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By: Handumanan Advocacy, Inc.

This proposed business venture will be carried out along with the social
mission of supporting the efforts of people in rural areas for a
sustainable living. The introduction in the market of hand-woven cloth
shall be used as the launching pad of the advocacy. This will be
introduced as Handumanan, a couture clothing brand made of Filipino
traditional hand woven cloth to be innovated into creative garments
suitable for the modern generation. Handumanan means sweet
remembrance and thus shall showcase collection pieces out of the use
of the hand-woven fabric.


The art of patadyong weaving is very intricate. The weavers start by
determining how many meters and pieces can be made with or without
the design. Then they combine different colors of the threads according
to the chosen color combination if clients would want it personalized and
trendy. For the standard patadyong design, the threads are mixed to
capture the tones of nature and also to show personal status. The
weaving is done by interlacing the different colors of threads through a
wooden handloom which is locally called as tiral or habulan. Earth
colors are a standard pick in making the patadyong: blue, green, yellow
are among those.





Stable supply of affordable raw materials (i.e. thread yarns) - producers are currently
dependent on imported raw materials from China and Thailand.
Fast lab-to market business cycles other business opportunities could not be fully
explored due to the manual processes and limited financial capacity of the operators.
Limited designs of hablon some producers do not keep a large number of variety of
designs which could diminish hablon market shares in the local textile industry.
Skilled hablon designers working as overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) - this will diminish
the number of local designers unless the industry is linked to a learning institution that
will help build local in fashion designing pool.
High-interest rate for micro-credit producers find difficulty paying loans especially
during lean months.

The marketing of Philippine hand woven fabric aims to prioritize the local
industry and emphasize the importance of the Philippines cultural
heritage through its hand made products. The hand-woven cloth can be
transformed into intricately designed barong and gowns, and fashionable
accessories such as handkerchief, headband laces, pouch, scarfs etc.
suited for use by citizens living especially for the youth today. The
marketing objective is to catch the attention of enthusiastic fashion
leaders and upper-class people in the society that will have significant
influence in creating fashion trends and generate demand for the
products that would translate to actual sales. At the same time, they
shall be instrumental in reminding everyone to continue appreciating and
giving importance to Philippine made products so economic growth could
cascade through sustained livelihood support.



For fashion enthusiast and high end markets, Handumanan collection
shall be a couture clothing brand made of Filipino traditional hand woven
fabric innovated to bring the creativeness demanded by the modern
generation. It is not only highlighting the style but also the craftsmanship
and authenticity of Philippine Culture. Handumanan collection brand shall
be a symbol of the richness of indigenous aesthetics.

Handumanan collections are products made from hand woven cloth
made in the Visayas. Hinabol or Pinilian is the local name of this product
produce in a small barangay of a town in Antique and referred to as
hablon by weavers in Miag-ao, Iloilo. This unique traditional craft is one of
the treasured art of the Philippines long before the Spanish influence.
Made of colorful cotton threads using an equipment called Tiral. Workers
wove to make outstanding checkered design accented by metallic threads
to give shinny effect on its finish product. On the older days the main
finish product of hinabol is a wraparound skirts for women, especially for
the elders. Man also use this for their camisa and trouser. Today, there are
few remaining craftswomen making this cloths. Thanks to the support of
an Organization that supports the remaining women creating the cloths
the folk crafts heritage is somehow preserved.

Considering the value and significance of this cultural craftsmanship, the
company decided to make Handumanan as the launching product of the
company. This is to remind the Filipino people of the existence of a
wonderful work of art of the. By creating demand for these products through
incorporating modern innovative designs and developing various byproducts, the authentic Visayan hand woven cloths will be highlighted that
will uphold the Philippine cultural heritage. Not only this, by engaging on this
business, we could give opportunity and empower the talented craftswomen
of Antique and Iloilo. This could be a source of livelihood and outlet for
creativity for the younger generation of skilled weavers.
As we launch our campaign, using this hand woven cloth as the companys
main symbol, we shall be releasing our collection of couture clothing and
other apparel that will fit the requirements of modern Filipinos.

The goal is to make the product relevant in todays socialite culture. This
particular market is more involved and enthused when it comes to
collecting pieces that are one of a kind, calling it couture fashion. To
achieve this, we shall be creating a campaign that will stir the
nationalistic pride inherent in each and every one of them.
Through intensive work on press releases, a page in a broadsheet with a
nationwide reach, a feature in different magazines, creating social media
buzz, and involving different NGOs for women, we expect to achieve the
needed media mileage for our products.

The campaigns direction will focus on the theme Inangbayan touching
on the vital role of women in the country. With the theme alone, we shall
be gathering support from many womens group who is always thrilled to
showcase the different talents Filipinas. The product shall be a symbol of
the richness of indigenous aesthetic. With a social mission endorsing our
project, it will be relatively easy to justify every purchase to the
consumers. Every piece will be a limited edition work of art.

Inang Bayan
By: Handuman

Inang Bayan

By: Handumana Collection


The first step of the campaign is awareness. Our plan is to invite one of
the most prominent advocates of enriching the local industry, Mr. Carlos
Celdran, to help with the promotion. He has openly offered free
endorsements for local products. Mr. Celdran is popularly known for
managing and operating Walk This Way, the company that hosts walking
tours of Manila. Combining humor and costumery into the history of the
capital city, these are attended not only by tourists but also by locals who
want to see Filipino culture in a different light. He alone can start an
uprising in social media.

Then a fashion show shall be staged to launch the product, partnering
with Michael Cinco, another well know Filipino couture fashion designer.
This will put the product itself under the radar of prominent art collectors
and fashion enthusiasts, our target market.




Distributor (SM Department Store) Barongs, Filipiana and

Direct Selling (Natasha) Bags, Wallets and Other Accessories
Online Store (Zalora) All Items since it will also cover those
interested abroad


Product Type

Estimated Cost (per unit)

Projected Price Range


P 1,500

P2,500 to P3,500



P3,000 to P8,000


P1,000 to P2,000


If the competition increases advertising or our sales are less than
expected, we are prepared to add as much Php 150,000 to our
advertising budget. Digital marketing will also use extensively.

Handumanan will also join various cultural event to promote the

There will be production controller in order to make sure that the
production is following the time frame and a quality controller to
ensure the quality of work.

Thank you



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