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Dewi Adawiyah Irma Agustien

Gita Aldhila Nathaliya Melinawati

Irfan Rizqi Nugraha Neng Yosi


Indonesia is the most common country

experiencing earthquake in Southeast Asia
based on Natural Disaster Reduction (2007).
This shows Indonesia is a country vulnerable
to earthquakes. Seeing the phenomenon is
certainly a lot of physical, psychological,
spiritual, social, and economic problems
that occur. Rapid disaster management
needs to be done in the event of a disaster.
Problem Formulation
What is the role of nurses at every stage of
the disaster management cycle ?
Writing method
Writing methods used in the manufacture
of this paper is the focus group discussion
and literature study. Study review of the
material is reviewed through literature
study using some literature and search
data from internet.
Role of Nurse in Disaster
A. Role in Primary Prevention
There are several things that nurses can do during the pre-disaster preparation period to face the
threat of disaster to this community, among others:
1. Identify hazard threat instructions
2. Identify the needs of the emergency phase (food, water, medicine, clothing and blankets,
and tents)
3. Train the first handling of disaster victims.
4. Coordinate various government agencies, environmental organizations, national red cross
and community institutions in providing counseling and simulation.

Health education is directed to:

1. Self-help (in the community)
2. First aid training in the family is like helping family members with suspicion of bone fracture,
bleeding, and first aid burns.
3. Provide emergency addresses and telephone numbers such as fire, hospital and
ambulance services.
4. Provides information on carryable equipment (eg clothing as needed, portable radio,
flashlight, battery)
5. Provide information on alternative shelters or disaster relief
A.Role of Nurse In Pre Disaster Pase
The disaster management cycle in the pre disaster phase is Preparedness and Prevention with the role of nurses in the
pre disaster phase:

1. Nurses attend education and training for health workers in disaster risk management for each phase.

2. Nurses are involved in various government agencies, environmental organizations, national reds, as well as
community institutions in providing education and simulation of disaster preparedness to the community.

3. Nurses are involved in health promotion programs to improve community preparedness in the face of disasters that
include the following :

a. Self-help (in the community).

b. First-aid training in families is like helping other family members.

c. Briefing information on how to store and carry food supplies and safe water use.

d. The nurse may also provide emergency addresses and telephone numbers such as fire, hospital and ambulance services.

e. Provide information on alternative shelters and disaster relief posts

f. Provides information on carryable equipment such as clothing as necessary, portable radios, flashlights and batteries, and
Role of Nurse in Emergency
(Impact Phase)

a. Red is the most important, top priority.
Life-threatening circumstances most patients have hypoxia, shock,
chest trauma, internal bleeding, head trauma with loss of
consciousness, degree I-II burns.
b. Yellow is important, second priority.
The second priority includes injury with systemic effects but has not
fallen into a state of shock because in this situation the patient is
actually still able to survive for 30-60 minutes. Such injuries include
multiple bone fractures, open fractures, spinal cord injuries, lacerations,
degree II burns

c. Green third priority.

Included in this category are closed fractures, minor burns, minor
lacerations, contusions, abrasions, and dislocations Black died. This is a
disaster victim who can not survive the disaster, was found dead.
Role of Nurse In Refugee Posts
And Disaster Post
a. Facilitate the schedule of medical
consultation visits and daily health checks
b. Keep planning priorities of daily nursing care
c. Plan and facilitate the transfer of patients
requiring health care at the hospital
d. Evaluate daily health needs
e. Inspect and administer supplies of medicines,
foods, special foods, health equipment
f. Helping the handling and placement of
patients with infectious diseases and psychological
conditions unstable to endanger themselves and the
environment in coordination with the soul nurse
The Role of Nurse At Pase Intra
/ During Disaster
a. Act fast
b. Do not promise. Nurses should not
promise anything with certainty, with the
intention of giving great hope to the survivors.
c. Concentrate fully on what it does
d. Coordinate and create leadership.
e. For the long term, together with the
parties concerned can discuss and design
master plan of revitalizing, usually for the first 30
From the above discussion can be concluded
disaster can cause physical, psychological, social,
spiritual, and economic problems. Disaster
management needs to be done quickly in
overcoming disaster. Management can be done
according to phase. Quick and precise
management can minimize the problems and losses
caused by disasters. The role of medical services is
also important in disaster management. Nurses have
a role and contribution to each phase of disaster
management. Therefore, disaster management is an
important thing to do in overcoming disaster.