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Matala, Shanaya Jamille P.


 Concrete is a mixture of portland cement or

any other hydraulic cement, fine aggregate,
coarse aggregate, and water, with or without
Concrete Popularity as a Universal
Building Construction Material

 Concrete is the second most consumed

substance in the world after water.

 All over the world, approximately for 80% of

the construction concrete is required.

 The cement and water form a paste that

hardens and bonds the aggregates together.
 Concrete is often looked upon as “man made

 Concrete has strength, durability, and

3 Factors in Classification for Types of

 Type of material used in its making.

 Nature of stress conditions.

 And it’s density.

Different Types of Concrete
 1. Plain or Ordinary Concrete.
 2. Lightweight Concrete.
 3. High-Density Concrete.
 4. Reinforced Concrete.
 5. Precast Concrete.
 6. Prestressed Concrete.
 7. Air Entrained Concrete.
 8. Glass Concrete.
 9. Rapid hardening.
 10. Asphalt.
 11. Lime.
 12. Roller compacted.
 13. Stamped.
 14. Pumped.
 15. Vacuum.
 16. Permeable.
 17. Shotcrete.
 18. Ready-mix.
 19. Self-Consolidated.
Plain or Ordinary Concrete

It is one of the most

commonly used types. In
this type of concrete, the
essential constituents
are cement , sand
and coarse aggregates
designed and mixed with a
specified quantity of water.
Lightweight Concrete

 Any types of concrete

having a density less
than 1920
Kg/meter.cube is
classed as lightweight
Reinforced Concrete

In this concrete type

steel in various forms is
used as reinforcement
to give very high tensile
Prestressed Concrete

It is a special type of
reinforced concrete in
which the reinforcement
bars are tensioned before
being embedded in the
Glass Concrete

When the recycled glass is

used as an aggregate in the

They provide better thermal

insulation and also have a
great appealing look as
compared to other types.
Rapid Hardening Concrete

This type of concrete is

mostly used in under
water construction and
in repairing of roads.
Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt concrete is a
combination of
aggregates and asphalt.