a clear
The poster represents
the students best work,
mistakes and doesn’t has 2 mistakes in the picture and most of the and is a published piece
I look like a published
writing portion. necessary research
with all necessary
research components.

C Presentation Student was not clear Student was clear and Student was clear and Student was clear and
and did not share all shared some of the audible when speaking. audible when speaking.
of the components components during Student included most Student shared all the
of the information information needed in
during the the presentation.
needed in the final the final presentation.
presentation. presentation.