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Amul Distribution

Management System
DMS Training for Sales Team - 2016





Points to be Covered
Basic Features – Dashboard
Retailer Master Review, Beat Restructuring & Sequencing
Retailer Order Processing – SFA & Amul Cart
Bill template, Bill Key & Bill Printing- Standard
Claim Process – Scheme, PCF, APO Additional Margin, Super WD, Manual
Key Reports – Dead Outlet Report, Stock Report, Effective Coverage Analysis
Report, SFA Usage Report, Dynamic Reports
Retailer Authorization and Updation, PO processing, Claim Approval, Data
transfer mechanism from CS
Key Reports – DMS Usage Analysis Report, Beat Chart Report, Effective
Coverage Report, Claim Reports, Inventory Reports, Retail Penetration
Report, SFA Usage Report, Scheme Utilization Report, Retail Penetration
DMS Reports by ZSIC – Retailer Count Report, DMS Performance Report,
Retailer Sales Report, Distinct SKU report

60 mins

45 mins
20 mins

Features, Download Path


DMS Implementation Plan, Implementation Process,
Reinstallation: Importance of Back up & Set Up files
Helpdesk Ticket booking , Zonal Support Coordinators


Hands on Practice by each TSI/FFR /OIC/BM


General Issues and Award Certificate


Total Duration


60 mins

10 mins
15 mins
30 mins

• Common Application
• One of the most important initiative taken by GCMMF
• Standardization and automation of Distributors key
• Extract meaningful data from application for
secondary sales analysis
• Consists of 4 applications
– Core Stocky for Distributors
– SFA for WDSM Order Booking
– Console for GCMMF for analysis
– “Amul Cart” Retailer Order Booking App
• Application
maintenance by M/s Botree, Chennai

DMS & SFA Inaugurated by GCMMF-MD on 4th Feb 2014 at Anand .

AmulDMS – Current Status •Pilot started on 3rd Feb at 6 branches . .25 WDs •Roll out for covering 3 lac+ WDs of all branches •Total 2500 WDs covered. •Total 99% of GCMMF business through normal WDs covered in DMS.

Core Stocky .

AmulDMS – Core Stocky .

AmulDMS – Core Stocky .

AmulDMS – Core Stocky • • • • • • • • Automatic arrival Batch-wise Sales price maintained Scheme Management Billing & Bill template design Claim Management Purchase Order Inter Distributor Transfer Reports – Dynamic & Drill down Reports .

Tally Integration • • • • • Integration with Tally ERP9 Guidelines Uploaded on AmulWD portal WD to Log Ticket for further guidance Voucher Export for Other applications Demo .

Console .

DMS Console .

AmulDMS – Console • Extracts & Stores meaningful data from CS and SFA for analysis • Key Processes – Retailer Approval – Purchase Order processing – Claim Approval • Sales Hierarchy based access • Reports for secondary Sales level analysis • Demo of key reports .

amul.0.How to Access Console? • • • • • Use Internet Explorer / Google Chrome Internet Link : Intranet Link : 10.100.58/AmulConsole Enter your User ID and Password Contact for obtaining console user ID & password .

Scooping prlr APO – COE APO – Café Canteen & Institution Catering Hotel & Restaurant .DMS Design – Retailer Classification (Channel – Sub Channel) Channel Retail Wholesale APO HoReCa Sub Channel General / Provision Store Kirana Bakery/Confectionery Sweet Shop Chemist Milk Booth / Dughdhalaya Icecream Parlour Pan Plus Push Cart Counter Sale Others Channel Sub Channel MF Store National Reliance Retail Ltd Reliance Retail Ltd (Cash & Carry) Bharti Retail Ltd (EasyDay) Dmart Big Bazaar Food World Heritage Ltd Nilgiri's Ratanadeep MORE Trinethra Super(ABRL) MORE Megamart (ABRL) Auchan (Max Hypermarkets) Vishal Megamart (TPG) Carrefore WC & C Sahara Q-Shoppe STAR Bazaar (Tesco-Trent) Hypercity India Ltd Booker WC& C Spencer's Retail (RPSG) SRS Retail Ltd Namdhari Fresh Twentyfour Seven (Godfrey Philip) Sabka Bazaar SaveMax Godrej Nature's Basket MF Store .Local Local MFS Sub-Stockist Semi-wholesale APO .Retail mkt APO .

Park.DMS Design – Retailer Classification (Location based) Location Location Market Place School/College Residential area Hospital/Nursing Club Railway Station BPO/Office/Industry Busstand Amusement area: Tourist Spot. Multiplex Highway Airport Home/Health .

58 lac C <= 0.58 and <= 1 Lac B > 0.0 lacs A >0.25 and <= 0.25 lac Retailer Class get updated every month based on previous months sales .DMS Design – Retailer Classification (Class based) Class Monthly Turnover Range (INR) A+ >= 1.

DMS Design – Product Classification Leve l Level Name Example 1 Product Class Milk Products 2 Product Type Beverage 3 Product Butter Milk 4 Sub Product Masala 5 Brand Amul 6 Pack Type Tetra Brik Aseptic 7 Pack Size 200 Ml 8 Product Group Dairy 9 Material Amul Masti Buttermilk 27x200 Ml TP .

DMS Design – Geo Hierarchy Leve l Level Name Example 1 Country India 2 Zone West 3 State Maharashtra 4 Branch Mumbai 5 Sales District Mumbai to Thane 6 District Mumbai 7 Taluka Mumbai 8 Town South Mumbai .

Integration with SAP • SAP Integration – Product. minutes) – WD Ledger Balance – Branch Stock • Data from DMS Console to SAP – Purchase Order • Data from DMS Console to SAP BI – Retailer Master Data & Sales – WD wise Sales & Stock . UOM and Tax details – Customer – Sales invoice to WD (in 60 max.

Console Overview • • • • • Retailer / APO Approval Purchase Order Processing Claim Approval Scheme Monitoring Key DMS Reports .

Sub Channel and Location • Approval needed for deactivation of an outlet • .Retailer Approval • BM / FFRs to approve in Console • SAP APO Code required for APO approval • One time master data approval to ensure correctness of data • Approval needed for Changes in Retailer Channel.

Purchase Order Processing • • • • • • • • • Product line wise Purchase Order from CS Auto Sync after PO Confirmation PO available in 15 min – 45 mins in console WD Stock. Current Ledger Balance. Branch Stock visible during PO processing in console PO can be received in Fractional Quantity Product addition in PO possible Fast PO and extract with Stock Out product options File extract available in SAP format Reports for analysis of WD Purchases . Average L3M Sales.

Claim Processing • Following Claims are generated from CS – Scheme Claim – SuperWD Margin Claim – PCF Claim – APO Margin Claims – Manual Claim • Schemes for WDs – Claimable (credit note based) – Non-Claimable (invoice based) • Applicable to only approved Retailers / APOs • Schemes not applicable to Unapproved retailers .

. • Scheme is approved in Console from COO’s login • Scheme get downloaded to CS on next successful sync by WD.Scheme Creation Process • Brand Managers submit scheme details to Botree in excel • Scheme created in Console and approval form is generated.

Scheme Claim Processing . Retailer-wise) .WD • “Scheme” claim to be generated after month end by WD • Claim will be available in console after next sync • WD to take print of claim summary & detail and submit to branch for settlement as under 1 Core Stocky-> Custom Report->Amul Report ->Claim Report (scheme code-wise claim) 2 Core Stocky-> Custom Report->Amul Report ->DMS Scheme Utilization Report (Billwise.

Scheme Claim Processing .WD .

Scheme Claim Processing . for Approval by FFR next day post confirmation of Claim Top Sheet by WD • Editing of Rate and Quantity before approval • BM to approve the same & take print • BCAI to settle claim in SAP manually • BCAI to settle claim in console • Reports – – Console -> Claim Report -> – Console -> Reports -> Schemes -> – Console->Customer Mgme->Schemes>Scheme Utilization Report (Bill-wise.Distributor wise (scheme code-wise .Branch • Claim in Console /SO mob. Retailerwise) – Console->Report->Scheme Report->Scheme Utilization . App.

DMS Claim Review & Approval .

DMS Claim Summary .

Claim Settlement .

Claim Processing – SuperWD Claim • Process in CS – Generate Super Stockist margin Reimbursement Claim for the month – Save and Confirm the claim after due verification – After successful Sync the same will be available in console – Report -> Amul Report -> Super WD claim summary report • Process in Console – similar to scheme process .

Claim Processing – SuperWD Claim .

Claim Processing – SuperWD Claim .

Claim Processing – SuperWD Claim .

Claim Processing .PCF • Can be generated for – Unsalable Sales Return from Retailer – Damaged Goods with WD – Replacement to Consumer • Process in CS – Sales Return against / without retailer invoice with credit note generation – Retailer Confirmation Form to be printed from CS – Credit Note Settlement in next retailer Bill – Resale Damaged Goods (Salvage) – Customer Care ticket ID to be captured for replacement .

PCF •Process in Console / SAP – FFR & BM to Verify and Approve Claim on Console – FFR & BM can update Quantity and Amount while approval – Updated Claim amount will be displayed in CS – PCF extract can be imported in SAP for further processing – in process – No budget control in DMS – Reports .Claim Processing .Quick Reports > Scheme & Claim > PCF Claim Report .

WD to obtain confirmation from Retailer for PCF settlement .

Claim Processing – APO Additional Margin • Scheme is available for activation • Additional margin Amount will be paid in bill to APO by WD • Metro and Non-Metro town mapping to be confirmed with APO Cell • WD to raise monthly claim as Scheme Claim • Scheme to remain valid till next communication • Bulk SKUs & WD owned parlours to be excluded • Report in console -> Quick report-> scheme & claims -> APO claim report .

• The process for approval in console is same as other claims.Claim Processing – Manual Claims • Claims such as Display Incentive. Salesman Incentive etc can be booked as Manual Claims in Core Stocky • Claim Top Sheet to be submitted monthly for such claims. .

Claim Processing – Manual Claims .


WD Wise comparison of following parameters – Registered Retailers – Retailers Billed – Retailer Penetration • Comparison with previous months • Channel / Sub Channel.Secondary Sales : Direct Distribution • Measures penetration of Amul products among registered retailers • Branch wise – FFR wise . WD Salesman. Location. Route level also possible .

Secondary Sales – Direct Distribution .

Branch wise comparison of following parameters – Distinct SKUs at Branch – Distinct SKUs at WD level – Distinct SKUs at Retailer level • Comparison with previous months • Product line level • Channel / Sub Channel. WD Salesman. Route level also possible . WD and Retailer level • Zone wise .Secondary Sales : Range Selling • Measures range selling at Branch. Location.

Secondary Sales – Range Selling .

Location level analysis • FFR / WD Salesman / Route level analysis • Material Group and Material level also possible . PMCY and CMLY – Sales Value Comparison Cumulative CY. Cumu PY • Channel / Subchannel.WD Wise comparison of following parameters – Sales Value comparison CMCY.Secondary Sales Analysis • Displays Secondary Sales in Values and Quantity for monitoring performance • Branch wise .

Channel / Sub channel / Location level Secondary Sales Analysis– .

Salesman and Route Level Analysis Secondary Sales Analysis – .

Secondary Sales Performance • Branch wise . of days – Secondary Vs Primary Sales for Usage – Retailer Penetration – Retailer Service Frequency – Distinct SKUs – An Indication of range selling • Comparison with previous month • FFR wise. Product wise also possible .WD Wise comparison of following parameters – Stock Value and Stock Holding in No.

Secondary Sales Performance .

Mobile Applications .SFA / SOA / Amul Cart .

AmulDMS – SFA .

AmulDMS – SFA .

Stock availability. MRP & Trade Price.AmulDMS – SFA • Order Booking on Mobile • Visibility of Focus products. Scheme products. Outlets in beats • Order transfer & stock updation from market • Sales Return • Collection • Location capture • Reports of L3M sales • Demo Video .

SOA • Application for Field Force – Currently for FFRs.apk) • Future versions will be given to OICs. BMs and WDs – Retailer Approval – PO Approval – Claim Approval – Reports • Guidelines for installation provided ( Brand Managers as well .

AmulDMS Mobile Application for Sales Team & WD • Reports Sales Details Report DMS Usage Report Inventory Report Top / Dead Outlet Report Salesman Productivity Report Retailer Penetration Report Claim Report Scheme Register Product Penetration Report .

retail price.Retailer Order Booking on Mobile • Android based Application for Retailers / APO and Scooping parlour • Product images. schemes and stock availability details are visible • Integrated with DMS • Orders can be placed from – – New Launch – Frequently Ordered – Favourites • Report for Order tracking and Retailer ledger available • Report available in Console for monitoring timely servicing of orders • Retailer Feedback section .

Retailer Order Booking Mobile Application Key Features New Product Launch Frequently Ordered Favourites My Cart Reports .

Retailer Order Booking Mobile Application .

Important Points .Implementation .Others .

Preparation for Rollout • WD & FFR to prepare following details – WD Site Readiness – WD Retailer Master • To use latest formats available on AmulWD portal • Fill up format as per guidelines and video available on AmulWD • Details to be verified for completeness and correctness • Both Files are to be uploaded on AmulWD portal together for further processing atleast in 15 days advance • WD site readiness to be approved by ZSIC & WD Retailer master by HO/Distribution before submission to Botree • Correctness of data is very important .

Role of FFRs • WD Site Readiness as per DMS requirement • Retailer Master Data preparation • Attend 3 days implementation full time – Plan intimated to FFRs thro SMS • Retailer / APO Approval – New & changes • Claim Approval in console • Usage Monitoring and Follow-up • Use DMS data for improving sales & distribution network • Co-ordinates with Botree in case of any issue after implementation • Obtain BM’s approval for making any changes in WD stock in DMS .

Implementation Activity List Day .1 • Installation of Core Stocky • Opening Stock uploading • Demonstration of Core Stocky and SFA.2 • Order Booking & Processing • Customer Master Overview • Product Master Overview • Financial Master Overview • Company Management • Bill Printing Day . SOA • Stocky Management • Bill Template Configuration Day .3 • Scheme and Claim Management • Overview of Reports • Day End and Month End Process • Financial Transaction (Optional) .

Preparation for Rollout

WD & FFR to prepare following details
– WD Site Readiness
– WD Retailer Master

To use latest formats available on AmulWD portal

Fill up format as per guidelines and video available on AmulWD

Details to be verified for completeness and correctness

Both Files are to be uploaded on AmulWD portal together for
further processing atleast in 15 days advance

WD site readiness to be approved by ZSIC & WD Retailer master
by HO/Distribution before submission to Botree

Correctness of data is very important

Implementation Resources

4 zones – East , West, North and South
Zonal Coordinators for coordination
Dedicated Team of 20 implementers
Training at Chennai for Amul Processes
Onsite training for 2 – 3 implementation
Resources as per Regional languages
Capacity up to 200 sites per month
Implementation related feedback to ZC

Training Contents & Facilities
• Training short guide shared with BM
covering key points.
• Guidelines hosted and Step by Step Videos
for demo and practice on AmulWD portal
• AmulDMS Hot Tips shared with BMs and
WDs every week for commonly reported
issues at Helpdesk
• SOP for Key processes
• Demo on

8100/+ Taxes • SFA usage charges @ Rs. 2700/+Taxes only after confirmation from Branch • Make provision for amount if WD is separating . 200/.+ Taxes per month per Salesman for only 12 months • Additional On-site visit @ Rs.Charges for WDs • Implementation Charges @ Rs.

Support .

in) – Online Ticket from Core Stocky – Recommended – Ticket logging on AmulWD portal for ZSIC • 5 Incoming lines and 2 outgoing lines dedicated for support • Numbers of lines and service window shall be increased as WD count increases.Helpdesk Facilities for WDs • DMS Support can be availed by following modes – – Toll Free Number (1800 419 1597) • Monday – Sunday (0800 – 2100 hrs) – Email ( • Support in regional languages • Remote Support using Team viewer by Botree • Help content available in core stocky – very useful .

Online Ticket from Core Stocky .

Help Desk Support Resources • Current Support team (10 members) – – – – – – L1 – 4 (How to .1 Project Manager (HO/Anand) – 1 • Daily Report of Support Tickets logged to ZSICs • Daily Call logs – Missed calls are called back • Follow-up with WDs not using DMS • Sharing Useful Tips with WDs / Branches for most preventing common issues .training) L2 – 4 (Changes in database) L3 – 4 (Core Stocky – 1. Console – 1) Support Manager – 1 Implementation Coordinator (HO/Anand).

Thanks *** .

Benefits of AmulDMS .WDs • Standardization of WDs business operations • Automatic purchase receipt & price updation • Effective inventory-based selling  • Operation visibility  • Increased time for field operations using SFA • Improved customer service  • Real-time information capture  • Accounting interface with Tally ERP 9.0 .

GCMMF • Informed Decision making • Access to Valuable Retailers Master Data • Visibility on WD Stock and Sales • Measurement of efficacy of Sales Promotion schemes • Effective Claim management • Efficient Product placements    .Benefits of AmulDMS .

• WD can maintain & change their own product code (short code) for generating loading slip & billing • Stock report is available in case & each • Loading slip – Options available • Various reports available in “Amul Report” folder • Inter Distributor Transfer (IDT) function available in CS with tax • Manual purchase not allowed but can be activated .Important points • WD should contact Helpdesk if purchase invoice not received in max 2 hours • Stock adjustment is allowed once in a month.

Important points • Tax reports are available but VAT returns are not available • All retailer must be approved by branch in max 10 days o/s bills will not be generated • Interface with Tally 9.0 is available • Accounting facility available in DMS • DMS is supported on LAN • Help content available in core stocky – very useful • Additional visit of Botree person at WD place after implementation is available on chargeable basis – Rs.2500/per day .

Important points • Pay roll module available in DMS – CS • Two SAP code can be installed in one computer • Two SAP code can be operated in one mobile • Sales & Purchase Data of company other than AMUL can not imported in Amul DMS • Back up is being taken automatically at the time of login & log out but copy should be taken on USB drive • IDT & Sales return invoice print out can be taken from CS • Batch transfer can be done in CS for MRP correction • Stock in CS will be updated after purchase invoice is saved & confirmed • Changes in retailer sales invoice can be made by WD in max 3 days • Month end should be completed by WDs in max 3 days .

Useful reports Name of Report Applicati on Output/Purpose Frequenc y DMS Sync Report Summary Console Last sync / invoice date Daily SFA Version Control Report Console Last Login Date in SFA & tame taken per outlet Weekly Retailer Penetration Report Console Month wise Retailer-wise product Monthly Penetration Inventory Analysis Console Report Unserviced Outlet Console Report Retailer Analysis Report Console Summary Effective Coverage Core Analysis Report Stocky Core Dead Outlet Report Stocky Core Top Outlet Report Stocky Product wise/SKU wise Inventory Details Before Visit to WD Last Billed Date Weekly Distinct Retailers Billed Monthly Sales analysis Inventory Analysis Report BI Retailer-wise sales Weekly BI WD-wise stock Weekly Retailer Billed Data SKU wise/Line Weekly wise Report gives details of Retailers Weekly not billed Top Outlet List with Sales Value is Monthly reflected .