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How does this music video explore

the conventions of Andrew

Goodwins theory of music videos?
OK Go This Too Shall Pass
OK GO's music video for their song "This Too Shall Pass" is very uniwue. It uses bright miseen-scene and lots of unique props to create a 'Rube Goldberg machine' lasting the duration
of the video. Upon further analysis, the music videos explores all of the criteria outlined in
Goodwins theory of music videos.

1) Music Videos demonstrate genre

The first of Goodwins criteria is that music videos
demonstrate genre characteristics. For example,
associating a Boy/Girl band with a dance routine or a
heavy metal band with a stage performance. "This Too
Shall Pass" is a Pop song. Like Goodwin suggests, it does
demonstrate characteristics of the pop genre. For
example, there is a bright, rich mise-en-scene used
throughout, frequently associated with this type of
music. The frequent use of bright colors and exiting
props establishes the music video firmly in this genre.
For example, at 1:42 (A), 1:55 (B) and 3:32 (C).



2) There is a relationship between

lyrics and visuals
Arguably this is the convention that OK Go explore the
least. Perhaps, this is caused by the chaotic and fast
paced nature of the Rube Goldberg machine used in the
video. However, there are occasional links between
what the singers sing and what occurs on screen. For
example, at 1:39, the man in yellow sings the lyric
when the morning comes (D), then at 1:41 an
umbrella imitates a sun rising, as if the morning had
come (E). Another link can be seen at 3:25 where the
boards unfold to reveal This Too Shall Pass written on
them (F). The title of the song as well as a lyric repeated
throughout the track.



3) There is a relationship between

music and visuals
There is a close relationship between the music and visuals in
the music video for This Too Shall Pass. For example, the
track begins in the video as soon as a lever swings down and
presses play on an Ipod (G). This begins the track and there is
an immediate relationship between what is happening on
screen and what the audience is hearing. Throughout the
video, there is a very strong link between visuals and the
music. Props interact in time with the pulse of the song. For
example, at 0:28, the silver balls knock others in time to the
beat (H). Another example, can be seen at 2:30 where the
pictures lift up in time with the song (I).




4) The demands of the record label will include

the need for lots of close ups of the artist and the
artist may develop motifs which recur across their
There are several uses of close ups in this music video.
These create a relationship between the audience and
the artist and help to establish OK Go as a well known
band. For example, the first shot of the music video is a
close up (J). An other example can be seen at 1:51 (K).
OK Go are renowned for having a motif commonly
associated with their music videos. They famously use
complicated, elaborate and exaggerated concepts in
their productions. For example, the music videos for
their songs The Writings on the Wall (L) and Upside
Down and Inside Out (M).



(L) + (M) see below.

5) There is a frequent reference to

notion of looking
This aspect of Goodwin's theory, similar to number 2, is
one that is less explored than others. However, there
are some examples. For instance, at 3:25 (N), like
previously mentioned, boards drop down with This Too
Shall Pass written on them. Although heard throughout
and the title of this song, there is no reference/
interaction with this prop at this time. The audience are
left to see it and read it on their own. In addition there is
also a television screen playing an old music video by
the band, seen at 2:36 (O). Screens within screens are
common in music videos.



6) There is often Inter Textual

Inter textual references are links/ references to other artists works or famous symbols/
images. They are commonly used to demonstrate appreciation towards others work and
the audience will feel clever when theyre spotting them.
Inter textual references (ITR) are common in music videos. For example, in Lady Gagas
music video for her song Telephone there is an inter textual reference to Kill Bill (P).
In OK Gos This Too Shall Pass there are several examples of ITRs. The first one can be
seen at 0:11 where the domino trail passes over several covers of the bands new album:
Of the Blue Color of the Sky, featuring this track (Q). This is a reference to their own
work, acting as a sort of advertisement for their upcoming album
Another ITR can be seen at 2:09 where a model of the NASA Mars Rover rolls down a track
(R). Many people are aware of what this model is even though there is no direct reference/
indication to it in the lyrics. This ITR will make the audience feel clever when they spot it.
Finally, another ITR that can be seen in this music video is seen at 2:36, where a screen is
playing the bands iconic Here it Goes Again music video (S). This video was one of the
first of the bands and like the majority of their videos, experiments with tricky and unique

Lady Gaga - Telephone

Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill Vol.1





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