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AXIS Panorama PTZ Network Camera

Pan, Tilt and Zoom

in a live panorama over your network
AXIS Panorama PTZ Network Camera

All in one solution

Panorama by connecting 2
Network Cameras
Pan, Tilt and Zoom digitally
Several users can access the panorama
independently of each other
Web Server built-in
Target customers and Target user

Target customers:
Small and middle-sized businesses

Target User:
IT Manager
Security Manager
Business Manager

Light monitoring/security for small

businesses - monitor an entire store or zoom
into critical areas such as cash registers etc.
Broadcasting the AXIS Panorama PTZ is
suitable for a wide array of applications,
such as displaying tourism panoramas,
broadcast live-events, etc.
Transportation/Traffic surveillance the wide
angle of the Panorama PTZ is ideal for
monitoring intersections, train stations, etc.
Key selling points

Monitor large areas

All in one solution
High quality camera part
Ease of use
Price / performance
Neat design
Small foot print
Flexible mounting
Key Benefits

Simultaneous users can access the

panorama independently of each other
Video streams of the entire panorama is
streamed regardless of user actions
Delivers video streams over IP networks
High-quality motion JPEG
Up to 15 frames per second per camera
No client software needed
Built-in Web server
Alarm notification via e-mail or FTP
Technical features

High speed, wide range Pan, Tilt and Zoom

Pan: 140 Tilt: 65 Zoom: from x0,24 to x4
Two CCD image sensors increase
Snapshot capability allows the user to
save an image in an instant
Presets up to 16 can be saved, for easy
access to different parts of the panorama
Release & Price

Announced at Cebit March 12th 2003

Available April 2003
Recommended End User Price
EMEA 999
US $999
APAC $999