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Common Errors

Ms. Shiela S.M. Aringo

A celebrant presides a religious
a celebrator celebrates an
A man marries or married; not a
woman marries, but a woman is
married to.
A person died of a disease; not
a person died from a disease.
A troop is a group of military; a
troupe is a group of performers.
Ability is to do; capacity is to
After means next time; following
means next in order.
All ready means completely
ready; already means
something was completed.
All right is all right, but alright is
not all right.
Amateur is a non-professional;
a novice is a beginner.
Avenge is for another; revenge
is for oneself.
Damage means loss or harm;
damages means money paid for
loss or injury.
Elicit means to obtain; illicit
means illegal.
Envelop means to enclose
completely; envelope means a
type of container.