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Balance Score Card

External Analysis:
PEST and 5 Forces
PEST Analysis
 PEST analysis is a very useful tool to understand the
growth or decline of a market, and consequently, the
position, potential and direction of a business.

 Includes 4 factors:
 Political
 Economic
 Socio-Cultural
 Technological

 Gives a macro or general analysis of the market.

PEST Analysis
 Political: Include the analysis of the following

 Legal affairs (labour, consumer, etc)

 Property rights
 Patents
 Political and legal stability
 Human rights.
 Environmental protection

 Example: Rigid labor laws make the cost of labor

more expensive.
PEST Analysis
 Económic: Economic system where the company

 Local economy (GDP, Public deficit, etc)

 Taxes
 Consumer preferences
 Projection for economic growth.

 For example: A Higher inflation in the country

where it operates, what consequences can have
for a company?
PEST Analysis
 Socio-Cultural: Economic system where the
company operates: :

 Lifestyle
 Beliefs and values.
 Demographic and ethnic composition.
 Education level, languages
 Position of Media

 Example: Could we open an hamburger business in

PEST Analysis
 Technological: Obsolescence, opening and
degree of innovation. What to analyze?:

 The maturity of a technology
 Potential for innovation
 Access to IT
 Technology platforms

 A country with good access to information

technology, will have a greater / smaller increase
in the services sector than in the manufacturing
PEST Analysis
 Advantages:

 Offers a broad look at the market.

 Simple and intuitive.
 Variety and wealth of information
 Good starting point to know the country
where to operate.
5 Forces
 Following the formulation of Michael Porter, are those that make
up the competitive market scheme. That is, they cover the aspects
through which the competition guidelines in the market are

These are:

 1. Bargaining power of customers

 2. Competitive Rivalry
 3. Threat of New Entry
 4. Bargain power of suppliers
 5. Threat of Substitution

Its analysis is essential for the definition of the corresponding

5 Forces
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