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Chapter 1 .

In today’s society one of the most controversial issues is engaging with same-sex marriage . Will NSO double their job because of changed names and add more gender description? Will public comfort rooms adjust for additional one reserved for third sex? . we will be having a glimpse of what the future will be like through its effects in our present age.

yes these are the possibilities of this intriguing case. .Will new parents should be like Adam and Steve rise up the same principles and have their own child? Will Miss. but. Universe open the crown for Mister/Miss Universe? Will hospital or midwives get to have a new job description for those men who will have their operation upon delivery? This may sound ridiculous and sarcastic.

How may the demographic profile of 2nd year students be described in terms of: 1.2 age 2. What is your background knowledge about Same-sex relationship? 3.1 gender.Statement of the Problem 1. How may the people surrounds you think about Same-sex relationship? 4. and 1. What is your perception about Same-sex relationship? .

The respondents may be describing in terms of gender and age.Assumption 1. 3. All the data are valid and reliable. 4.The 2nd year Values Education Major didn’t have or have a background knowledge regarding same-sex marriage.The respondents may answer that they didn’t accept or accept the meaning of same-sex marriage. . 2.

Students and Researchers to understand why people have a different perceptions regarding samesex marriage and we need to accept it.Significance of the Study The result of the study will help the Administrators. . Teachers.

Chapter 2 .

enacted during the administration of President Corazon Aquino.Review of Related Literature and Studies LOCAL LITERATURE The Family Code. states that a "marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life." .

FOREIGN LITERATURE William Duncan said that. the . The redefinition of marriage is also a redefinition of the family. the potential damage to the fabric of society from marriage redefinition is profound. “While the question of same-sex marriage is a moral issue.

.LOCAL STUDIES Jonas Bagas tells “If social attitudes are gradually shifting. why is it hard to push for LGBT rights and same-sex marriage here? Many would automatically blame the Catholic Taliban. but that's a wrong framing of the problem.

FOREIGN STUDIES The book “NATIONAL SURVEY OF ATTITUDES AND PERCEPTIONS OF JAMAICANS TOWARDS SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS” results with respect to the causes of homosexuality. 28. opinions varied.6% felt that born as homosexuals was due to .

    2.How may the 2 STUDY nd nd year students described in terms of: 1.CONCEPTUAL PARADIGM OF THE FRAMEWORK 1. Validation of the instrument   3. Perception of 2nd year Values Education Major of College of Teacher Education at Bestlink College of the Philippines towards Same-sex Marriage. nd 1. Understand the different perceptions regarding Same-sex Marriage.2 Gender   2. What is your background knowledge about same-sex relationship?   3. What is your perception about same-sex relationship? 1. Analysis and interpretation of data. Statistical treatment   4.1 Age 1. Questionnaire   2. How may the people surrounds you think about same-sex relationship?   4. .

Chapter 3 .

respondents of the study. validation of the research instruments. . administration of instruments and statistical treatment to be used. and instruments used in the study. construction of the instrument.In this chapter. research locale. researchers interpret the methodologies used in collecting the data. It includes the following: research design.