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VA Comp Assessment 2

Art Criticism
Edward Hicks
A Peaceable Kingdom
What can you learn from the title of the
I know that the kingdom is peaceful, there's no
fighting or war between anyone.
What subjects in the artwork can you recognize?
Animals and humans coming together and
having peace between each other.
Looking at the elements of design, describe
what qualities you see.
There is texture in the trees, clouds, and animals
fur, value (shading) under the animals and
people, contrast between the bright and dark
colors in the animals.
What media and techniques did the artist use?
The artist uses paint in the artwork.
Emphasis: Is there a dominant element or focal
point that you see first?
Yes, the focal point the painting is the animals in
the foreground.
Balance: Is there a special balance, or weight,
among the elements? What mood does it
It is balanced because something is happening
in every part of the painting, even though the
main focus is on the animals.
Proportion: Do the proportions look normal,
ideal, or unusual? Why?
The semi-realistic style makes it look more ideal
but the cartoony eyes of some of the animals is
more unusual.
Pattern: Are elements repeated to create a
pattern? Where? Why?
No, the only pattern is really show in the
leopard, cow (in the bottom right corner), and
tigers fur because the artist wanted to make it
more realistic.
Rhythm or Movement: What visual rhythms or
paths of movement do your eyes follow?
Where? Why?
When I look at the painting, my eyes go from
right to left because I follow the little person in
white pointing, to the foreground, and to the
Unity and Variety: What elements bring
together, or unify many parts of the design.
Why? What elements add variety? Why?
The neutral color palette in the painting makes it
more unified and not all over the place.
Is there symbolism in the artwork? What do you
think it means?
I think the people in white are symbols which
represent unity and peace between the humans
and animals.
What feeling do you think the artist wanted to
give the viewer when looking at the work?
It made me feel interested in what was going on
and think of a story behind the painting.
Does the work remind you of other things you
have experienced?
The piece reminded me of the book series Naria.
How does the work relate to other ideas or
events in the world and/or in your other
It shows that everyone has to get along for
things to work out well.
What parts of the work make you feel it is a
success or failure?
I think its a success because it has a
recognizable style and its nice to look at.
What criteria can you list to help others judge
this work?
By thinking about texture, brushstrokes,
technique, and style or whether or not its
How unique is the work? Why do you feel this
work is or is not unique?
I think the idea of the painting was unique as
well as the style.
What are some improvements you feel the artist
could have made to the work?
By giving it a little more color.

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