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com/2012/12/principles-of-effective-communication-inbusiness.html After conducting a communication audit among Cast Members at The Disney Store in Staten Island.d. it has been determined that the source in which employees receive their information is an area of opportunity. Communication [image].blogspot. it will then be able to find a solution to the problem.Introduction Many companies face difficulties when it comes to communication. Once a company is able to identify it’s challenges. Retrieved from http://bconsi. New York. (n.). . This will enable the company to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Despite strong sales. Apple (n. This operation was led by Steve Jobs. The Walt Disney Company opened 50 more locations nationwide. n. Reference: About the Walt Disney Company.d. in 2004 Disney Consumer Products (Disney Store’s parent company) converted 313 of it’s 700 locations into a licensed operation.d. Retrieved from https://thewaltdisneycompany. In 2008. California in 1987.statenislandmall.Disney Store [image]. Retrieved from . The Walt Disney Company. Over the next three years. The Disney Store Brand was sold back to The Walt Disney Company which then launched a “re-branding” of all Disney Store locations.html Background The first Disney Store opened in Glendale. Most Disney Stores are located in retail malls.

.Survey Information Survey [image].org/2014/04/recording-feedbackpotential-of.jenniferward. 11 participated in the survey. Retrieved from http://www.html The survey was administered in paper form at the location. including those who are only scheduled one day a week. The survey was available to all Cast Members for a total of 7 consecutive days to ensure that each Cast Member had an opportunity to participate. Out of 25 Cast Members. (2014).

To be effective. “Almost everyone comes to a meeting with expectations.d. Each person has a different history with the group and different concerns. (n. or that they simply Meeting [image]. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.).Sources of Information The survey indicated that the least effective source of receiving information was from meetings. This can suggest that the meeting organizer (most likely the Store Manager) is not delivering the information in a way that holds the employee’s As pointed out in the article Effective Management Is Key don’t have enough meetings. a manager must understand these differences and set up the meeting so that they are accommodated” (Picket. The store manager should seek out additional training that will guide them on how to run a more effective meeting. 2015). /08/5-tips-for-having-a-perfect-businessmeeting/#1dcb3aa82260 to Successful Meetings. .

Not only is middle management responsible for implementing communications from upper . Age of the middleman [image]. Reed. Providing clear communication and instructions to employees of all levels helps build better relationships within the business unit. and Savage (2014) report in The impact of middle management commitment on initiatives in public organisations. Reis. In this case middle management can be defined as the Assistant Manager and Lead positions. Retrieved from https://www. “Increasing middle managers’ awareness of the importance of their commitment to improve initiatives can have an impact on employees’ commitment towards improvement initiatives”. middle management serves as a bridge between the store manager and lower level Cast Members. This also contributes to the overall success of all operations of the store (Ahearne. (2015). Lam. At The Disney Store. they are also responsible for communicating that information to all employees. As Alhaqbani.Sources of Information The survey also indicated that receiving information from middle management within The Disney Store is an area of opportunity. & Kraus. 2014).

It is equally important for Cast Members of The Disney Store in Staten Island. NY to receive information from upper management (the store manager) as it is from middle management. good communication among Cast Members of all levels is key to driving a successful business. and knowledge to be an effective communicator. or by faceto-face interaction. Retrieved from http://effectivecommunicationadvice. Effective Communication [image]. ffective-communication . Whether the information is being delivered in a meeting. by a co-worker.Conclusion It takes practice. (2012).

J. 68-87. Reed. B.). (2016) The impact of middle management commitment on improvement initiatives in public . M.1108/ bpmj-01-2016-0018 Pickett. (2014). Strategic Management Journal.. The Walt Disney Company.M. D. and Kraus. (n. B..1002/smj. A. Physician Executive. 924-938. (40)3. Performance impact of middle managers’ adaptive strategy implementation: The role of social capital. Retrieved from https:// thewaltdisneycompany. 22(5).2086 Alhaqbani. doi:10. (2014).References Ahearne. 44-49 About the Walt Disney Company.. F. pp. doi:10. S. and Ries. Lam. K. Effective management is key to successful meetings.d. Savage. R. 35: pp. Business Process Management Journal. M. ffective-communication-in-business. (cont) Images  Communication [image].html  Survey [image].html  Meeting [image].forbes. (2015). Retrieved from http://www.html  Disney Store [image].com/en/directory/disney-store ips-for-having-a-perfect-business-meeting/#1dcb3aa82260  Age of the middleman [image].References. n. Retrieved from https://www.). ( ential-of. (n. Retrieved from https://www. (2014). Retrieved from .). Retrieved from http://bconsi.

Appendix Receiving information from others Sending information to others Sources of Informatio n Timeline ss Channels of Informatio n .