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Examine any patch of the night.

You will notice that all this distance galaxy is all slightly
red in colour.
This tiny information lead us to the who the universe is
If our eyes are slightly more sensitive to light when
object is moving towards us we can see that the object
is slightly blue in colour , when moving away form us is
slightly red in colour. The same rule apply in space. All
those galaxy are moving away too.the whole university
expanding in all direction , getting bigger and bigger
like a balloon inflated
Now all we need to do is stop time , and make it reverse .
Rewind far enough everything get close and closer
together , every single thing converge to a single point
, the starting of everything 13billion years ago

It is quite simple , follow the clues and we can deduce

the very long time ago the universe simple burst into
existent a event call big bang at the beginning the
big bang happened in total darkness , light didnt even
A view from outside is impossible , space didnt exist
either. So there was no outside , the only place is
inside. The early stage of universe is a strange thing
indeed, standard concept of time or space did not
really apply, A ultra tiny fog of energy. Then it expand ,
like a ballon inflated getting bigger and cooler at no
time at all t=0 within 100second it is already as big as
our solar system. trillion of miles across the pure
energy begin to cool and form matter and anti
matter , the first stuff there is ever was . When matter
and anti matter meet they destroy each other with a
flash of energy.
Fortunately there are one in a billion of stuff survive.

The next thing that happened is the force of gravity! (in

honor of sir isaac newton)
Right After big bang the universe is just gas perfectly
spread through out space. Over the next 200 hundred
million gas gravity began to pull the gas back together
to produce the first structure. At the early stage there
are only hydrogen gas , nothing more. gravity doing
what gravity does clumping up all the hydrogen gas
together. The gas start bounding off each other and
the temperature begin to rise , by the time it is
compress down to a point it reaches 10 million degree
the process call nuclear fusion begins , hydrogen fuss
together making a new materials helium. Some of the
material convert to pure energy.

This process happened the first time in universe , gravity

compress the gas millions of years to reach the temperature for
nuclear fusion. The first star burst and pouring energy to the
universe . The same process happened everywhere of the
How can we live just with 2 element?
Inside the core of the Stars , helium is slightly heavier than
hydrogen it sink to the center of the star , the helium fuss
together to form carbon . The process repeat over and over ,
the closer to the center ,the heavier the elements like neon
,oxygen , iron are form . Helium fuss to produce carbon but did
not produce energy. When the fuel of the star run out , the
gravity take over compress the star in of itself , element
bounce with each other and reach a critical temperature and
the star collapse and explode , its call supernova the death of
the star. The shockwave is so powerful that it force the some of
the irons to fuss with other elements to form denser elements
like gold and silver. Thats how the elements are made

An ancient star explode and pushes the material in its

core, Its call Nebulae .Gravity start to pull all the
material back together. At the center of one of the
nebulae a rocky planet call earth are started to take
It grow into a giant ball after a long period of time.93
million miles away at the heart of a giant nebulae the
pressure and amount of hydrogen gas is so great that
the atom was beginning to fuss and our sun is coming
to life.
The shock wave of the birth of our sun pushes the rest of
the material of nebulae towards earth, which gave a
rich resources to earth.
Thats the formation of our sun and us

Thats the formation of our sun and us