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Telecommunications and RF infra Service.

SNS Technologies & solutions

To provide Cost efficient Services for emerging Telecom & Networks services, carrying
innovative products to enable our customers to achieve excellence in their performance"

About us
SNS is the leading Network Planning and Optimization Company. The company provides
network survey and planning, optimization services, BTS & CP installations and operations
support for fixed and Wireless operations, RF services & in building solutions to Wireless
providers. Beyond these services, it has expanded to cover Turnkey solutions, RF Planning
and Optimization, Network Performance Services, IP Planning and Project management. It
undertakes task based projects requiring delivery of tangible results in the form of either
cell site production or network quality improvement and has consistently met or exceeded
Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
SNS Technologies is an engineering and sourcing organization and that involved in
designing, manufacturing, galvanizing and exporting of Telecommunication towers as per
the telecom industry. We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a wide assortment
of RF accessories like STP cable guyed mast, telecommunication mast, self support mast
and tripod mast.

Our Goal
To Become One Stop TELECOM Solution provider, with the commitment to deliver End-toEnd, Accurate, Quality Solutions at Cost Effective Terms to our esteemed clients. Our goal
is to become a leading network planning and optimizing company. Our dedicated and
capable engineers ensure that all the projects are driven by challenging performance
benchmarks and our final deliverables result in quantifiable improvement in the network
quality and performance.
We know what is takes to be at the top
We know how to provide top class services

Our Services:
Network Planning and Design
Operations & Maintenance
End to End Managed Network services
Design and Deploy Third Generation (3G/ 4G) Technologies
RF procedural manpower staffing
WiFi and Wi MAX RF Survey
Tower Erection and Execution
IT infra Management services.
System Integration and IT helpdesk services.

Network Planning and Design

We are specialized in Radio network planning comprises of radio network dimensioning, planning of the
coverage, capacity, frequency allocation and interference analysis. Moreover it includes detailed
planning, which concentrate on parameter planning with necessary field measurement..
SNS offers the Network planning and Design services under the following contract modules:
a) Turnkey Projects : The telecom networks today in India have matured to a larger extent. With

such a maturity of the networks, the Telecom Operators are outsourcing the Network engineering
components either as a full Turnkey projects, or as a part component requirement of the network
engineering. SNS has today built the expertise with technology skills to provide a planning and design
modular in nature and a willingness to encompass the network planning and design requirement in the
entire totality.
b) Providing of Skilled Resources on short term contracts, Many a Telecom Networks

requirements seek the demand of deploying skilled Resources for a short term durations to handle
certain critical phase of the Network evolution / augmentation. SNS is open to such contracts of
deploying Resources under fixed contract durations with the skill sets as per the requirements of the

Operations &
We are one of the leading telecom service providers, we provide quality services in the given period
of time, we understand our client's concerns and adjust according to their needs.
Managed services: SNS provides the onsite management of the contingent workforce at the client

facility. It retains the responsibility for the supervision of the leased employees as well as the
accountability for the results of the facility or function that have been leased.
Preventive measures are taken by us to keep the equipments in healthy condition to reduce break

down maintenance. Thus resulting higher availability of cell sites by bringing down the outages. It also
includes checking of physical condition of UBR radios, Cables/ connectors, and other infrastructure
related parts of the network and pre-monsoon check and repairs wherever required.
Our team consist of experienced O&M head, Zonal supervisors, field technicians, surveillance

engineers, MIS assistant, inventory assistant, QA and audit engineer with 8-10 years of experience in
same industry. Our group provides 24x7 services and keeps the network in serviceable condition with
99.99% uptime. Equipments at cell sites are routinely checked for preventive maintenance as per
manufacturers guidelines.

End to End Managed Network


Providing advanced and innovative Telecom Infrastructure solutions across multiple

platforms and environments. SNS Telecom infrastructure services span years of proven
expertise. We provide design, development, testing, automation and sustenance
support at a fraction of the cost, and at superior quality to enable you to stay focused
on profitability. Our services provide you with reliable, scalable and integrated solutions
that can meet complex Telecom Infrastructure needs. Our end-to-end solution-driven
approach, breadth and quality of expertise in Telecom infrastructure solutions is the
ideal partner for you, in dealing with emerging challenges in the telecommunications

RF procedural manpower staffing

SNS provides placement and deployment of manpower services. We have a databank of qualified professional
engineers. Our Human Resource team excels in recruitment and training, which results in retention of skills engineers.
We can provide man power for:
Network Planner
Network Optimization Engineer
Transmission Planner
Drive Tester
Project Manager
Temporary staffing: Enabling the client to respond to short-term temporary and/or flexible manpower needs with

specific skill set requirements or for supplementing the workforce. These services could be of a part-time, full-time or job
sharing nature.
Long-term contract: Corporates can opt to enter into assignments for long-term and indefinite periods of time.
SNS also offers contract staffing, flexi-staffing and managed services for telecommunication engineers across the


WiFi and Wi MAX RF Survey

SNS have highly qualified resources on los survey and LOS planning. We provide both turnkey
and Man based Solutions to our clients. The ultimate goal of LOS survey is to have UBR / MW
connectivity between the two sites to ascertain the Line of Site clearance. The LOS survey is
carried out physically checking the terrain between the hop and selecting the sites for acquisition.
The survey is highly critical because any failure in LOS can lead to a delay in project and a
subsequent loss on account.
LOS survey is carried out in the following steps:

Collect Nominal of proposed site and those of the nearest locations to which customer proposes
the LOS connectivity & Verification

Record latitude, longitude, building data, obstruction data and surrounding terrain data on the
LOS Survey template.

Generate LOS Path Profile for the proposed Link.

Generate LOS report for the proposed Link.Conduct physical survey of the hop to identify any
field obstructions and verify the LOS path profile

Associated Product range

Installation Kit for P2MP, P2P and infra projects.

Self Supporting Towers

Telecom Shelters Towers

Monopoles Towers

Guyed Masts Towers

Tower Foundation Design

Solar Panel & Photovoltaic System

Lightning Protection System

Telecom Electrical Earthing System Design

Telecommunication Tower Maintenance

Self Supporting Towers

SNS is one of the standard and most popular telecommunication tower design and construction companies in India that offers
an excellent quality of telecom self- supporting towers India for cellular and other wireless communication applications. All
types telecom self supporting towers and other telecommunication tower components are hot-dip galvanized for strength and
durability. Self supporting towers are generally more expensive than guyed towers of the same height.
These self supporting towers are typically three or four sided lattice type structures made from solid rod, pipe, or angle, using
high quality raw material and latest technologies by experience engineered. Self supporting towers are designed with precision
to ensure long lasting performance even in toughest of working conditions. For

Telecommunication Towers
Sprawling Telecom Infrastructure has wrought a true technological revolution across India and around the world. We are
better connected and we communicate at the speed of light. Acme Global, the leading telecom towers manufacturer has a
major role to play. From design to construction, it is involved in every aspect of telecom tower manufacturing, with the
highest quality and the best design.

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