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Nuclear Waste:

Irtaly Aguayo
Maya Grayson
Chemistry, Period 6
PPT Contents:
Defining Nuclear Waste
How nuclear waste comes to be
Types nuclear waste
Safety & Dangers of nuclear waste
Storing Nuclear waste
Locating the worlds Nuclear Power Plants
Finlands Repository in Russia
Background on Power Plant
What is nuclear waste exactly ?

Nuclear waste is a radioactive waste material

An example:
the use of nuclear fuel usually a byproduct of nuclear power
generation and other applications of nuclear
fission or nuclear technology, such as research
and medicine. - Google Definition
Better Understanding:
For better comprehension, the following diagram taken from
Types of nuclear waste

High-level Waste 3% 95%

Intermediate-level Waste 7% 4%

Low-level Waste 90% 1%

Where is Nuclear Waste Stored?

used nuclear fuel is safely stored in

specially designed pools at individual
reactor sites around the world.
Well in our research we found that
they store the nuclear waste @ :
Olkiluoto, Finland
Facts on Nuclear

Radioactive waste is hazardous

the spent fuel is never unshielded
the spent fuel still contains 90%
usable fuel.
Used nuclear fuel is hot &

When handling/storing the waste make sure it has been

cooled and you are shielded from radiation
Special Ingredient: Water
The wait = five years + (or more)

Minimum 5 years: Transferred to dry ventilated

50 + years: safe enough to be kept in pool.
Challenge = High level Waste
High-level waste can remain radioactive for
many years
No such facilities for disposing high-level
waste are currently operating
Effects on Nature
leaks can occur

The Worlds Power Plants
Specific Nuclear Waste
Nuclear Power Plant (Repository) in Olkiluoto, Finland. Russia
Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant
Located in the shore of the Gulf of
Western Finland.
> one of the two power plants in
Consist of two BWRs
> Boiling
The construction of the unit began in 2005.
Upgrades carried out in the units in 2010 and 2011
Japan Steel Works and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Relating Back To Chemistry :
When thinking about our
presentation on nuclear waste we

Water Contaminants
> a concept we previously
learned about in Chemistry.
Time is almost up ...
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