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An Introduction to

Recruitment and
(BU 408 A)

Steve Risavy, Ph.D., CHRL

Welcome to
Recruitment and Selection!
Functional area of interest?
Expectations for this course?
How will this course contribute to
your learning?

People as an organizations most

important asset/competitive advantage
Scientifically sound, technical, evidencebased, best practice procedures in R &
Opening-up the black box, which will
benefit you as applicants!

Welcome to
Recruitment and Selection!

How will I stimulate your

interest in the course content?
Class discussions, group
presentations, applied projects,
interactive exercises, etc.
Video clips
First-hand experiences from my
Further engaging in the course
concepts (applications, interviews,
references, negotiations, sending
me relevant articles, clips, etc.)

Vision and Values

This isnt just about learning recruitment
and selection content, this is about
improving your (work) life

Individualized consideration

Course Outline

About me

Your questions!
Office hours
Course feedback, suggestions
Marking assistant

Course Outline

Group Project (30%)

Development of a selection system for a job
and organization of your choice
The project must invent a new selection
system rather than describe an existing
Extensive details about what to include,
evaluation, etc. in the Course Outline
Paper is due Wednesday, December the 7 th
by 11:59pm to the appropriate dropbox on
Groups will be assigned (next class)

Group Project (30%)

Hard copy outline containing:

Description of the organization (Section A)
Description of the job (Section C)
Due at the beginning of class on Friday,
November the 11th

You will have the opportunity to evaluate

the contribution of your group members
by completing a peer evaluation form
(same due date as the Group Project,
separate dropbox)

Group Presentation (15%)

Same groups as your Group Project
Responsible for presenting to the class
about a recruitment method or selection
tool of your choice
20 minute presentation (e.g., describe
your method/tool, discuss the pros and
cons associated with it, best practices
for using it)
Presentations in class during Weeks 7

Group Presentation (15%)

1 2 page handout to be distributed

to the class

Importance of research (annotated

bibliography; see example on MyLS)

Topics and schedule to be determined

Class Participation (15%)

In-class participation/engagement (10%)

Form posted

Participation thought paper (5%)

Can be based on any material relevant to the
3 5 pages
Paper is due Wednesday, December the 7th by
11:59pm to the appropriate dropbox on MyLS

Course Outline

Midterm Exam (20%)

In class (Friday, October the 21st)
All readings and lecture/discussion material from
Weeks 1 5
Missed midterm = 40% final (if universityapproved reason for missing the midterm)

Final (20%)
All readings and lecture/discussion
material from Weeks 7 12
Time and place TBD

Course Outline

Bonus (up to 3%)

Lazaridis School Research
Participation System (inperson or on-line)
Missing class to participate
Alternative written assignment
Essentially, an article summary
Ensure from one of the
approved journals

Must be completed by
Wednesday, December the 7th
(last official day of classes)

Use of Technology
in Class
Laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. should be
used in this course for educational purposes
only (i.e., learning directly related to the
Sana et al. (2013)
Mueller & Oppenheimer (2014)

Breaks at Work?

Draugiem Group (2014)

Recruitment vs.

What is the difference?

Are promotions and transfers selection

decisions? Why?

Your experiences in recruitment and


Recruitment and

Why does recruitment and

selection matter?

Recruitment and
Why does recruitment and
selection matter?

Performance, productivity, profit

Employee turnover
Cost of poor hiring decisions; 30% of
new hires earnings

What is the cost of

a poor hiring decision?

Schmidt & Hunter (1998)

Validity of a hiring method is a
direct determinant of its practical
value (utility)
Another direct determinant is the
variability of job performance
Variability of performance and
output among incumbent workers is
very large; variability among
applicants is even larger
Variability of employee job
performance can be measured, for
example, as a dollar value of output

What is the cost of

a poor hiring decision?

Schmidt & Hunter (1998)

Standard deviation (SD): index of
variability in scores
The standard deviation across
individuals of the dollar value of
output (called SDy) has been
found to be at minimum 40%
Average salary of $50,000: SDy =
$50,000 x .40 = $20,000
Normal distribution: common
assumption that variables are
normally distributed in the

What is the cost of

a poor hiring decision?

Schmidt & Hunter (1998)

Assume job performance is normally distributed
Workers one SD above average produce $20,000 more per
year than average workers and $40,000 more per year
than workers one SD below average
Assume 100 hires: Hiring above average employees
results in $2M more output than average workers per year

A Systems View of HR

What functional areas are impacted by R

& S?
R & S needs to coordinate with every
organizational unit if the larger system is to
function properly

Alignment with overall strategic objectives

(vision, values)
If done well, R & S can make a positive
contribution to the welfare of the whole

Ethical Issues in R & S

Ethics/professional standards:
standards of appropriate
conduct of behaviour for
members of a profession
The role of ethics in R & S
Ethical dilemma situations on
page 20

True or False?

Conscientiousness is a better predictor of

employee performance than intelligence

Source: Rynes, Brown, & Colbert


True or False?

As a job increases in complexity, intelligence

becomes an even more important predictor
of employee performance

Is conscientiousness or intelligence a more

important predictor at lower levels of job
complexity (unskilled work)?

Source: Rynes, Brown, & Colbert


True or False?
Companies that screen job applicants for
intelligence have higher performance than
those that screen for values
Values help to predict satisfaction/retention,
but have little direction influence on

Source: Rynes, Brown, & Colbert


True or False?

Integrity (i.e., honesty) tests do not work

well in practice because so many people lie
on them

Integrity tests still predict performance

Source: Rynes, Brown, & Colbert


True or False?
Integrity (i.e., honesty) tests have adverse
impact on racial minoritiesthat is, visible
minorities score lower on them, on average,
compared with Caucasians
Racial and ethnic differences on honesty
tests are trivial

Source: Rynes, Brown, & Colbert


True or False?

In times of low unemployment, the

emphasis needs to be on selection
Efforts are needed to help generate a
qualified pool of applicants

True or False?
Interviews are considered to be
employment tests
Because of this, interviews must adhere
to the same standards as other tests

True or False?

The most valid employment interviews are

designed around each candidates unique
Structured interviews have higher
validities than unstructured interviews

True or False?

Although there are many different ways to

describe personality traits, there are really only
four basic dimensions of personality, as
captured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
There are five basic dimensions of
personality the Big Five, except for
Extraversion, these are not the traits
assessed by MBTI