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Family Federation for World Peace

and Unification
“Founders, T. Father Sun Myung Moon & T. Mother Hak Ja Han”

“ The Religions and God’s Truth”

At the Colmenarejo
Home Church
On September, 2018
Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong
1. Jesus’ Message to Christians and to All people on Earth.
April 5th 2001.

 …Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the returning Messiah for whom you
have been waiting and waiting. He inherited my mission at the age of 16.
 Dear fellow Christians, fellow Buddhists, and believers of various religions!
The 4 great religious founders, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and Mohammed,
and saints such as Socrates, Augustne and others, have already held this
seminar a number of times.
 Its theme is always the same: “God is the Parent of All Humankind”.
 During the seminars, we are always studying the Divine Principle
revealed by Rev. Moon. We analyze and discuss in depth…
2. The Buddha’s Message to Buddhists and Believers in Other Religions.
April 6th. 2018

 … What I am trying to do is to engraft the fruit of Buddhists who were

raised through my methods of spiritual cultivation.
 Please study the Unification Principle. You will finf there a
considerable number of truths that also flow through the teachings of
 Do not be immersed in old-fasioned ideas and concepts, but by accepting
the new truth, engraft it to the truth of Buddhism.
 Then, I am sure that a wonderful passage of faith will open to you.
 In this age Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Buddha for whom you have been
waiting. Do not reject the new Buddha… Do not reject his truth.
3. Confucius’ Message to Confucians and All People on Earth.
April 7th.2001

 …We believe that through gatherings among the 4 great religious founders and other
saints and sages, all power struggles among religions and denominations will
disappear. Then the doors to the truth will open to all people from different
 There is only one Creator, who is God. God is our Parent. If we attend Him all
will be well.
 The unification of religions is therefore necessary, and for this purpose God
sent Rev. Sun Myung Moon to the Earth.
 There is only one truth. All of us have resolved that we will live with God, attending
Him as our Parent. Humankind is one people and one tribe.
 Rev. Moon was sent to attend only one God and teach His heavenly law.
4. Mohammed’s Message for Muslims and People on Earth.
April 9th. 2001

 … God finally sent Rev. Sun Myung Moon for the purpose to unite all religions as one.
The Unification Principle was revealed for the sake of the unification of all religions.
 The only God wants that unification.
 The possibility of world peace is remote without the unification of religions. The 4
major religious founders have united in one thought and idea. We personally
experienced God who is rejoicing to see us at the same seminar. Through that
experience, we resolved to remain united as one.
 Rev. Sun Myung Moon came to the Earth in order to deliver God’s will and to
unite a divided and scattered humankind. He appears as the True Parent.
 I hope that my followers will also accept him with a humble attitude.
“The True Parents of

They are teaching

The Universal Truth of God
to unify all religions in the