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Digital Access

Availability of the internet.

What did the survey show in terms of
The survey showed that majority of the students are able to access
the internet. A percentage of 87.1% of students showed that they
were able to access my survey through the use of the internet.
Did all students surveyed have access to the
Internet outside of campus?
Majority of the students I surveyed have access to the internet
outside of campus while only a few dont have access.
If so, what was the most common means of
The most common means of access includes smartphones and data
bundles, most students use their phones to access the internet and
outside campus they use data bundles instead of the campus Wi-Fi.
If not, why do you think this is the case?

Some of the students can not afford to access the internet outside of
the campus because purchasing data bundles is expensive for them
and when not at school they do not have Wi-Fi.
Did socio-economic factors play a role in your
For only a few students income/money was a socio economic factor,
this was a barrier for these students to answer my survey because
students can not afford to use the internet outside of campus. This
resulted in the having to wait until they get to school so they can
answer my survey.
Did everyone have the same level of skill in
using technology?
Not everyone has the same level of skill in using technology, I had a
few students I had to explain to about how to use their
phones/laptops to navigate and answer my survey.
Was there a correlation between the level of
access available and skills?
Yes definitely. I noticed while doing this survey that there was a
mutual connection between the level of access available and skill. The
students who have more access and availability to the internet were
more skilled in technology rather than the ones with less access and
Survey Questions: When often do you access
the internet?
Question 1

Everyday 87.1% Once a month 6.45% Once a week 3.23% Only in December 3.23%
Is the internet your only mode of accessing
Question 2

Yes 35.48% No. 25.81% The internet and televison 29.03% The internet and newspaper 29.03%
Which social media platform do access for
Question 3

Facebook 31.25% Instagram 6.25% Websites 50% Twitter 12.25%

Are you an internet addict?
Question 4

Yes. For useful information 50% Yes. Only for social media 12.5% No Maybe
Do you consider yourself as a internet aware
Question 5

Yes. Definitely! 56.25% Yes. Only for relevent information. 31.25% No Maybe