Copyright Assignment

ComTech 2104
Submitted to : Mrs. J. Norris
Submitted by: Carrie-lee West
What are examples of creative works?
Creative works are anything that is anything of a creative effot. Some
examples of creative work is artwork such as paintings and drawings.
Writings of any kind, for example writings that you do in english class.
Music videos, and songs are also a type of creative work
What is copyright?
Copyright is the legal right given to the original writer/ artist to print,
publish, perform, film, or record creative works. Also it gives the original
writer/ artist the authority to let others do the same

“Permission to reproduce photographs and other copyright material”
How long does copyright last?
Depending on where you live, depends on how long copyright last.

In Canada, copyright lasts up to 50 years after the death of the creator,
it doesn't matter if the creator still holds the copyright or not. The only
exception is photography. In the United States it lasts for 70 years.
What can be copyrighted?
The following listed things are the things that can be copyrighted

- Literary works

- Musical works

- Dramatic works

- Pantomimes and choreographic works

- Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works

- Motion pictures, and audiovisual works

- Sound recordings
What are the consequences of copyright?
There are many legal penalties of copyright infringement some are

- The infringer pays the actual dollar amount of damages and profit

- The law provides a range of $200 to $150 000 for each work

- The infringer pays the attorneys fees and court costs

- The court can issue an injunction to stop infringing acts

- The count can impound the illegal works

- The infringer can go to jail
What is fair use?
Fair use is a user right contained in the copyright act. It allows you to
copy from a copyrighted work, without the copyright owner's
permission. But only if it used for the use of some of the following;

- Research

- Private study

- Education

- Parody

- Satire

- Review or news reporting
What is public domain?
It is when a work belongs or being available to the public as a whole. It
is not subjected to copyright acts. For example a photograph could be in
a public domain for a certain amount of years
What is creative commons?
Creative commons is a non profit organization that works to increase
the amount of creativity and it is available in “the commons” which is
the body of work that is available to the public for free and legal

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