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Layers of the Earth


characteristics of the
different layers of the
earth as to its
composition, thickness



Scientists have investigated
the different layers of the earth
through core drillings, analysis
of volcanic materials, and
earthquake waves. From this
information, scientists
constructed the layered earth

The mantle is about 2900 km. in thickness.5 km. Beyond this is the core which is composed of the inner and the outer portions. 4 . Thickness of the crust varies from 10 to about 6. tunnels and wells had been dug but none reached the mantle.

large bodies of water about ¾ of the earths surface Atmosphere .Vocabulary Development: Continent – large masses of land comprises about ¼ of the earth’s surface.the blanket of air surrounding the Earth 5 . Ocean.

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the life zone. the solid part which makes up the continents and land masses the hydrosphere. the liquid part which makes up the oceans. the gaseous part the biosphere. seas. 7 . rivers and lakes The atmosphere.LAYERS OF THE EARTH • • • • The earth has four spheres: the lithosphere.

8 .The surface of the lithosphere is made of solid rock materials that originated from the interior. Geologist. the scientist who study the nature and processes of the earth. studied the earth’s interior through indirect observation of waves during earthquake and the types of rock in the lithosphere.

CRUST 2.CORE 9 . mantle.MANTLE 3.Earth is composed of three layers namely the crust. and core 1.

It consists of the continental crust and the oceanic crust. 10 . It is where people and other living things live.CRUST The crust is the outermost and the thinnest layer of earth. It is about 5 to 100 kilometers thick. It is the upper part of the lithosphere.

It is only about 4-8 kilometers thick 11 .CRUST The continental crust makes up the continents. The oceanic crust makes up the ocean floors. It is thinner than the continental crust. It is about 32 kilometers thick.

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13 .CRUST The crust is composed of about one-fourth land surfaces made up of 7 continents and big islands.

and lakes. seas. 14 . and plains. hills.CRUST The continents are in the form of mountains. About three-fourths are water surfaces in the form of oceans. valleys.

The total distance from the earth’s crust to it’s center is approximately 6430 kilometers 15 . heavy rock called basalt.CRUST The top part of the crust is made of a light material like granite. The bottom part of the crust is made of a dark. The crust is the only layer of the Earth which Geologist have seen.

It is the largest layer of the Earth that covers about 67% of the Earth’s mass. It is believed that magma and lava come from mantle 16 . The temperature and pressure of mantle increase in depth ranging from 870 degrees Celsius to 2200 degrees Celsius.MANTLE Mantle is the rocky layer of the Earth between the crust and the core.900 kilometers thick. It is about 2.

a Yugoslavian scientist who discovered this special boundary. called Moho for short.MANTLE The boundary between the crust and the mantle is the mohorovicic discontinuity. 17 . It is named after Andrija Mohorovicic.

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The inner core is made up of solid iron and nickel. 20 .CORE The core is the innermost and the hottest layer of earth. The outer core is made up of molten iron and nickel. It is divided into outer core and the inner core. Its estimated temperature reaches as high as 5000 degrees Celsius.

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inner core d. Write the letter 1. crust a.A. the largest layer of earth 5. the study of the structure of Earth 23 . lithosphere g. the boundary between crust and mantle 2. the solid part of Earth 7. Geologist f. outer core c. the layer consisting of liquid iron and nickel 3. the hottest layer of earth 4. scientist who studies the structure of the earth h. the upper part of the lithosphere 6. Moho e. mantle b. Match column A with Column B.

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Let’s Remember This Crust – the outermost layer of the solid Earth.composed of solid rocks in its upper portion.composed of molten rock and nickel Inner Core – made of solid materials 25 . Mantle.beneath the mantle or the inner part of the earth Outer Core. Core .

mantle c. both b and c 26 . molten nickel c. crust b. inner core 2.What is the outer core made up? a. 1. outer core d. very hot molten rock b.Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer. molten iron d.On what layer on the earth does man live? a.

Outer core d.Which of the following is the second outermost layer of the earth? a.Earth’s lower crust d. outer core d. mantle b.3.This part of the earth is believed to be composed of hot and molten rock. crust b. a. crust b. inner core 5. mantle c. mantle c. inner core 27 . Earth’s lower crust c. atmosphere 4.Which layer is the hottest? a.

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Assignment: Draw and label 29 .