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Read a long text for detailed comprehension, global

meaning and writers opinions and purpose.
Task information
In this part, candidates have a text which expresses an
opinion or attitude. There are five multiple-choice
questions with four options, A, B, C and D.
Candidates need to demonstrate they have understood
the writers purpose, the writers attitude or opinion, or
an opinion quoted by the writer, and both the detailed
and global meaning of the text.
Questions 2-4 follow the order of the text and the
information needed are located in one paragraph.
Questions 1 and 5 asks about general meaning,
purpose or opinions. Are about the whole text.
Action plan
Candidates should begin by skimming the text to find
out the topic and general meaning.
Candidates should then read the text again, much more
It's important to deal with the questions one by one.
Candidates should read the question stem then think
about an answer with their own words. After this, they
should choose the option that matches with their own
Candidates should carefully re-check their choice of
answer with the text and compare it with the other