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GRADE IV-Teacher
Unlocking of Difficulties
How would you
describe a sea if
b.wave the wind is not
c.dark blowing?
2.Trembling –
a. happy
b.fear and cold
Imagine you are
c.enjoy wet and cold
beacause of the
rain.Act out how
would you feel?
3.Whirling –
a.going around The wheel are whirling when the
c.move car is running
How did you feel
4.Thrilled- when you heard
a.enjoy That Katniel were
b.excitement visit our school

5.Stirred at the night-

they were stirred at
the sight of Kathniel
What words come to
your mind when you
hear the word afraid
write your answer on
the bubbles
How the Little Kite Learned To Fly

“ I can never do it,”the little kite said.

As he looked at the others high over his
“I know I should fall if I try to fly”.
“Try said,” said the big kite;only try!
“Or I fear you will never learn at all,”
But the little kite said ,I’m afraid I’ll fall
The big kite nodded;Ah well,goodbye;
I’m off,”and he rose toward the tranquil sky
Then the little kite’s paper stirred at the
And trembling he shook himself free for
First whirling and frightened,then braver
Up,up the kite rose through the air alone,
Till the big kite looking down could see
The little one rising steadily.

And how the little kite thrilled with pride,

As he sailed with the big kite side by side
While far below he could see the ground,
And the boys like small spots moving
They rested high in the quiet air,
And only the birds and the clouds were
“Oh how happy I am!”the little kite cried,
“And all because I was brave,and tried”.

What is the little kite afraid of doing?

What are the things
that you are afraid
to do?
Group Activity
Group 1
comparison Chart
Describe the character traits
Of little kite at the beginning of
the poemand at the end of the
Little kite
Before After
Group 2
If you were chart
If you were the little
Kite,would you follow the
advice of the bigger
Group 3 Group 4-5
Kite of Bravery
Was there a time in
Acting out your life when you
1.Before flying how were like the
did the kite feel? kite;afraid at first but
2.How did he feel became brave
when he sailed with afterwards?Share
the kites? your experience
3.How did he feel using the guide
when he was able to below;
fly up the clouds? I became brave
Discussion Questions
1.At the beginning .How did the little kite feel
about flying?
2.Why did he feel this way?
3.What advice was given to him by the big
4.Did the little kite follow the advice ?
5.What were the character traits of the small
6.If you were the little kite ,would you listen
to the big kite and fly out the clouds?
7.What did the little kite decided to do
8.How did he feel when he sailed with the big
kites and fly up the clouds?
9.Was there a time in your life when you
like a kite;afraid at first but became brave
afterwards ?
Day 3
Listen as I read the following lines from
the poem.How the little Kite Learned to
Fly and Identify whether they are fact or
opinion .
“I can never do it ,”the little kite said,
As he looked at the others high over his head;

But the little kite said,I’m afraid I’ll fall ,”

Up,up the kite rose through the air
As he sailed with the big kite side by side;
While far below he could see the ground
“Oh how happy I am!the little kite cried,
“And all because I was brave ,and tried
Based on the poem ,which sentences are
facts and which are opinions? Study the
sentences taken from the poem.
a. Up,up the kite rose through the air.
b. The little kite sailed with the big kites
side by side.
Are these sentence real?Can they happened
in the real life?Are they fact or opinion?
What about the following sentence?
a.”I can never do it ,”The little kite said.
b. But the little kite said” I’m afraid I’ll fall
e.”Oh how happy I am!the little kite cried
And all because I was brave and tried”
Are they fact or opinion?Why do you say so?
What clue words signal an opinion?
How can you
distinguish fact
from opinion?
Teaching Points
✓ A fact is something that is true and
supported by evidence
✓ An opinion is only a belief.It is also an
expression of a person’s feelings.Clue
words like
“think”,believe”,feel”,probably”,or seems
signal an opinion
Read Read the following
the following sentences .Draw
sentences.Draw a a
Before the number if it is fact and draw a
If is an opinion.

___1.All boys enjoy kite flying

___2.Reading is worthwhile
___3.I think playing online
games is better than the
traditional games like sipa and
____4.Baking is only for girls.
Read the following games
sentences.Draw a like
basketball ,badminton and
volleyball helps keep our body
The sentence that follow are taken from the paragraph in
the box .In the space before each number ,write FACT if
the sentence is states a fact.Write OPINION if it express a
feeling or belief.
I like to take a walk everyday
because it makes me feel more energetic.A
vigorous walk makes my heart beat faster.A
doctor told me that during exercise,the heart
pumps more oxygen to the body.
Aside from this,I enjoy walking because it
makes me appreciate nature more.The sights and
sound along the way make me really happy.
Read the following like to take aa walk
____2.I feel more energetic
after a walk.
____3.The heart pumps blood
throughout the body.
____4.I enjoy walking because
it helps me appreciate
nature more.
____5. A vigorous walk makes
the heart beat faster.
Write the letters of your name or nickname on a
piece of paper .Write sentence stating fact or
opinion using the letters of your name or
nickname .
Read the short story below

Tessie and the kitten

Tessie has a nine kittens. Sometimes

they are very naughty. They like to move
around the house.
Trixy is asleep on the sofa.Topsy is
playing with a ball of yarn. Topper is
running after a mouse.Tammy is hiding
under the table.
Tipsy is next to the fish
bowl.Trixa is walking into the
living room .Tinkle is jumping
over the bin.Tally is standing
in front of the other
door.Tommy is hiding behind
the chair.Now that Tessie has
found all the kittens,she puts
them in a cage.
Write on the board the underline words from
the story Tessie and the Kitten.

Notice the words that come after the underline


What kind of words is each one?

What do the underline words show?

What do call them?

What other preposition show location?

In around behind outside

At over by
About behind along
Among by inside
Preposition can also show a relatioships
I went to the store before I made a dinner
➢ The preposition before describe the time
relationship between going to the store and
making a dinner.
We told goes stories during the night .
➢ The preposition during describes the time
relationship between telling ghost stories and
the night.
❖ Preposition are words that show
location of persons or things.
and others
❖ some preposition also
show time relationship
Example. Before,after,for,from,during
through, and until .

Exercise 1
choose the prepositions in each
sentence .Write them in your
notebook .
1. Dwight walked across the street.
2. Erin wandered into the pet store.
3. Michael left before lunchtime
4.You have to wash your hands before
5.We went over the bridges in our
new car.
6.The temperature yesterday was
below zero ampl

7.I ran down the hill and rolled on the

8.My sister ran past to catch the school bus
9.I always seem to daydream during class.
10.Tomorrow,I get to eat dinner at my
friend’s house
Exercise 2
underline the correct preposition in each sentence
1.Farmers,teachers and pupils from different
barangays or barrios drove (in,into) town for the
Market Days.
2.Jeepneys,truck and cart were parked
(around,above) the bed.
3.(Beside,Beside) the vegetable,flowers,and animal
show,there were cooking contest.
4.People learned about the local news and Market
Day ( from,off) each other.
5.People bought fruits and vegetables (from ,off) the
6.Many people participated (to,in) the market day ce
7.This year’s Market Day is much different ( off,from)
last year celebration.
8.People stayed( until,at) late in the afternoon to see
plays special events.
Who are in the pictures?How many of you
are members of the GSP or BSP?
What are the common activities of a girl
scout and boy scout?
Last year ,the Girls Scout in our school
celebrated their anniversary with a field trip. They
explored the virgin forest of Palawan.They went
around a place where a thick long line of trees were
not yet touched by loggers.
The local officials told them that these
forest help their community have a steady supply of
Water and electricity.
The girls appreciated how the people in
the community work together in keeping their
forests unspoiled.They learned the value of
preserving nature and taking good care of our
Can you guess the meaning of
How will you the underline words?
able to get the
Did you study/analyze how Is there a word that signals
the word was used in the the correct meaning?
sentence or in context
clues? How do we get the
meaning of unfamiliar
word through context
To get the meaning of an
unfamiliar word through
context clues,see how it is
used in the sentence.The
words before or after an
unfamiliar words will help you
get its meaning.
Read the sentence.Box the words that
gives the meaning of the underline word.
1.Do you prefer mangoes to lanzones?
If you like mangoes better than
lanzones,then go to Cebu and have a
fill of the best mangoes in the world.
2.Our community has a small population.The
number of people living here is about 150
3.True friends are rare or hard to find so if
you find one,treasure him/her forever.
4.Do you think we will have sufficient supply
of electricity by 2020?Everyone hopes we
will have enough electricity by then.
5.We have an abundance of rice this year.
we sell these to other countries.
Sent as gifts for her relatives.What a
Selfless person she is!
b.has no name
c.likes to wear scarves
d.cares more about others than herself
3. Mang Carding labors sixteen
hours a day and never has the
time for a vocation.He deserve
better!Everyone should have at
least one day in a week for rest
And relaxation
a.plays c. eats d. unions
4. The mouse scampered across the rice field
and into the hole of a tree.It wanted to get
home quickly and hide from its enemies.
a. rolled c. ran
b.walked d. jumped
5.Our new alarm system will wake up entire
neighborhood if an intruder gets in the
house.We do not want anyone to intrude
our house.
a. be very noisy
b.paint or repair old buildings
c.wear ones shoes on the wrong feet
d.go where one is not wanted or doesn’t
Day 5
Taking down notes is a good way to help
you Identify important ideas in class.
Have you ever taken down notes while
Reading a passage,an article,or a textbook?
Why do you take notes?Think about the
reasons for making notes and write them
down to complete the mind map below.
Why take down
Read the poems
At the Zoo
There are animals at the zoo
There are birds of all kinds ,too

There’s an ostrich,there’s an eagle

There’s an ugly crooked camel

There are monkeys loud and crazy

There are birds fat and lazy

There’s a lion ,there’s a giraffe

His long neck makes you laugh,
There”s an elephant with a long nose
That looks like a hose.

There are animals short and tall

There are birds big and small.

Question :
➢ What animals found in the zoo
➢ What birds can we find in the zoo
➢ Which animals is big?
➢ Which animals is small?
➢ Describe some of the animals found in the
Teaching Chart
✓ Taking notes helps
you remember the
most important
✓ When taking notes
remember the
1.Jot down the key by words
and phrase.
2.Jot down only the main
ideas and important details.
3.Use a word or a short
phrase to explain an idea
3.Use a word or a short
phrase to explain an idea.
5.Write legibly so that you
easily read your notes when
you refer to them later.
When I Grow Up

Riza,Joey,Charlie,and Freddie were walking home

From school one afternoon.They were talking about their
Lesson on what they would like to be when they grow up.

“ When I grow up,I’ll be a firefighter just like my dad”

said Joey.I’ll help people with houses on fire.I’ll be a brave
and strong firefighter.I’ll have my fire truck always ready”.

“ When I grow up,I’ll be a police officer”said Charlie

I’ll always be watching out for people who steal and run
After them with my motorcycle”.

I’ll be a mailman when I grow up”,said Ferdie.I’ll

deliver mail and packages to the people in our town
everyday.I’ll see to it that my mailbag is emptied at
the end of the day.”

How about you,Riza?What would you want to

be when you grow up?” asked Joey.

“Oh, I’ll be a teacher like my mother.I’ll teach

children how to read,write and compute.Will you
let me teach your children when grow up?
asked Riza.

“Sure,Riza we’ll do that,said the three boys.For sure,

you will be one of the best teachers in our town,
just like your Mother,”Charlie added.
1. What were the four children talking about on
their way home?
2.What does Joey want to be when he grow up?
3.Who would like to be a policeman?
4.What did Ferdie promise to do if he become a
5.Why does Riza want to be a teacher?
Read the paragraph

Sarung Banggi( One Night)

Sarung Bangi( One night) is one of the

most popular folk song in Bicol region.This song
Composed by Ponciano B.Gregorio in 1912 in the
town of Libon,(now Sto Domingo) Albay.

Gregorio was a member of the Philippine

Constabulary Band.When he was applying to be a
member of the band.he was asked by the
conductor,Walter H.Loving to display his skill.He
played Sarung Banggi on the banduria,a string
musical instrument.
The song was played with the permission
Of Gregorio at the Luneta by the Philippine
Constabulary.Later ,the song became popular and
was translated into Tagalog.
What is the title of one of the most popular Bicolano folk
o is the composer of the song?
at was Gregorio asked to do before he was accepted in t
lippines Constabulary Band?
at musical instrument did Gregorio use when he played
g Sarung Banggi?