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” .www.Woodrow Wilson Page 2 Quot es “Imagination is more important than knowledge” -Albert Einstein “Originality is simply a fresh pair of eyes.

com Program Objectives (1 of 2)  To be prepared to actively listen in order to accurately understand the problem.  To clarify and define the problem. Page 3 .www.  To help you know how to take the first step in solving a problem.  To understand the usefulness of collaborative problem solving and decision making.ReadySetPresent.

ReadySetPresent. practice.  To Program Objectives (2 of 2)  To examine different decision making models.  To utilize creativity in the problem solving/decision making process.www. Page 4 . role playing and group discussions. and problem solve with making decisions through case studies. A Challenge Please write write aa One One Sentence Sentence Please Definition of of Definition PROBLEM SOLVING SOLVING and and PROBLEM DECISION MAKING. DECISION Page 5 .

perplexity or difficulty) and creating a vast number of possible solutions without judging these Definitions (1 of 3) Problem Solving.www. Page 6 .ReadySetPresent. A systematic approach to defining the problem (question or situation that presents uncertainty.

www. and determining the action’s potential consequences.ReadySetPresent. Page 7 .com Definitions (2 of 3) Decision Making: The act of narrowing down the possibilities. choosing a course of action.

” Critical Thinking Defined “Purposeful mental activity that helps formulate or solve Definitions (3 of 3) “Problem solving is a cognitive processing directed at achieving a goal where no solution method is obvious to the problem solver. make decisions.www. or fulfill a desire to understand.” Page 8 . Teaching Problem Solving Skills Is it possible to teach problem solving skills? Page 9 .www. What Skills Do You Use In Problem Solving? • Making judgements • Analytical skills • Decision making • Collecting information • Planning Page 10 .

com How Do You Solve Problems?  What processes do you use?  Can you explain them to another person?  Do these processes vary depending upon the problem? Page 11 .www.ReadySetPresent.

 People who know the area of knowledge thoroughly.www. Solving problems becomes more natural. Page 12 .com Problem Solving People?  Experts.  People who can think of alternatives even when no clear solutions seems apparent.ReadySetPresent.

Royalty Free – Use Them Over and Over Again. group or individual brainstorming. leadership and creative work environments. Please Visit: www. four models of problem solving. how to's and more. vertical and lateral thinking. the problem solving framework. primary issues for problem About This Product: To download this entire Problem Solving PowerPoint presentation visit Over 100+ slides on topics such as: teaching problem solving skills. collaborative problem solving. adaptors and innovators as problem Page 13 .ReadySetPresent. evaluating how you solve problems. active listening techniques.www.ReadySetPresent. understanding the process: how to solve problems.