Language Arts, Step 3
Indicator 4
Boston International School
To recognize the importance of sport as a foundation for
good physical health and to promote the recreation with
family and friends.
Learning objective:
Identify Actions Verbs orally and written way to build
sentences, taking into account physical activities "Sports"
• The body is the temple of the holy spirit.
• Ephesians 4:16: From whom the whole body fitly joined
together and compacted by that which every joint supplie
the, according to the effectual working in the measure of
every part, make the increase of the body unto the edifying
of itself in love.
• Project:
• Due date: March 20th

• 1. Students will work on Moving into English practice Book pages
14 -16. 2. They will be able to write a short story about sport by
using actions verbs.

• Evaluation Criterion:
• Critical thinking
• Participation
• Use of vocabulary
• Creativity, use of resources
• Fluency
• Grammar
• Vocabulary:
• Baseball, team, school, watch, teacher,
stretches, clock and late.

• Identify, listen and pronounce.
• Underline the words of the vocabulary

•We are playing baseball.
•My team is the best.
•We always play in the school.
•Let’s watch a movie in my house.
•Mr Williams is my new English teacher.
•Stretch your arms over your head.
•The clock says it is 06:00 am
•We are late for school.
Phonics – Short Vowel /i/

• The letter i stands for the /i/ sound, or short sound of i.
• Examples.

• With - Pick - Big
4. What else can friends do together to have fun?
5. What is it fun to things with friends?
• Think Critically

• Does Max like his sister’s dancing class? Ho do you know?
• Why is Max later for his baseball game?
• Tell about a time you tried something new.

• Pages 48 – 57

One-fun-run _____ ______
Friends –ends _____ ______
Long-song _____ ______
Ground – around ______ ______
•What people are doing?
Possible answer: They are playing baseball at at school probably during recess.
• Do you play with a ball in the classroom? Why and why not?
• Do you play with a ball in the playground? Why and why not?
• Students have to tell other games they can play with a ball.
Action Verbs

Action verbs video:
Special activity
Principle of the month: The fear of the lord
Based on,
Bible verse: Proverbs 9:10
Song of the month:

The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the
knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

Students will understand that this not going to be a fear in
which you are afraid of God but a fear in which you
respect him and because of the love you have for him is
because you fear the lord. That way is through love that
we are going to be able to fear the lord and has wisdom.

Web pages and websites:
• Moving into English



• Song of the month: Faithfulness
Greetings and farewells:

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