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Identificao pessoal

Nome - Name

Whats your name? My name is Beatriz

Whats your surname? My surname is Caf

Whats her/his surname? Her/his surname is Pereira

Who are you? Im Beatriz.

Who do you spell it? B E A T R I Z

Whats his/her first name? His/ her first name is Beatriz.I

Idade - AGE

How old are you? Iam ten years old

When is you birthday? Its on 25th January

Who old is he/she? Hes / Shes ten years old

How old is Joo? He is four years old.

Nacionalidade - Nacionalities

Where are you from? Im from Portugal.

Whath nationality are you/ is he /are they? Im/ Hes / shes Portuguese

Morada - Address

Whats your address? My address is 46 Queen, Oxford.

Whats her/ his address? Her / his address is

Telefone telefone number

Whats you telephone number? My telefone number is


Hello / Hi - Ol

Good morning bom dia

Good aftermoon Boa tarde

Good evening boa noite ( depois das 18 horas)


Goodbey/ bey Bey Adeus

See you tomorrow at amanh

See you later At logo

Good night . Boa noite

Question words
pronomes interrogativas

Indifinite articles:a/an
artigos indefinidos : um uma

Definite article:the
artigos definidos: o a os as

Personal pronomes
pronomes pessoais

Possessive determiners
determinantes possessivos

Demonstative pronomes
pronomes demonstrativos

Present Simple TO BE
ser ou estar

Present Simple HAVE GOT

ter ou possuir

Cardinal numbers
Ordinal numbers


Position of adjetives

Adjetives case
caso possessivo

What are they like?

Preposition of place

Prepositons of the time

Verb CAN
poder/ser capaz de/saber



algum alguma
alguns algumas

100 ao 1000

Interrogative/ Affirmative /Negative

Ive got a dog
I havent got a parrot
Have you got a turtle?

Threre + to be


Plurals of nouns

Present continuos

Present Simple LIKE

Regras do Present Simple

Regras do Present simple

Modal Verbs (Verbos modais)

May Permission / Request (autorizao / pedido)

May I ask a question? Yes, you may.

Can - Permission / Request (autorizao / pedido)

Can I use your calculator? Yes, you can

Para pedir autorizao usamos may I? ou Can I?
O verbo modal May mais formal. Podes utiliza-lo quando ests a falar com o teu
May I come in? yes, you may / no, you may not
Para fazer um pedido usamos Can you?
Can you pass me that pencil, please? yes, of cousre.

Must / Mustnt Dever, ter de / no poder

You must be quiet in classe / You mustnt shout in class

Adjetive degrees

Comparative of superiority

Claire is taller than Sarah/ Claire is more popular than sarah.

Comparative of equality

Claire is as pretty as Sarah

Carl is the tallest boy in class/ Diana is the most popular girl in class

Possessive case

Possessive Pronoms

da lngua

Whats time is it?

Farm animals / Pets

(animais de estimao)


Hobys/ free time objetivs

Daily routine

Seasons and weather

Estaes do ano e tempo atmosfrico.

Days of the week

Months of the year

Family menbers
membros da famlia


My school objects


Discribing people

The body

My house