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Presented By:

Saad Atif Zahoor

3171 / 6.1
Date : 7th March 2010
Ø Prophets are people sent by Allah to give Allah’s
message to the people. To guide them to the correct
path of life.
Ø The prophets tell the people how to live their life
according to the commandments / orders of Allah.
Ø Allah has sent around 124,000 prophets (only 25 are
mentioned in the Quran).
Ø The first prophet is Hadrat Adam (PBUH) and the
last prophet is Hadrat Muhammad (PBUH) .

Ø There will be no prophets after Muhammad (PBUH).

Muhammad (PBUH)

Ø I idealize Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because

he sets a perfect example for humankind on
how to live and obey Allah.
Ø Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has completed
the messages of GOD for all time to come in
human life.
Ø He shows great leadership quality, patience
and kindness which make him unique from all
other prophets.
Ø The location of the prophet birth is the Arabian

city of Mecca.
Ø The Islamic date of birth of the Prophet
Muhammad (PBUH) is Monday 12th Rabi’ al-
awwal 53 B.H.

Ø The Christian date of birth is 20th August 570

Ø The death year of our prophet is 10 A.H. at the
age of 63.
Family History
The father of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was Hadrat
Abdul-Allah (PBUH) . He passed away 6 months before the
birth of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) .The prophet
Muhammad’s (PBUH) mother’s name was Hadrat Aamina
(PBUH) . When his mother passed away, he was left under the
care of his grand father, Abd al-Muttalib, When his
grandfather passed away, he was left the under of his uncle,
Abu Talib.
Respectable Arab families usually gave their newborns to

nannies to be raised into strong healthy children. At the age

of two, they were returned to their parents but Hadrat
Aamina (PBUH) allowed the nanny to keep Muhammad (PBUH)
for more time. Muhammad’s (PBUH) nanny was Hadrat
Halimah Sa’adiyah.
Revelation with Allah

At the age of 40, the prophet Muhammad got

tired of the statue gods of Mecca and retreated to

the cave Hira in the Mountain Jabal al-Nour.

Here Allah sent an Angel Jabriel to Muhammad

(PBUH) . It was then that he was informed of Allah
and Islam.

On that day, Allah made Muhammad (PBUH) a

prophet AND a messenger for all Human Kind

Islam in Mecca
After his revelation with Allah, Muhammad (PBUH)

came back to Mecca to preach the message of Islam.

The people of Mecca believed so much in their
statue gods that refused to believe in Allah.

Only a few, who were friends of the prophet from

childhood believed him. To protect their statue gods,
the people of Mecca planned on killing Muhammad
(PBUH) . When the prophet learned of this plan he
collected his followers and they migrated to
Medina. This is called The Hijjrah.

 The Muslim calender is based on the date of Hijjrah

Migration to Medina

After finding that Islam was in danger in Mecca,

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did Hijjrah. When his

followers and the prophet (PBUH) got to Medina they
tried to preach Islam there. Surprisingly, it worked.

All the people in Medina started believing in Allah.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Allah had an

army/society of Muslim at their command.

People of Madina started practicing Islam and set

an example for all other countries.

Conflicts with Mecca

After confirming Muhammad’s whereabouts,

Mecca declared war on Medina.
But with faith in Allah, Allah was always on the side

of the Muslims to help them to win. No matter how

big in numbers or well equipped with weapons, there
were always defeated by Muslims. Some of famous
and historical wars are :
1. Battle of Badr
2. Battle of Uhud
3. Battle of Khandaq
Expansion of Islam

The most AMAZING expansion in the history

of mankind is the expansion of Islam. Due to
Prophets all around the globe it spread rapidly
but then lay forgotten but I think that The
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did the biggest role
in this expansion. He spread a whole religion of
Islam around the world, in just 23 years. None
could have done it in the time our prophet had.
Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi
Sadly at the age of 63, in the year 10 A.H. /
633A.D., Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) passed
A mosque was built in honour of the Prophet

and called ‘Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi’.

Prophet Muhammad’s
(PBUH) tomb lies there.