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Hello good night

this is our
Unipanamericana university

logistics administration

third semester night shift

Good evening everyone, my name is Andres Pinzon to my right
Dawson Calderon to my left Fabian Tovar and Carlos Clavijo,
this time we come to expose a topic related to our career in
logistics management, the subject to attract is the supply chain.
not being more, let's start. 3
Let’s start with the first set of slides

Day after day the administration of the
supply chain has taken on greater
importance in the globalized world.
given that competition becomes
stronger where only companies that
achieve significant differences against
their competitors aspire to increase
their market share or simply to survive
in it. The good administration of the
supply chain and the use of information
technology help achieve this purpose,
however it is not an easy task, since
this chain covers many and diverse

× SCM is the name by which solutions are
known that are used to supply the processes
and value of a business in all corners of the
extended company, from the supplier of your
supplier to the client of your client.
× SCM uses e-business concepts and Web
technology to manage processes beyond the

× The term SCM refers to tools and methods whose
purpose is to improve and automate supply through the
reduction of stocks and delivery times The term "just-
in-time" production characterizes the concept of
minimizing stocks along the entire production chain.
× SCM tools are based on information about the
production capacity found in the company's information
system to place orders automatically. Therefore, SCM
tools have a strong correlation with the integral
management of the company (ERP, Enterprise
Resource Planning) within the same company.
× In theory, an SCM tool allows to track the passage of the
pieces (traceability) between the different participants of
the supply chain.


Have an approximation of the impact, of each link, in the chain

Supply for:

-To Plan and carry out an Integral Operation for the benefit of the
total chain

Strengthen the administration of the Supply Chain and the

interrelation between the different actors in the operational
execution, to create a Value Chain

- Obtain benefits that ensure maintaining competitiveness

in the middle, improving Customer Service and Profitability.

The supply chain starts with the generator of
the raw Materials, goes through the
manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, up
reach the point of sale, where the consumer or
end user of the good or service acquires it, for
its use or consumption.

Supply Distribution Manufacturing

Budgets Customer service

Procurement Transport input Production planning Finished product inventory
Inventory of M.P. And Parts Production program
Product inventory
Outbound transport
in process

Supply chain

Timely, Accurate, Paperless Information Circulation of the Real Demand

Supplier matter cousins Finished product Distributor Retailer Consumer


our office

 Circulation Win-win relationships between the actors in the chain

 Opportunity in deliveries.
 Better quality in supplies and products.
 Decrease in inventory levels.
 Lower costs in supplies, supplies, products and services.

you for