MGMT 510-93 Project 1

Business Model

Online gaming platform with wide variety of games. Games
on the website are either internally developed or popular
games from third party developers.
• No downloads or CD/DVDs
• Accessible on both PC & Mobile
• Aggregator of Games (similar to Netflix for movies)

Innovative Game Development : Develop and publish own
games to the platform

• On. levels pay can be different • Available free games with Ad revenue • Teaming up free for first 8 games.demand games available with free first level • Hardware to support the stream of games or two . developers and need to pay for it and for different number of programmers. Teens and • Provide games based on market research. Adults ( upto 35) for male and female by creating • Market as one-stop for wide variety of fun environment to connect and play games • Price our products to be affordable and provide great value Revenue Resources • Use subscription model at 3 different levels • Software engineers. Our Business Model Target Market Marketing Strategy PC& Mobile Games targeting Kids. if they win 5 out of 8 games they get bonus of 3 games to play for more connecting or else pay . if they want to continue to play they • Graphic designers.

Company Background Purely web platform supported on PC & Mobile Platforms • Taking advantage of low initial investment costs • Platform for third party developers to sell their games • Not many companies offer teaming up environment for gamers online • Innovative games developed based on market research Looking to get an IPO to fund our business as the company reaches growing stage • Our ability to run a website with high traffic and team environment • Limited players in companies which are game aggregators and are one stop for different games to play or stream on website without downloading. .

Industry Gaming Industry • Lack of clear leadership in the industry • Unorganized nature of market • Several players • Brand recognition Online gaming platforms or Large game aggregator service • Limited players from industry with teaming environment and with on demand service for games • Customer access. ease and affordability key .

Gaming . Competitors • Zynga • Facebook social gaming platform • Google Apps – Gaming • Apple Apps.

Mission and Vision Mission Kekas Gaming ! mission is to provide gaming platform for gamers to play and connect globally on wide variety of exciting games with an uninterrupted fun environment Vision • A global one-stop place for gaming that is recognized for its uninterrupted fun environment • Leader in innovation and new technology for the Game development and Gaming service provider .

• High customer loyalty • Provide highest scalability and flexibility Values • Act with integrity and creativity • Always work for entertain to gamers. Goal and Value Goal • Establish Kekas as face of online Game Industry. .

P. Organizational Chart Corporate Game development & Licensing V.P of Game development/R&D resources Aquirement & Satisfaction Training Business Internal strategy & Human Innovation gaming External Relations development Licensing & Game sourcing Hardware Operations& Maintenance Accounting Customer Software service Operations & Maintenance Sales Marketing . of Human VP of Operations & Strategy V.P. of Customer /V.

• The management team has a wide network and connection to many talents in the industry. programming team. . game design team. Resources and Capabilities Human Resources • The executive team has great experience working with the electronic games market. and marketing. Solid financial base • Ability to draw large scale of investment in capital required for game development. R&D. engineer team. • Ability to quickly build up different teams – art team. and marketing team.

Experience with developing rules and content for establishing user experience. Skills and Competencies • Skilled Labor Artist/Animators. .Excellent programming skills required with C++ for PC games and Java/C for smartphone games.Objective is to have the game development completed and also ensure the game is fun for the end user. • Competencies. Programmers.ability to create games for the online market with creativity in our facility. Designers.required to create graphics with highly creative skills. Production.

R&D Our R&D team is constructed by talents who have solid experience of game developing. Operations & Management Our management team members come from triple A game companies in the industry. We are one of the best R&D teams in the entire industry. The in-house game engine is our biggest weapon to compete in the market. We know how to build an efficient manufacturing system. We have the ability to use a highly efficient pipeline creating games that tell impressive stories and maintain a high retention rate in the market. Functions Game development Our team has a strong background in game developing. .

use • Use market research to develop games • Multi player or team based games • No need for downloads or cd/DVD’s can be directly played on the platform Customer Focus • 24 by 7 issues resolved by people no automation of customer service Address Global Markets  USA. China • Huge population in the range of 12. India.35 in India & China • Low competition in global markets • Popularity of Gaming culture in China and USA .Games Variety /Product innovation • Theme based /wide variety of games based on age /gender. Our Strategy Position our website as one-stop for playing variety of games Innovation.

SWOT Analysis STRENGHTS WEAKNESS OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Analyze our strengths. weaknesses. discover new opportunities. Picture from [1] . manage and eliminate threats.

and smartphones. and juniors) • Underperforming . capabilities. SWOT Analysis • Interactive online games . laptop. • Newer markets . • Lower price than competitors . with PC and Laptop. uniqueness. • New platforms to play – Not Limited originality. Facebook etc. support on iOS • Underperforming financial and Android Versions as well. patent infringements – live interaction. Facebook. Marketing strategy to new or • Competition with giants Gaming inexperienced games (both seniors Industries like Zynga. . apple Android) . Direct competition with Zynga. • New experiences – 3D. counterfeit gaming.Globally • Lack of creativity. even more • Copyright. • Games on Smart Phones(IOS. Limitation in design due • Compatible with multiple dependencies on the platform platforms ( desktop.) • Backward compatibility in all platforms.Failed games • New Game development – (license to and acquisitions new characters) • Unable to retain new talent.

Porter’s 5 Force .

Threat of Substitutes – Medium • Not many companies that provide online platform for wide variety of games • Substitutes are focused on game downloads and CD/DVD with little chance for economies of scale • Substitutes in the form of other entertainment like movies etc • Popularity of Social media gaming on Facebook . Our Porter's Five Force Model Threat of New Entrants – Medium/High • Easy to enter gaming industry • Heavy capital investment at growth stage for scaling up • Fragmented industry overall • Gamers already loyal to certain brands • Entry barrier are too high • Hard to complete against well established platform.

Our Porter's Five Force Model Bargaining Power of Customers .Low • Very few companies that provide wide variety of games at one place • Subscription model could make it difficult to switch to other competitors • Ability to connect with other people can make the users come back to connect with their friends or for not wanting to lose gaming friends Bargaining Power of Suppliers – Low • Several suppliers of different kind of games looking for publishers • Ability to develop own games • Few suppliers in market • Strong policies and well formed contract • High switching cost Industry Rivalry – Medium • Huge growing market with lot of space for different companies • High scaling up costs • Innovation of new technologies • Low cost subscription .

• Virality & micro transaction. • Talented workforce. key success factors of Kekas • High-availability infrastructure and service-level guarantees. • Infrastructure diversity. • Promotional deals and Subscription. . • Latency for server and network side.

32% .5.2. 8% 7. 10% Action Racing Shooting 15. 14% Adventure 22. 20% Fignting strategy Children entertainment 35.Online Game Playing Ratio 8. 7% 10. 9% 10.5.

3 10.86 5.89 Base Cost (In Million) 2.26 14.4 9.33 Value (In Million) 4.56 Users( In Million) 2.8 8.5 4.5 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 2015 2016 2017(Projected Users Till Oct) . Value Graph for Customer Net Profit (In Million) 2.3 3.7 7.

com/best-swot-analysis-templates-powerpoint . REFERENCE / 1. https://slidemodel.