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The minimum wage slaves who elected Donald John Trump

as their President demonstrated that they lack a political

self, admire the plutocracy, and identify with their rulers
attributes: opulence, supremacism, predatoriness,
belligerency, brutality, treachery, and corruption.
Furthermore, the slaves election revealed that the
plutocracys Democrat, Republican, and Socialist
propagandists have replaced their will to power with the
faith in the superherogifted with the spirit of "American
Exceptionalismas the answer to the problems that the
plutocracy creates.
Dispossessed by their masters and confused by their
leaders, the wretched voted for Trump Tower as the symbol
of their hope to be able to climb it with their faith in the
magical power of the American Dream.
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS | Friday, May 19, 2017