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Chapter 9-What

does she look like?

Appearance and dress;

clothing and clothing styles;
Goals for this chapter
Speaking: Asking about and describing
peoples appearance; identifying people
Grammar: Questions for describing people:
Whatlook like, how old, how tall, how long,
and what color
Pronunciation/Listening: Listening to
descriptions of people; identifying people;
identifying styles
Writing/Reading: Writing an e-mail describing
Describe this person
What does she look like? How old is she? How tall do you think
she is? What color is hair?
Describe this person
Describe these people

Looks (handsome, good-looking, pretty)

Can you think of three more words or

expressions to describe people?
Your Turn

Choose at least four expressions to

describe yourself and your partner.

Doyou agree with your partners
Conversation: Shes very tall

Listen and practice.

Listen to the rest of the conversation.

What else do you learn about Ashley?


Come up with questions to describe this

Describing People

Questions that we use to describe people

General appearance- What and Does
Ex. What does she look like?
Shes tall, gorgeous, and has red hair.
Ex. Does he wear glasses?
Yes, and he has a beard.

Can you think of other examples?

Describing People

Age and Height- How

Ex. How old is she? How old is he?
Shes about 32 years old.
Hes in his twenties.
Ex. How tall is he? Hes quite short.

Can you think of other examples?

Describing People

Hair- How and What

Ex. How long is her hair?

Its medium length.
Ex. What color is his hair?
Its dark/light brown.
Can you think of other examples?
Clothes 1 Answers
1. Cap 8. Dress
2. Tie 9. Hat
3. Belt 10. Tennis Shoes
4. Pants 11. Jacket
5. Scarf 12. Jeans
6. Boxers 13. Bathing Suit
7. Bra 14. Shirt and Tie
15. Shirt
Clothes 2
Clothes 2 Answers

1. High-heeled shoes 9. Undershirt

2. Bikini 10. Underwear
3. Coat 11.Glove
4. Shoes 12. Shorts
5. Suit 13. Socks
6. Scarf 14. Boots
7. Dress 15. Vest
8. Underwear
Your Fashion Style

Which clothing items do you wear

almost every day? Circle the items.
What are three more things you like to
What is your style? Is it classic? Cool
and casual? Funky? Something else?
Whos Raoul?

How can we make these two sentences

into one?
1. Raoul is a man.
2. Raoul is wearing a green shirt.
Modifiers with participles

We can combine sentences using both

participles and prepositions.

Which one is Raoul?

1. He is the one.
2. He is talking to Liz
Hes the one talking to Liz.
Modifiers with Participles


Whos Liz?
1. Shes a woman.
2. She has short black hair.

Shes the woman with short black hair.

Modifiers with Prepositions
Try these examples:

Which one is Julie?

1. Shes the tall woman
2. Shes in jeans.

Who are the Smiths?

1. They are people.
2. They are next to the window.
Contrastive stress in responses

When you are comparing and contrasting two

things, you stress the contrast.

Example: Is Anthony the one wearing the red

No, hes the one wearing the black shirt.

Is Judy the woman on the couch?

No, Diana is the woman on the couch.
Contrastive Stress Practice

Write 5 sentences that are false (not

Read your sentences to your partner.
Your partner will correct your