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Presentation A Proposal to Discuss the

Development of the
Exchange of Students and
the Faculty

Mokpo Maritime University

1. Location

2. System
College of Maritime College of Maritime
Science Engineering

- Navigation Science - Computer Engineering

- International Maritime - Naval Architecture &
Transportation Science Ocean Engineering
- Navigation Information - Environmental
System Engineering &
- Marine Engineering Biotechnology
- Ocean Power System & - Ocean Civil & Plant
Maritime Safety Construction
- Marine Mechatronics Engineering
3. Mission statement

This university seeks to

promote the following
The pursuit of truth
Service with sincerity
The scientific exploitation of
4. Education Purpose
Based on a strong educational ideology,
Mokpo Maritime University proposes to conduct
research and instruction in the maritime and
ocean field in order to develop and to apply profound
academic theories and methods .

It also proposes to create well rounded students with

creative abilities who will contribute to the development
of the nation and human welfare.
Necessity for International
Exchange of Human Power

Exchange of Natural Resource

Exchange of High Quality Information

Undermining Conflict around the World

Making & Keeping Comprehensive Relationship

Contribution to Global Development

Participating in Peacemaking
Role of University for
International Exchange

to global
Making & advances
Researching more effective
on the high- methods for
tech international
technology exchange
human power
Problems of Exchange of International
Students based on the maritime science

Although most of maritime universities

are a member of AMFUF and IAMU,
they all have

Different names of subjects

Different subjects in the same year
Different curriculum of all
Proposal for the Resolution
AMFUF Members would
Keep the same name of subjects

Keep the same curriculum

Exchange students and faculty

Try to cooperate with each other

Keep lasting relationships with each other

without any separate agreement

Thank you so much for
listening .