MGMT 510-93 Project 1

Business Model

Online gaming platform with wide variety of games. Games
on the website are either internally developed or popular
games from third party developers.
• No downloads or CD/DVDs
• Accessible on both PC & Mobile
• Aggregator of Games (similar to Netflix for movies)

Innovative Game Development : Develop and publish own
games to the platform

if they win 5 out of 8 games they get bonus of 3 games to play for more connecting or else pay . developers and need to pay for it and for different number of programmers. if they want to continue to play they • Graphic designers. Our Business Model Target Market Marketing Strategy PC& Mobile Games targeting Kids. • On. Teens and • Provide games based on market research. levels pay can be different • Available free games with Ad revenue • Teaming up free for first 8 games. Adults ( upto 35) for male and female by creating • Market as one-stop for wide variety of fun environment to connect and play games • Price our products to be affordable and provide great value Revenue Resources • Use subscription model at 3 different levels • Software engineers.demand games available with free first level • Hardware to support the stream of games or two .

Company Background Purely web platform supported on PC & Mobile Platforms • Taking advantage of low initial investment costs • Platform for third party developers to sell their games • Not many companies offer teaming up environment for gamers online • Innovative games developed based on market research Looking to get an IPO to fund our business as the company reaches growing stage • Our ability to run a website with high traffic and team environment • Limited players in companies which are game aggregators and are one stop for different games to play or stream on website without downloading. .

ease and affordability key . Industry Gaming Industry • Lack of clear leadership in the industry • Unorganized nature of market • Several players • Brand recognition Online gaming platforms or Large game aggregator service • Limited players from industry with teaming environment and with on demand service for games • Customer access.

Competitors • Zynga • Facebook social gaming platform • Google Apps – Gaming • Apple Apps.Gaming .

Mission and Vision Mission Kekas Gaming ! mission is to provide gaming platform for gamers to play and connect globally on wide variety of exciting games with an uninterrupted fun environment Vision • A global one-stop place for gaming that is recognized for its uninterrupted fun environment • Leader in innovation and new technology for the Game development and Gaming service provider .

Goal and Value Goal • Establish Kekas as face of online Game Industry. • High customer loyalty • Provide highest scalability and flexibility Values • Act with integrity and creativity • Always work for entertain to gamers. .

P. of Human VP of Operations & Strategy V.P. of Customer /V.P of Game development/R&D resources Aquirement & Satisfaction Training Business Internal strategy & Human Innovation gaming External Relations development Licensing & Game sourcing Hardware Operations& Maintenance Accounting Customer Software service Operations & Maintenance Sales Marketing . Organizational Chart Corporate Game development & Licensing V.

game design team. R&D. programming team. Solid financial base • Ability to draw large scale of investment in capital required for game development. • Ability to quickly build up different teams – art team. and marketing. Resources and Capabilities Human Resources • The executive team has great experience working with the electronic games market. . and marketing team. engineer team. • The management team has a wide network and connection to many talents in the industry.

Excellent programming skills required with C++ for PC games and Java/C for smartphone games. Skills and Competencies • Skilled Labor Artist/Animators.ability to create games for the online market with creativity in our facility. • Competencies.Experience with developing rules and content for establishing user experience. .Objective is to have the game development completed and also ensure the game is fun for the end user. Designers. Production. Programmers.required to create graphics with highly creative skills.

The in-house game engine is our biggest weapon to compete in the market. Operations & Management Our management team members come from triple A game companies in the industry. We are one of the best R&D teams in the entire industry. R&D Our R&D team is constructed by talents who have solid experience of game developing. . We have the ability to use a highly efficient pipeline creating games that tell impressive stories and maintain a high retention rate in the market. We know how to build an efficient manufacturing system. Functions Game development Our team has a strong background in game developing.

Games Variety /Product innovation • Theme based /wide variety of games based on age /gender. Our Strategy Position our website as one-stop for playing variety of games Innovation. India. use • Use market research to develop games • Multi player or team based games • No need for downloads or cd/DVD’s can be directly played on the platform Customer Focus • 24 by 7 issues resolved by people no automation of customer service Address Global Markets  USA.35 in India & China • Low competition in global markets • Popularity of Gaming culture in China and USA . China • Huge population in the range of 12.

discover new opportunities. SWOT Analysis STRENGHTS WEAKNESS OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Analyze our strengths. manage and eliminate threats. weaknesses. Picture from [1] .

• Lower price than competitors . Direct competition with Zynga. • Games on Smart Phones(IOS. Facebook. support on iOS • Underperforming financial and Android Versions as well. Limitation in design due • Compatible with multiple dependencies on the platform platforms ( desktop.Failed games • New Game development – (license to and acquisitions new characters) • Unable to retain new talent. with PC and Laptop.) • Backward compatibility in all platforms. patent infringements – live interaction.Globally • Lack of creativity. • New experiences – 3D. and smartphones. • Newer markets . SWOT Analysis • Interactive online games . capabilities. Marketing strategy to new or • Competition with giants Gaming inexperienced games (both seniors Industries like Zynga. uniqueness. counterfeit gaming. laptop. apple Android) . • New platforms to play – Not Limited originality. . even more • Copyright. Facebook etc. and juniors) • Underperforming .

Porter’s 5 Force .

Our Porter's Five Force Model Threat of New Entrants – Medium/High • Easy to enter gaming industry • Heavy capital investment at growth stage for scaling up • Fragmented industry overall • Gamers already loyal to certain brands • Entry barrier are too high • Hard to complete against well established platform. Threat of Substitutes – Medium • Not many companies that provide online platform for wide variety of games • Substitutes are focused on game downloads and CD/DVD with little chance for economies of scale • Substitutes in the form of other entertainment like movies etc • Popularity of Social media gaming on Facebook .

Low • Very few companies that provide wide variety of games at one place • Subscription model could make it difficult to switch to other competitors • Ability to connect with other people can make the users come back to connect with their friends or for not wanting to lose gaming friends Bargaining Power of Suppliers – Low • Several suppliers of different kind of games looking for publishers • Ability to develop own games • Few suppliers in market • Strong policies and well formed contract • High switching cost Industry Rivalry – Medium • Huge growing market with lot of space for different companies • High scaling up costs • Innovation of new technologies • Low cost subscription . Our Porter's Five Force Model Bargaining Power of Customers .

• Talented workforce. • Infrastructure diversity. • Virality & micro transaction. • Promotional deals and Subscription. key success factors of Kekas • High-availability infrastructure and service-level guarantees. . • Latency for server and network side.

Online Game Playing Ratio 8.2. 9% 10. 8% 7. 10% Action Racing Shooting 15. 20% Fignting strategy Children entertainment 35. 7% 10. 32% . 14% Adventure 22.5.5.

7 7.3 3.86 5.5 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 2015 2016 2017(Projected Users Till Oct) .89 Base Cost (In Million) 2.33 Value (In Million) 4.8 8.4 9.5 4. Value Graph for Customer Net Profit (In Million) 2.26 14.3 10.56 Users( In Million) 2.

REFERENCE / . https://slidemodel.

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